Delta Green game log from 1997: EARL GREY, 3 of 5

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Continuing from Part 2

(Abandoning attempts to infiltrate Bedlam hospital, the team tracks down Wade Cullen at his home. Knight goes in to speak to him, pretending to be a former colleague, while Lundquist and Chaplin wait in the car outside.)

SGlancy12 : been drawing all day.
Lundquist : Sorry, I disappeared for a minute there… Got
knocked offline.
SGlancy12 : She putters back into the house to check on Wade.
SGlancy12 : She emerges in a few minutes. “Mr. Rowell, I’m afraid
Wade doesn’t remember you.”
SGlancy12 : “When did you say you knew Wade?”
Knight : Really, I have not seen him over six years ago.
SGlancy12 : “well his memory isn what it used to be. Come on
in.” She starts walking back inside.
Knight : I follow her inside
SGlancy12 : The interior is “English quaint” Wade Cullen is in
the back garden, which his mother has
SGlancy12 : done quite a job with. It’s quite beautiful. He
sits in a wheelchair, slumped to his right
SGlancy12 : side. On a table next to his chair is an assortment
of : Sorry, I disappeared for a minute there… Got
knocked offline.
SGlancy12 : She putters back into the house to check on Wade.
SGlancy12 : She emerges in a few minutes. “Mr. Rowell, I’m afraid
Wade doesn’t remember you.”
SGlancy12 : “When did you say you knew Wade?”
Knight : Really, I have not seen him over six years ago.
SGlancy12 : “well his memory isn what it used to be. Come on
in.” She starts walking back inside.
Knight : I follow her inside
SGlancy12 : The interior is “English quaint” Wade Cullen is in
the back garden, which his mother has
SGlancy12 : done quite a job with. It’s quite beautiful. He
sits in a wheelchair, slumped to his right
SGlancy12 : side. On a table next to his chair is an assortment of
drawing materials. On the easel in
SGlancy12 : front of him is a sketch he’s working on.
Knight : Wade, it’s John Rowell
SGlancy12 : His left eye turns to take you in. His right side
seems completely slack.
SGlancy12 : His mouth hangs limp, as do his facial muscles.
SGlancy12 : There is a horrible circular scar in the middle of
his forehead. His “Third Eye” given to
SGlancy12 : him by Lee Coleman.
Magic5788 : Whats this room supposed to be!
Lundquist : Magic: We’re playing a role-playing game.
SGlancy12 : Its an online role playing game.
Magic5788 : It’s problably stupid!
SGlancy12 : Nice.
Knight : GET OUT
Magic5788 : Why schould I!
Magic5788 : Why should I!
Knight : ok I look at the sketch that Wade was working on
SGlancy12 : Cullen’s face is almost devoid of expression, but you
can see his confusion at you calling
SGlancy12 : his name.
Knight : I hate people like that
Lundquist : AOL has an ignore feature, if he comes back…
SGlancy12 : The sketch is of a human head, a view through the
skull into the Brain.
SGlancy12 : There is some kind of spider-looking thing clutching
the brain and digging its tendrils into
SGlancy12 : the tissue.
Knight : I stand there and examine it for any meaning
SGlancy12 : It’s quite well executed. Technically speaking.
SGlancy12 : But you need ART skill to read into it any symbolic
Knight : I have it a 5%
SGlancy12 : Okay, . . . Nope nothing. Its just a nasty thing in
a guy’s head.
Knight : Wade what are you painting
SGlancy12 : Wade doesn’t speak. He just blinks at you.
Knight : blink once if you understand me
SGlancy12 : His mother says “I’m afraid he can speak Mr.
SGlancy12 : He blinks once.
Knight : Wade, is this what you heard talking to you while
pointing to the painting
SGlancy12 : He blinks once.
Knight : Do you still hear the voice
SGlancy12 : He blinks twice.
Knight : Did Coleman get rid of the voices
SGlancy12 : He blinks once.
Knight : do I have the monster inside of me?
SGlancy12 : He blinks three times.
