Delta Green game log from 1997: EARL GREY, 4 of 5

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Continuing from Part 3

Lundquist : Back to the hotel for a night’s rest? Or should we
visit the embassy tonight?
Knight : get some sleep
Lundquist : Works for me.
SGlancy12 : Precautions?
Chaplin : This is important, we can just sit on it all night.
Knight : we could contact the embassy so we can get the orders
in the morning
Lundquist : Why don we go to the embassy now? It should be
dark, and maybe we could slip in relatively quietly.
Knight : sure why not
Knight : then get some sleep
Lundquist : OK. You want to drive, Knight?
Knight : sure
Knight : I will inspect the car first
SGlancy12 : Okay, No bombs. No tracking devices.
Lundquist : Good idea.
SGlancy12 : Brake lines intact.
Knight : ok off to the embassy
Chaplin : sounds fine. Should we split up or stay as one big
easy target. One of us has to get this
Chaplin : through
Chaplin : Who’s to say we’re the only cell working on this. If
someone else makes contact, we could
Chaplin : be in for it.
Lundquist : Good thinking. Maybe hail a cab?
Knight : ok maybe one take a cab and two by car or one by car
and two by car or one by car one by
Knight : cab and one by train
Lundquist : I’ll take a cab then.
Lundquist : Are we still in the Greenwich area?
SGlancy12 : Yes.
Lundquist : So I’ll taxi into Kensington.
SGlancy12 : Okay. Is everybody leaving at the same time? Or
Knight : I’ll take the car
Knight : yes
Knight : we all meet at the embassy
Lundquist : Same time. Different directions, meeting up at the
Chaplin : I’ll go by train if its close, otherwise by cab.
SGlancy12 : Knight takes the car, Lundquist by cab, and Chaplin?
The train will get you close.
Chaplin : train, then.
Lundquist : First one to arrive will pass along our suspicions to
Chaplin : “Good luck and be safe, guys.”
Lundquist : See you at the Embassy.
SGlancy12 : WHOOPS! Nope no train service, I just checked my
Underground map.
Knight : take the bus
SGlancy12 : Who has which items in their possession?
Knight : I have the drawings
Chaplin : OK, bus sounds fine.
Lundquist : I think those are the only special items.
SGlancy12 : And Knight/Knight has been snapping photos.
Knight : wait I’ll take one and some else take the other
Lundquist : Right.
Lundquist : I have the film I shot.
Chaplin : Here’s your phone back, Knight.
Knight : thank you
SGlancy12 : Okay. Knight. You have the ability to arrive at
whatever time you want. First second or 3rd
Knight : 3rd
Knight : to make sure no one is following
SGlancy12 : Okay. Lundquist, your cab drops you where?
Lundquist : I have him drive by the embassy. Anyone in sight,
spying on the entrance?
Lundquist : Like a green jag?
SGlancy12 : No green Jag.
SGlancy12 : One moment.
SGlancy12 : There is a van . . no two vans. parked on opposite
sides of the street, one on either side
SGlancy12 : of the embassy. they’re unmarked.
Lundquist : I’ll just toss the driver a bill large enough to
cover the fare, jump out as close to the gates as
Lundquist : possible, and hurry inside.
SGlancy12 : The Marine Guard challenges you at the gate and wants
to know your ID.
Lundquist : I’ll step inside and flash my passport.
Lundquist : I want to get out of sight ASAP.
SGlancy12 : He won’t let you pass till he sees the ID.
Lundquist : I meant I’ll show it to him. But I want to step out
of sight, if possible.
Lundquist : I glance at the vans.
SGlancy12 : Okay. He lets you step inside. There are three
guards on duty. You see movement inside the
SGlancy12 : vans.
Lundquist : I go inside the embassy building.
SGlancy12 : Welcome to U.S. Territory.
SGlancy12 : Next.
Lundquist : Well, I’ll go contact Alphonse immediately.
SGlancy12 : Okay, I assume you send a coded flash-transmission of
your full report?
Lundquist : Yes.
Lundquist : Photos and drawings to follow.