Knight : Is three blinks I do not know?
SGlancy12 : He blinks once.
Knight : are these monsters evil
SGlancy12 : He blinks once
Knight : did you do something to cause the monsters to get
SGlancy12 : He blinks three times
Knight : can you draw for me what you were working on before
the voices came
SGlancy12 : He blinks twice.
JPRidglea : I am trying to get information about the Casino
Poker, are they playing with real money?
Knight : do you remember what you were working on
JPRidglea : Will my credit card be billed, where can I find an
Lundquist : Sorry, JPR, no idea…
SGlancy12 : I can help you with Poker, sorry.
SGlancy12 : Hey Knight , their beeping the horn loudly out
Knight : I look around
Knight : to see if there is anyone
JPRidglea : Can I get on line help from AOL, if so, how?
SGlancy12 : Knight , there’s a wall around the garden.
Knight : Where is the mother at?
SGlancy12 : She’s right there with you and Wade.
Knight : Hold on a minute Mrs. Cullen. I will be back in a
SGlancy12 : “Yes dear”
Knight : I walk cautiously back to the car
SGlancy12 : The car has been moved.
Knight : where is it
Knight : down the block?
SGlancy12 : Its down the street a few houses.
Knight : I look at the car is anyone in it?
SGlancy12 : Two heads in the car.
Knight : I call Ric on my cell phone
Lundquist : I wave at you.
Knight : Is that a panic wave or a hi wave
SGlancy12 : Don ask me.
Lundquist : Well, it’s a subtle wave…
Lundquist : I point towards the other end of the block.
Knight : I look at the other end of the block
SGlancy12 : That green Jaguar is back. Its at the end of the
block idling its engine in the street.
Knight : ok
Knight : Ric answer you phone
Knight : I step back so I will not get run over
Lundquist : Careful, they might be listening in…
SGlancy12 : These FBI cell phones are encrypted.
Lundquist : Cool!
Knight : I hang up and call Lundquist
Lundquist : Hello?
Knight : Ric is not home
Lundquist : He’s sitting here in the car with me.
SGlancy12 : Ric does not have a cell phone.
Knight : This is John, how long has the jag been there?
Lundquist : Since we honked.
Knight : is that why you moved the car
Knight : and have you seen anyone leave the car
Lundquist : Well, we moved it cause we’re paranoid, and figured
this place would be bugged too.
Lundquist : Nobody’s left the car.
Lundquist : I’m thinking about walking up and talking to them.
Knight : I going to check out Wade stay on the line
Lundquist : Roger that.
Knight : I go back to the garden to check on wade
SGlancy12 : Okay. Knight goes back inside. Mrs. Cullen wants to
know if everything’s okay.
Knight : yes. Mrs. Cullen do you have a friend that drives a
green jag?
SGlancy12 : “Oh certainly not! My friends can afford nice cars
like that!”
Knight : Lundquist get the car ready
Lundquist : It is ready,
Lundquist : I don think it’s going to be as easy to lose them
this time.
SGlancy12 : They’re probably pissed after that stunt with the bus.
Knight : Mrs. Cullen may I take one of wade’s drawings as a
keep sake
SGlancy12 : “You’ll have to ask Wade”
Knight : wade may I take one of your drawings as a keep sake?
SGlancy12 : He blinks once.
Lundquist : Knight, maybe we should talk to them?
Lundquist : Scott, can I see how may people are in the Jag? Does
it have any funny antennae?
SGlancy12 : No funny antennae, but there are two men in the car
Lundquist : Do I hear a helicopter?
SGlancy12 : no.
Lundquist : Paranoia…
Knight : I take one of his drawings
SGlancy12 : The one he’s working on?
Knight : the one on the easel. Thank you wade. I will keep
in touch.
SGlancy12 : Wade taps the wheelchair loudly.
Knight : Not this one?
SGlancy12 : He starts scribbling something on the new sheet.
Knight : I look at the sheet
Lundquist : What’s going on in there? They’re probably calling
for backup! We have to split!