SGlancy12 : Next to run the gauntlet.
SGlancy12 : Chaplin?
Lundquist : Once done, I’ll go to the door and try to keep an eye
on the vans while staying out of sight.
Chaplin : I assume I get out where the bus stops. How far to
the embassy?
SGlancy12 : The bus drops you off near “Embassy Row” you’ll have
to walk about 1/2 mile.
Chaplin : I get my ID ready and put my other hand in the pocket
containing my gun
SGlancy12 : You finally come to the street with the US Embassy.
Chaplin : Watching carefully, I walk to the embassy
SGlancy12 : A Bobby is walking towards you from the opposite
SGlancy12 : He’s on your side of the street.
Chaplin : Can I make it to the embassy before crossing him?
SGlancy12 : His hands are behind his back, but he has no side-arm
SGlancy12 : No.
SGlancy12 : He’s between you and the embassy.
SGlancy12 : Do you cross the street to avoid him?
SGlancy12 : The suspense is killing me.
Chaplin : I stoop down and tie my shoelace, hoping he will
SGlancy12 : “Evenin’ suh. Could I see sum eye-dentificashun?”
SGlancy12 : That’s the Bobby speaking to you.
Chaplin : “Certainly, sir.”,::show him passport::
SGlancy12 : “Verry good, suh. You ‘av a pleasant evenin.’ ” He
walks past you and down the street.
Chaplin : Walk QUICKLY to embassy and flash my passport. Go in.
SGlancy12 : The rolling door on that unmarked van flashes open to
your right!
SGlancy12 : There are gunbarrels pointed at you, men in black
commando gear inside the van.
SGlancy12 : The red light of laser sights gleam in the dark.
Chaplin : How close am I to the embassy? Dodge
SGlancy12 : You’ve got a good dex. You get one action, but your
50 yards from the embassy gate.
Chaplin : Any cover?
SGlancy12 : No. Your on the sidewalk, you can go left or right,
Behind you is the fence of the Bolivian
SGlancy12 : Embassy.
SGlancy12 : Do you pull your gun, your ID or bolt for it.
Chaplin : runlikehell
SGlancy12 : Runlikehell it is!
SGlancy12 : This is going to get messy.
Lundquist : Figuratively, I hope…
Knight : Lundquist do you see this
SGlancy12 : Nope he’s in the “Clean Room” making his report.
SGlancy12 : Chaplin, you are shot five times in the back. That
god for Kevlar.
SGlancy12 : Total damage from those hits is 4 points.
Chaplin : What the heck are the guards doing?
SGlancy12 : That’s the good news. The bad news is the two rounds
that hit you in the leg did 6 points
SGlancy12 : right leg that is.
Chaplin : AAAAGH!!
SGlancy12 : The shock of the hits knocks you unconscious. The one
thing you remember is the weapons
SGlancy12 : made almost no sound.
SGlancy12 : You are dimly aware of hands on you, lifting you.
SGlancy12 : Then blackness,
SGlancy12 : . . . .Next?
Knight : that will be me 🙂
SGlancy12 : So . . . watcha doin?
Knight : I guess I am drive
Knight : I will go around the block once to see if it is clear
SGlancy12 : As you approach the embassy you see two unmarked
vans, they seem positioned to cover
SGlancy12 : the approaches to the embassy.
Knight : I will drive by the embassy as I round the block I
will call Lundquist
SGlancy12 : As you approach within 75 yards of the embassy . . .
Knight : yes
Knight : I floor it
SGlancy12 : The begin firing.
Knight : aiming for a commando
Knight : ducking low
SGlancy12 : Hard to tell in all black.
Knight : I got headlight
Knight : I honk
Knight : how many points do I get for hitting a commando?
SGlancy12 : As the eight men open up with their MP-5SSDs your car
begins to disintegrate around you.
SGlancy12 : Oops 4 points to your chest. would’ve been 10 but
SGlancy12 : 1 point to your left arm, just grazed ya
SGlancy12 : Ow! four points to your head! That’ll leave a mark!