SGlancy12 : It looks like an outline map of the Isle of Britain.
Knight : one second Lundquist
Knight : be there in a minute
SGlancy12 : Then he draws what looks like a spider’s web over the
map. The epicenter is near the border
SGlancy12 : with wales. In the Cotswalds.
Knight : make a note of that
SGlancy12 : Then he scratches “THE ARMY IS COMING THE ARMY IS OUR
Knight : I am one my way out. Thank you Mrs. Cullen. I will
keep in touch. By the way nice garden.
SGlancy12 : Bye Deary!
Knight : Is he allowing me to take the drawing of the map
SGlancy12 : He seems to be trying to pull it off the easel for
Knight : I take it
Lundquist : Knight, why don you take off on foot? Then we can
follow whoever follows you.
Knight : I am on my way out
Knight : Is the jag still there
SGlancy12 : Yes
Knight : I look at the men are they doing anything funny
SGlancy12 : Yes, they’re sitting there looking right at YOU.
Knight : I smile at them. Guys any ideas
SGlancy12 : Can you feel the gunsight on your forehead?
Lundquist : Why don we talk to these guys?
Knight : you go talk to them.
Lundquist : OK, I’m getting out of the car and walking towards
the Jag, but on the other side of the street. I’m
Lundquist : not looking at Knight.
SGlancy12 : One of the men in the car seems to be talking on a
cell phone as you approach.
Chaplin : I scrunch over to the drivers seat and start the car,
Lundquist : I’m going walk right past the jag.
SGlancy12 : I think its running. But good idea.
Knight : I am walking to the car
Lundquist : I shoot a glance at the guys in the jag. Who are
they watching?
SGlancy12 : The Jag is in the street. There are cars parallel
parked along the street, so, the Jag is
SGlancy12 : not against the curb
SGlancy12 : As you approach the Jag, they are most definitely
looking at YOU Mr. Lundquist.
Knight : I act like I am getting into the car but, hide behind
a parked car
Lundquist : I’m also going to look around for any other watchers
on the street.
SGlancy12 : Its about 5pm, but still quite light. Watch the
sneaky moves.
Knight : Lundquist you still on the phone
Lundquist : Yeah, what?
Knight : Be careful
SGlancy12 : Lundquist: There’s a face looking down from a 2nd
story window in the house nearest the Jag
Lundquist : Is there a rifle or anything?
SGlancy12 : No, just looking down from the window. Its a man,
about 30, dark mustache
Lundquist : I’m going to approach the jag and, if possible, rap
on the window. I want to put the jag between me
Lundquist : and the guy in the window.
Knight : Guys I think we need to get out of here. I got a
drawing from wade.
SGlancy12 : You’ll have to go around the Jag and be standing in
the street, the driver’s side window is
SGlancy12 : on the street side opposite the window watcher.
Lundquist : OK that’s what I’ll do. But I’ll be ready to jump
back between two parked cars if need be.
SGlancy12 : Okay, do you rap on the window?
Lundquist : Yep.
SGlancy12 : Do you bend down to see in the window?
Lundquist : Yeah.
Lundquist : If I see a gun… I’m dodging!
SGlancy12 : The two men are wearing suits, They’re mid to late
30s. The passenger is speaking on a cel
SGlancy12 : phone. The driver . . . well you cant see his right
hand. its below the window.
Lundquist : My hand is dropping _slowly_ into my pocket where I
have my gun. Have they rolled down the window?
SGlancy12 : They look at you. And at each other. Then roll the
window down,
SGlancy12 : “Can I help you?”
Lundquist : “Can I help you?”
SGlancy12 : “I asked first.”
Lundquist : “Yeah, well, you were staring at me. You got a
problem or something?”
Lundquist : I’m looking at their faces.
Shivman : I need help with ~out of order game~ any one help?
SGlancy12 : “Don get smart tough-guy.” The passenger reaches
into his jacket.
Lundquist : I’m reaching into mine…
Lundquist : I mean, I already have, my hand is still there.