Knight : I will try to sideswipe the commando aiming for the
embassy gates
SGlancy12 : Are you shooting through the windshield?
SGlancy12 : With which weapon?
Knight : I am aiming to hit them with the car
SGlancy12 : Okay. One drive roll and . . .
Knight : I am try to maneuver the car so I can get in the gate
hoping to hit a commando
Knight : drive ^0%
Knight : drive is 60%
SGlancy12 : You hear your tires exploding!
SGlancy12 : There’s a nasty thump noise!
SGlancy12 : And you clip the front bumper of the van spinning it
onto the curb!
SGlancy12 : KABOOM!
SGlancy12 : Your airbag goes off as you fly past the van and hit
the gate scattering the Marines.
Knight : I stick my id out the window
Lundquist : That
Knight : US citizen
Knight : help
SGlancy12 : Oh, Lundquist, you definitely heard THAT.
SGlancy12 : Those guys in black are still shooting at your car.
Lundquist : I ask someone to see what is going on, and grimly
press on with the report…
Knight : I duck down in the seat
Knight : help
Lundquist : Did my phone ever ring?
SGlancy12 : The Marines are shooting back, more out of confusion
than any directed plan. Those M16s are
SGlancy12 : loud!
SGlancy12 : No Lundquist your phone didn’t ring.
Knight : I pull my gun and blindly fire back at them
SGlancy12 : How many rounds you cap off.
Knight : two
SGlancy12 : You hear one of the Marines hit the klaxon alarm!
The whole US compound just lit up.
Lundquist : I rush upstairs at the sound of the klaxon. I try to
find a window to see what’s going on at the gate.
Knight : Lundquist I think you are going to be paying for a new
Lundquist : I hope I paid the extra for the insurance?
SGlancy12 : As you look out the window you see the flash of
automatic gunfire from the gate.
Lundquist : Do I see our car? Or at least, what’s left of it?
SGlancy12 : Oh yes, its being shot a lot. Some Marine is by the
front bumper using it for cover
Lundquist : I
SGlancy12 : Hey, Knight, don stick your head up. The Marines
are shooting right through one side of
SGlancy12 : the windows and out the other,
Lundquist : I’ll try to find someone in charge, and tell them
there’s an American citizen in that car!
Lundquist : And a diplomat to boot!
Knight : I think my head is pounding
SGlancy12 : Marines are running to the front of the embassy,
pulling on battle gear. Oh look! an M-60!
Lundquist : I stand well out of their way. PISCES is going to
have to be very well-connected indeed to
Lundquist : cover all of this up…
Knight : so much for low key
SGlancy12 : Somebody is screaming “Stop firing!” “Hold your
Lundquist : Who’s that?
SGlancy12 : Sounds like somebody outside the gate
Lundquist : Brit accent?
Lundquist : Or can I tell? Listen skill of 25%…
SGlancy12 : Yep. And someone else keeps screaming “Maintain
Lundquist : I want to try to see who that is.
SGlancy12 : Lundquist, there are about two dozen Marines now taking
firing positions on the wall.
Lundquist : Semper Fi…!
SGlancy12 : Plus a dozen at the gate.
SGlancy12 : Where do you expect to squeeze in?
Lundquist : I don want to squeeze in. I just want to try to
see who’s yelling “maintain firing” (and preferably
Lundquist : from the building!).
SGlancy12 : How bout you Knight?
Knight : I think I’ll stay in the car
Knight : down low as possible
Knight : praying
SGlancy12 : Hey Knight, remember when you hung your id out the
window? It’s got a bullet hole in your
SGlancy12 : photo.
Knight : thank very much
Knight : I hated that picture any ways
Lundquist : I’ll vouch for him.
SGlancy12 : Sorry there’s two battles going on here.
Lundquist : Cool!
Knight : not when you are stuck in-between them
Lundquist : Yeah, I guess not…
SGlancy12 : The Marines just start BLAZING away. M16s M60s And I
do believe I hear an M203 grenade
SGlancy12 : launcher go “THUMP!”
Lundquist : Can I photograph those vans? Are they still there?