SGlancy12 : Sorry Shivman, we’re in the middle of a game.
Shivman : ok
Lundquist : “Hey, sorry bud, you just ticked me off is all.”
SGlancy12 : The passenger removes a wallet-like ID carrier and
shows you a Scotland Yard CID badge.
SGlancy12 : “We’ll now you’re ticking us off. Why don you get
Knight : tell him you here from Winnipeg
Lundquist : (Playing dumb) “Huh? You guys cops?”
SGlancy12 : “That’s what the badge says.”
Lundquist : “Well, maybe you can help me. I’m from out of town
and I got my pocket picked a couple of minutes ago.”
KAguasa : Anyone here play VGA planets
SGlancy12 : The two men exchange a look of exasperation.
Lundquist : “I think I know who did it, too. I mean, I can give
a description.”
SGlancy12 : “T’Hell with this.” The Driver puts the car in gear
and pulls away.
Lundquist : I go back to our car.
Knight : I climb into the back seat of the car
Lundquist : Can I get the jag’s number plates when it pulls away?
Chaplin : I get back in passenger seat
SGlancy12 : They squeal the tires and pass Knight and Chaplin at
the other car before screeching around
SGlancy12 : the corner and out of sight.
SGlancy12 : yes you get the plates #
Lundquist : All right. What’s the guy in the window doing?
SGlancy12 : Nothing, he closed the blind.
Knight : get in the car
Lundquist : OK then back to the car. Who’s driving?
Knight : I’ll drive
SGlancy12 : Chaplin
Lundquist : I get in back.
SGlancy12 : He’s behind the wheel’
Chaplin : Not any more
Knight : I show the guys the drawings
Lundquist : Wow! The ex-member did these?
SGlancy12 : Now what?
Lundquist : We drive off, and look for tails. Heading back
towards the embassy.
Lundquist : Oops, I mean hotel.
Lundquist : Unless you guys have a better destination in mind?
Knight : great I caused Scotland yard to wreck
Knight : do you think they want to give me a ticket?
Lundquist : Naw, it’s England, they probably just want you to
Knight : No its getting late
SGlancy12 : turning in for the night?
Lundquist : OK to the hotel then. I say we leave this car in a
public garage, since our friends got a good look
Lundquist : at it.
SGlancy12 : Okay. I’m sure we can find the UK equivalent of the
Red Roof Inn.
Lundquist : Weren’t we at the Hilton?
Lundquist : Or do we want to abandon those rooms?
Knight : let’s go some where else
Lundquist : Good call.
Knight : we go to the red roof
Knight : I suggest sleeping in the same room.
Lundquist : Should we stand watches? šŸ™‚
Knight : it might help
SGlancy12 : What precautions do you take on the ride back?
Lundquist : We should double back and look for tails a lot.
Knight : we will double back a few times
SGlancy12 : Who’s driving?
Knight : I will
Lundquist : Knight.
Knight : Let’s see what this car can do
SGlancy12 : Well, you have a tail. A British cab.
Knight : That cab again
Lundquist : How many people in it?
SGlancy12 : Looks like three people in the cab.
Knight : a couple in the back
Lundquist : Probably the same three from before.
Knight : buckle up
Lundquist : Already done.
Chaplin : buckled
Knight : where are we in London
SGlancy12 : You’re in Broxley, SE of London, E of Croyden. On
the M20 back to London.
Gunnerk2 : do any of you guys have Suikoden for the playstation
Knight : no
Lundquist : Nope.
Gunnerk2 : SG do you have Suikoden the RPG for the playstation
SGlancy12 : Nope.
Lundquist : The motorway, huh? Try to outrun them? How fast can
a cab go?
Gunnerk2 : what are you playing
Lundquist : A role-playing game.
Gunnerk2 : on what
SGlancy12 : Not as fast as your Taurus, but do you really think
there’s a weenies little engine under
SGlancy12 : the bonnet?
Lundquist : Gunner: It’s called Call of Cthulhu. It’s sort of
like X-Files.
Gunnerk2 : how do you play
Lundquist : Watch for a while.
Gunnerk2 : no thanks maybe I’ll see you all letter. Thanks for
your time
Knight : ok I will speed a little
SGlancy12 : They’re still with you.
Knight : I meant on speeding up a little bit
SGlancy12 : The cab matches your speed.
Knight : What is the next exit
SGlancy12 : The next big one is the A203.
Knight : and how far away is the cab
Knight : is it beside us or behind us
SGlancy12 : Its behind you
Lundquist : We could lose them in the city again, maybe.
Knight : where is a203 go to
SGlancy12 : OOPs A205. East to Greenwich, west to Wadsworth.
Knight : I will slow down and pulled on the emergency shoulder
acting like we have a problem
SGlancy12 : The cab passes you.
SGlancy12 : It does not pull over.
Knight : I will then pull back on to the autoway
Lundquist : I look around for helicopters.
Lundquist : (Still paranoid) šŸ™‚
SGlancy12 : The cab is in front of you about 60 yards
SGlancy12 : No chopper
Lundquist : I get the cab’s number plate.
Lundquist : Take a picture of it too.
Knight : I will slow down so the cab will get farther ahead of
SGlancy12 : Got photo got #
SGlancy12 : The cab is pulling away, but cuts speed to match.
SGlancy12 : Cars are passing both of you.
Lundquist : I guess we let him go by the next exit then take it,
SGlancy12 : Bingo.
SGlancy12 : Off the M20 and down into Greenwich are.
SGlancy12 : The cab cruises away.
Lundquist : Anybody follow us down the off ramp?
SGlancy12 : Two vehicles take the ramp.
Lundquist : I photo them for good measure.
SGlancy12 : A telephone repair truck and a small British-built
SGlancy12 : Now where to?
Lundquist : I say we drive around some more and make sure these
two aren following us… Then look for a motel.
Knight : sounds good to me
Chaplin : fine
SGlancy12 : No tails apparent.
Lundquist : (Fingers crossed) Shall we find a place to stay?
Knight : sure
Chaplin : sure
SGlancy12 : Ah! This quaint little hostel looks nice! Doesn’t it?
Lundquist : Can we park the car out of sight?
SGlancy12 : Yes. There is parking at a lot down the street.
Lundquist : OK then looks like we found our place.
Knight : I will park the car there
SGlancy12 : Dinner at a local pub? The Headless Woman pub down
the street looks . . . atmospheric.
Knight : sure, I could use a beer right now
Lundquist : Better than the “Trepanned Woman”, right?
SGlancy12 : indeed
Chaplin : Food sounds great
Knight : I take the drawings with me
Lundquist : Shall we discuss what we’ve learned?
SGlancy12 : Your dowdy waitress takes your order: fish n’ chips?
Shepherds pie?
Knight : I will put the drawings in my holster with my gun
Lundquist : How about a hamburger?
Knight : fish n’chips
Chaplin : fish n’ chips
SGlancy12 : “Hamburger? Bloody Colonials”
Lundquist : OK we’ll make it unanimous. “Fish & Chips.”
Lundquist : Well, she’s not getting a very big tip from this
SGlancy12 : So where we at gents
Knight : Ok we know that Wade was hearing voices
Lundquist : I think we can draw several conclusions from what
we’ve discovered.
Lundquist : 1. Wade drew the monster as a spider. Then he drew a
web over the country. I think this indicates he
Lundquist : thought there was a connection between the two.
Knight : and he drew pictures of a spider in a brain. He said
they were gone when he received help
Knight : from Coleman
Lundquist : (I’m assuming you showed us the drawings already).
Knight : (yes I have)
Knight : (back in the car)
Knight : I wonder if people with mental problems are aware of
the spider or that the spider effect them
Lundquist : 2. The members believe the Army is a good thing.
Wade’s message and the refusal of survivors to help
Lundquist : the police confirm this.
Lundquist : Thus, if we are looking for paranormal activity,
these “spiders” might just be the source of it.