SGlancy12 : Yes they are. They’re not going anywhere. They’re
bullet ridden.
Lundquist : Boy, I hope Chaplin wasn’t stuffed in the back of one
of those…
SGlancy12 : One of the vans takes an M203 hit and explodes in a
ball of flames!
Lundquist : …like that one, for instance!
SGlancy12 : Two commandos stumble into the street on fire and are
blown apart by other Marines.
SGlancy12 : They die screaming.
SGlancy12 : Someone outside the walls yell “We surrender! Stop
Knight : keep firing
Knight : get them
SGlancy12 : There’s another burst of fire from outside.
SGlancy12 : There’s the sound of a pistol firing outside.
SGlancy12 : The Marines are going outside to secure the street.
Lundquist : I hurry out to the car, keeping my head down.
SGlancy12 : You make it to the car.
Lundquist : “Knight! Are you in there?”
Knight : yes
Lundquist : “Oh, jeez, you’re hit! Medic! Medic!”
Lundquist : I begin trying to get a door open.
Knight : my head hurt have any advil
Knight : where’s Richard
TMccord412 : hello. What’s up?
Lundquist : He’s not here yet. Hopefully, he saw the fireworks
and split. But we should look around to make sure!
Knight : you can my head hurts too much
Lundquist : Can you make it into the embassy?
Knight : I think I can
Lundquist : I start moving towards the van that isn blown up.
Have the Marines secured it yet?
Knight : I get out wiping the blood from my eyes
SGlancy12 : Knight, a navy corpsman is trying to help you out of
the car.
SGlancy12 : Someone outside yells “Yeehaw!”
Knight : where is he leading me
SGlancy12 : Into the Embassy.
Knight : ok I follow
SGlancy12 : Lundquist, you follow the Marines outside?
Lundquist : Unless I can find someone in charge.
Lundquist : They need to check that van, see if Chaplin’s in it.
SGlancy12 : Lundquist you see bodies in the street. Four to be
exact. One commando is holding the
SGlancy12 : fragments of his face together while screaming on his
Lundquist : Ugh… I look somewhere else.
SGlancy12 : There’s Chaplin, pulling himself to his feet by the
side of the unblasted van!
Lundquist : “Chaplin! Over here!”
Lundquist : I wave him towards the Embassy.
SGlancy12 : Knight, the Corpsman is applying pressure bandages
to your wounds. here comes the morphine
SGlancy12 : that’s three points back for you.
SGlancy12 : Now everyone here’s sirens.
Chaplin : “Did you get the message off?”
Lundquist : Scott, did I get it off?
SGlancy12 : Oh yes, message is off.
Lundquist : We head back inside the building, pronto.
Chaplin : “I’m gonna need some help, guys. My legs all messed
SGlancy12 : Lundquist, o Chaplin can walk
Lundquist : I help Chaplin. And oh yes, I got the message out.
Lundquist : I’ll also see if a Marine or two can give us a hand.
SGlancy12 : Two marines run to your aid.
Chaplin : “Thank god for small favors. Get the faceless wonder
if we can, he’s our only living link to
Chaplin : what’s going on”
Lundquist : Right. I’ll try to drag him inside the gates, under
the pretense of “helping” him.
Lundquist : I’m yelling “Medic! Medic!”
SGlancy12 : The two marines start carrying Chaplin, one for each
SGlancy12 : As you turn to the faceless commando, you see he’s
pointing a pistol at you, Lundquist.
SGlancy12 : One hand on his ruined face . . . the other grips a
Lundquist : I dodge! How can he aim without a face?
SGlancy12 : There’s one eye staring out of that mess. He fires
and . . .
SGlancy12 : misses.
Lundquist : I’ll try to grapple him.
SGlancy12 : He’ll get a shot off as you go for him and . . . .
Lundquist : The suspense is killing me…
SGlancy12 : You take one: “Uh, is that a good e in the guts.
SGlancy12 : I don believe you were wearing Kevlar?
Lundquist : Uh, no, I don think I was…
Lundquist : Is it normal for US Attorneys?
SGlancy12 : ouch.
SGlancy12 : six points.
Lundquist : I yell. Loud.
SGlancy12 : You collapse to the ground, your legs useless. The
bloody face smiles. You’re less that 10
SGlancy12 : feet apart.
SGlancy12 : he aims and . .
Lundquist : I go for my weapon.
SGlancy12 : He takes a full auto burst.
Lundquist : Ok, then, I start to crawl to the gate.
SGlancy12 : He takes one in the head, three in the back, two in
each arm and three in the abdomen,
SGlancy12 : There’s a wounded commando who just shot him lying a
few yards away. Bleeding badly.
Lundquist : I start crawling towards him, if I’m able…
SGlancy12 : A Marine fires and hits the dying commando, the M-16
rounds toss him over dead
SGlancy12 : Then you hear the buzzing.
Lundquist : Well, never mind then. Back to the gate.
SGlancy12 : Never mind . . . the buzzing noise.
Lundquist : What buzzing noise? Where is it coming from?
SGlancy12 : The Marine who killed the commando who saved you runs
to you and tries to lift you up.
Lundquist : I let him.
SGlancy12 : The buzzing is coming from the first commando, the
one with the ruined face.
Lundquist : What? Where from in the commando? Some item of
SGlancy12 : The Marine hoists you to your feet, one arm around
your back and under your arm.
SGlancy12 : No, its coming from the thing.
SGlancy12 : The thing on his head.
Lundquist : What thing on his head?
SGlancy12 : well you just took a loss of loss of 3 san points!
Lundquist : Ouch! I scream, and try to get my weapon out…
Knight : I drive my car and then these shot at Lundquist
I have a feeling I need it…
SGlancy12 : the Marine gapes goggle-eyed!
SGlancy12 : Its some kind of hideous bug. Its about the size of
a grape-fruit. Its got wings, ten legs
SGlancy12 : legs covered with hundreds of writhing feelers. Its
blood-red eyes stare at you as its 3
SGlancy12 : mouths move wetly!
Lundquist : Yikes!
Lundquist : I want to shoot it, if I’m in any shape to do so…
SGlancy12 : You already got your piece out to shoot that
commando! Take yer shot!
Lundquist : BLAM! BLAM!
SGlancy12 : What kind of weapon?
Lundquist : H&K pistol, skill of 35%… is this within 13 yds?
SGlancy12 : yep
Lundquist : If so, it’s point blank…
SGlancy12 : how many shots?
Lundquist : Just one. Another one next round.
Lundquist : It’s .45 caliber, does 1d10+2.
Lundquist : (see how optimistic I am?)
SGlancy12 : First shot causes it to burst like a … grapefruit.
It blew apart. Literally.
Lundquist : Works for me.
SGlancy12 : The street is lit with fire.
Lundquist : Did it look anything like a spider?
SGlancy12 : The smell of burring gas and gunpowder is everywhere.
SGlancy12 : There are corpses everywhere.
SGlancy12 : Blue emergency lights are filling the streets as are
the sounds of sirens.
SGlancy12 : You fellas do nice work.
Lundquist : I need to get back inside the Embassy gates ASAP.
SGlancy12 : You go girl
SGlancy12 : The horrified Marine helps carry you. “Medic!”
Lundquist : “Yeah, Medic!”
SGlancy12 : Hey Knight. Those airbags really hurt when they go
SGlancy12 : Chaplin, the Marines set you down next to Knight, you
both look like shit.
Knight : not really
SGlancy12 : Now another Marine drops Lundquist down with you.
SGlancy12 : The Marine, a young black corporal asks “Sir, what
was that thing you shot?”
Knight : sorry about the bus idea
Lundquist : Ahh! Ahh! The pain! The pain! Oh god…!
SGlancy12 : The Medic shoots you full of morphine.
Lundquist : (is the corporal still looking at me?)
SGlancy12 : Yes he is.
Lundquist : I quiet down, but don answer his question.
SGlancy12 : But once the medic pushes him out of the way, he
wanders off in a daze.