Lundquist : There is also the organization that’s been tailing
us. I think we can call it PISCES.
Lundquist : After all, I don see the police keeping this degree
of surveillance on this old case.
Knight : I think that they can only effect those who are
having mental problems. Each member was
Knight : experiencing a mental or sleeping disorder
Lundquist : Yeah, but couldn’t that have been from the influence
of the “spiders”?
Chaplin : That may just be an effect
Knight : I think the reason PISCES is interested is because I
think they are all were working on
Knight : some project that was connected
Lundquist : In aerospace or something?
Knight : There were too many engineers
Lundquist : Yeah, and the others might have peripheral
involvement… MP’s wife and such.
SGlancy12 : By the way, I don know if I made it clear that ESA
is European Space Agency.
Knight : The government could of found some thing from out of
Lundquist : I assumed as much.
Lundquist : Or some sort of alien threat is working to monitor or
even limit space exploration.
Lundquist : Now, PISCES seems to be opposing the Army. We have
to assume one of several things.
Knight : We have a idea that the army is still active by the
recent graffiti
Lundquist : The army might be just a bunch of loonies who are a
genuine menace. But I’m not so sure. Why would
Lundquist : its victims be so loyal?
Knight : We need to know what happened to Coleman and if he is
still alive
Lundquist : He’s supposed to be in Dartmoor prison.
Knight : The key is supposed
SGlancy12 : He is as of your last information
Lundquist : If the Army is genuinely opposing a real paranormal
threat, then why is PISCES be trying to stop them?
Lundquist : Either PISCES is unaware of the threat, or else they
working to assist it.
Chaplin : They could be in league or controlled by the supposed
Lundquist : Exactly.
Knight : They could of changed protocol and work like mj-12
Lundquist : Like who?
Knight : majestic 12
Chaplin : never mind
Lundquist : Oh, I think I’ve heard something about that on the
internet or something…
Lundquist : At any rate, we’re supposed to establish contact with
PISCES. How do we want to go about doing that?
Knight : if you have dg book you know who mj12 is
Lundquist : (Yeah, but my character doesn’t know about mj12)
Knight : true
SGlancy12 : Nice touch Lundquist
Lundquist : (just roleplaying!)
SGlancy12 : Time for some research?
Knight : we might be able to contact Dr. Fulani
SGlancy12 : That’s an option
Knight : faxes her the drawings for her opinion
Lundquist : Well, do we have any specific questions for her?
Knight : ask to see if she could find out if some unusual
object has fallen in the European area of
Knight : lately
Lundquist : Any other questions? Maybe we should check out this
place Wade indicated on his map. Can we figure
Lundquist : out where it is?
SGlancy12 : The epicenter of the web was on the Welsh-English
border, in the hilly and wooded area known
SGlancy12 : as the Cotswalds. That’s were Lee Coleman was when
he first disappeared.
Lundquist : Okay. I think we can assume that’s the epicenter of
the Spiders’ activity, and that Coleman was
Lundquist : somehow able to escape after being captured by them?
SGlancy12 : The second time he disappeared was after his escape
from the hospital in Worchester.
Knight : do some research on the Cotswalds. anything unusual
out of the ordinary?
SGlancy12 : What sources are you consulting? Who are you asking?
Lundquist : He was backpacking in the area… Alone? He’d be a
good prospect for an “alien abduction”.
SGlancy12 : Or worse.
Lundquist : Gosh, what could be worse than that?
SGlancy12 : Hey Knight, who are you asking about the Cotswalds?
Knight : sorry, I will ask the local in the pub
Knight : they usually know some good folk lore
Lundquist : What about Coleman’s family in the US? Did Scotland
Yard ever talk to them? Did they cooperate?
Lundquist : Maybe we could have somebody interview them…
SGlancy12 : Coleman’s family lives in Montana. Father lives
alone. Mom died of breast cancer.
SGlancy12 : They tried to attend the trial, but were unable to
because the mother was too sick.
Chaplin : Knight, can I borrow your phone?
Knight : sure
Knight : Ric you can use my phone if you want to but don
call those 900 numbers šŸ™‚
Knight : Ric you can use my phone if you want to but don
call those 900 numbers šŸ™‚
Chaplin : I hook the phone up to my laptop and do and internet
search on the Cotswalds.
Chaplin : Also check News of the Weird, Saucerwatch, other
fringe groups for stories.
SGlancy12 : Father tried to visit after mom died, but the word
from Fulani was that Coleman refused to
SGlancy12 : see his father.
Lundquist : So did father ever talk to CID?
SGlancy12 : Yes he did.
Lundquist : But I guess the results of that conversation are
hidden under a veil of secrecy.
SGlancy12 : And the weird thing is, CID came out to Mr. Coleman
sr. house in Montana and removed EVERY
SGlancy12 : item that Lee Coleman owned
SGlancy12 : Even took the letters he mailed his folks while at
Lundquist : And Coleman let them?!
Lundquist : (Coleman Sr that is)
Lundquist : Did they have a warrant or something, or was Mr.
Coleman just cooperating with them?
SGlancy12 : They had a search warrant and a seizure order signed
by the US Attorney for Montana
Knight : I hope that wasn’t you Lundquist šŸ™‚
Lundquist : Whoa! If this is a PISCES op, that means they already
have contact with somebody in the US…
Lundquist : … and it apparently isn Delta Green!
Knight : You might want to contact the attorney in Montana
Lundquist to see if you could find anything out
Lundquist : That’s my next move. It’s 7 hours earlier in MT, so
it should be about noon, right? I’ll call em up.
SGlancy12 : Chaplin: Well, the Army of the Third Eye does feature
in News of the Weird and Fortean Times
SGlancy12 : Chaplin: There’s also material about a British couple
who exposed Trepanation as the key
SGlancy12 : to enlightenment in the 1960s.
Chaplin : Oh jeez is there a picture?
SGlancy12 : Yep.
SGlancy12 : Nobody from the Army though.
Chaplin : Do I recognize them as the couple from the cab?
Knight : where was the couple living at that is in the article
SGlancy12 : Knight: Nobody in the pub has heard anything weird
about the Cotswalds.
Knight : ok
SGlancy12 : No, these two folks from the 60s are in their 40s
now. The couple in the cab were 20s.
Chaplin : Dang, just a hunch..
SGlancy12 : The two from the 60s were Amanda Fielding and Joseph
Mellen and they live in London
Lundquist : I think they’re worth talking to…
Lundquist : Were they themselves trepanned?
SGlancy12 : Yes, in fact Mellen and Fielding trepanned
Lundquist : Can I get through to Montana?
SGlancy12 : Yes: “US Attorney’s Office, Helena”
Lundquist : “Hi there, this is Brian Lundquist with the
Attorney General’s Office in D.C. We’re following up
Lundquist : on a older case involving a search and seizure
warrant signed in connection with a British
Lundquist : investigation?
Lundquist : (I tell them about what I’m looking for).
SGlancy12 : “One moment” . . . . You’re on hold quite a while.
This is going to kill your cell bill.
Lundquist : Yeah, I know… I hope it’s on DG expense account!
SGlancy12 : What do you want to know?
Lundquist : Who signed the warrant? Can I talk to them?
SGlancy12 : It was signed by Federal Judge Louis Freeman. The
warrant was applied for by an Inspector
SGlancy12 : Robert Cotten of Scotland Yard Special Branch.
SGlancy12 : He had the assistance of the US Marshals in executing
the warrant.
Lundquist : “What were the circumstances cited for the
investigation? Why was the warrant signed?”
SGlancy12 : Special Branch was investigating a cult of
kidnappers in England and the groups leader was
SGlancy12 : an American named Lee Coleman.
Lundquist : “Okay, thanks for your help. Bye.”
SGlancy12 : They needed every scrap of info they could get to try
and get into Coleman’s head and
SGlancy12 : develop a psych-profile and anticipate his next
Lundquist : Right… FBI’s BSU did offer to do such a profile,
and this was probably just done in a similar
Lundquist : spirit of cooperation.
Lundquist : So maybe there’s no conspiracy there. Maybe…
SGlancy12 : Funny thing about the Brits refusing FBI help, but
vacuuming up Coleman’s life at the 1st
SGlancy12 : opportunity.
Knight : they had to have help to get a warrant to search on
foreign soil
SGlancy12 : They got it too.
Lundquist : If the powers that be were already cooperating with
Special Branch, then this was probably just an
Lundquist : extension of that.
Lundquist : I mean, you had a US national running around the UK
kidnapping people. It makes sense that the feds
Lundquist : assisted on this… Maybe a little too much sense?
SGlancy12 : Hey! Both you BSU guys: Chaplin and Knight, you
NEVER heard anything about this
SGlancy12 : Montana thing.
Knight : gee I wonder why not??
Lundquist : You guys did hear about the offer to develop the
profile as described in the briefing, right?
Chaplin : Yes
Knight : yes, I read it in the brief
CoolDude3 : Hi
SGlancy12 : Howdy, were in the middle of an online RPG, so don
mind us if we’re a bit brusque.
Knight : This search should of been on the news in the states.
Having Scotland Yard conducting a
Knight : search on us soil should of been big news
Lundquist : Well, this warrant looks “fishy” at best (ha ha), and
maybe downright sinister.
Lundquist : The question is, assuming PISCES was responsible, did
they have co-conspirators within the US govt?
SGlancy12 : Good question.
Knight : they must have
Chaplin : had to
CoolDude3 : age/sex check
CoolDude3 : 13/m
Lundquist : Maybe not. I mean, it could have gone through
regular channels. But then why wouldn’t you guys
Lundquist : have heard of it?
SGlancy12 : PISCES had cooperation, but did the people they
worked through know who they were?
Lundquist : What Scott said.
Knight : to pull something like that it must have been a legal
nightmare but there was no problems that
Knight : it sounds like
FOOTBALLS8 : how old is averybody
SGlancy12 : In the middle of an RPG football, excuse us.
SGlancy12 : Heck, Lundquist, YOU never heard of it.
SGlancy12 : It was your agency: US Attorney’s Office.
Lundquist : Well, then I’m suspicious again. I think we should
assume that PISCES already has contacts in the US.
Knight : I agree with you
Lundquist : Thus, our mission to establish contact with them
should probably be re-thought.
SGlancy12 : You guys could always call home and request new
Chaplin : That’s what I was thinking.
Lundquist : Maybe we should at least advise them of our
suspicions regarding PISCES?
Lundquist : Someone back home could delve deeper into this
Montana thing and maybe uncover something.
Lundquist : Maybe we should go have a chat with Inspector Cotten
at Special Branch?
SGlancy12 : Does anyone know someone at Special Brach?
Lundquist : Not me…
Chaplin : I sincerely doubt it, if he requested it, he must be
Chaplin : I know someone at the Yard, but not special branch.
Lundquist : Okay, guess I’ll call up our superiors at DG (whoever
that is).
SGlancy12 : How do you contact your DG superiors?
Lundquist : What are the established procedures?
Knight : email or phone
SGlancy12 : Well, your supposed to use the secure communications
at the embassy.
Lundquist : Then that’s what we’ll do. Can they relay a message
from our encrypted phones?
Lundquist : Or do we have to go there?
SGlancy12 : Dr. Fulani isn DG, she’s a friendly who’s in the
Lundquist : Is she our superior for this operation?
Lundquist : Who assigned us the mission briefing?
SGlancy12 : She isn your superior. For this op, your contact
is code named Alphonse.
SGlancy12 : Fulani prepared the briefing, but Alphonse cut your
Lundquist : So can we contact Alphonse safely without going in to
the embassy?
SGlancy12 : You need to use the equipment at the embassy to
contact DG.
Lundquist : Okay, something to do in the near future.
Lundquist : So what’s our next move?

Continued in Part 4

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