Knight : hey Lundquist are feeling good too
Knight : the morphine is really kicking
Lundquist : “Good” might be too strong a word…
SGlancy12 : You guys are going to the hospital. Y’got bullets in
Lundquist : Through morphine haze: “Uh, is that a good idea?”
SGlancy12 : What could possibly happen to you at the hospital?
Lundquist : “Uh, I think I need to stay in the Embassy…”
Knight : hey man sorry about the car
SGlancy12 : You all require more medical attention than the
Embassy can provide. Especially Lundquist
SGlancy12 : Yer gutshot!
Lundquist : Yeah, I guess I am… Well, how are we going to
protect ourselves in the hospital?
SGlancy12 : Chaplin took two to the leg and has busted ribs from
the damage he took through the vest.
Knight : hey man you look like shit
Knight : have you seen you self in the mirror
SGlancy12 : And Knight . . .One in the arm, a serious head wound
. . maybe concussion?
Lundquist : What about the possibility of a US military hospital
at one of the airbases?
SGlancy12 : Ah! Yes there are hospitals at the airbases . . .but
how to get there?
Knight : rent a car
Knight : three times is a charm
Lundquist : Diplomatic convoy? Helicopter evacuation? Move the
whole airbase to the embassy?
Lundquist : Surely there’s some practical way…
Knight : how about move the whole airbase to the embassy
SGlancy12 : I think a chopper might be in order.
Lundquist : Can we actually arrange something like that?
Knight : Hey guys I think I can make it driving (grin grin)
SGlancy12 : By now you can see the CIA station chief Tasker
moving around. Asking questions of the Marines
SGlancy12 : and the medics
Knight : hey john
SGlancy12 : Tasker wants to know what the f**k happened out here.
Lundquist : You tell us, man. You’re the CIA.
Knight : I have no Dam clue (giggle)
SGlancy12 : Not funny you a** holes! Why do I have dead Marines
and SAS commandos all over my front
SGlancy12 : yard?
Lundquist : SAS? Where?
Knight : I did not do it (giggle)
Lundquist : Mimsy were the borogroves… Something like that…
SGlancy12 : The guys who were trying to kill you were Special Air
Knight : I drive my car and then these shot at me. I closed
my eyes and I was in the embassy ground
SGlancy12 : (Good work. Deny everything.)
Knight : I was minding my own business
Lundquist : Somebody’s trying to kill us?
Chaplin : I was walking in to the embassy and they just opened
fire on me. I have no freakin idea!
SGlancy12 : Don play dumb!
Knight : Dumb who is dumb
Lundquist : I act really out of it and clutch at my guts.
SGlancy12 : There’s a SAS survivor who says they were told that
you were IRA terrorists and that there
SGlancy12 : was a car bomb in your Taurus.
Knight : what???? I’m a IRA terrorist. Don make me laugh
Knight : I’m the lone IRA bomber from the states
Chaplin : OhhhKay… So while walking, WALKING, mind you , to the
embassy, How do I have a car bomb?
Knight : Do I look like I’m Irish?
SGlancy12 : No, I don you’re IRA, I mean they thought you were
IRA. They were fed bad intel.
SGlancy12 : The guy wasn’t in the van that hit you, Chaplin.
Knight : intel, I think we should sue, Lundquist is a attorney we
could own England!!!!!
SGlancy12 : But I think they thought you were scouting the
Knight : hey Lundquist what do you think our chances will be?
Lundquist : Well, we’re obviously not IRA. The problem is
obviously with the Brits. We were just minding
Lundquist : our own business.
Lundquist : But yeah, this isn good… “Mad SAS team attacks
innocent visiting Americans”… I think they’ll
Lundquist : settle out of court to hush things up.
Knight : remind me to send a letter to ford about there cars
Knight : they are not bulletproof
SGlancy12 : Tasker: “this has got to be the worst intel disaster
since the Bay of Pigs.”
Lundquist : “Well, you should know…”
SGlancy12 : “Watch it lawyer-boy.”
Lundquist : “Easy! I just meant you’d know about Intel, is all…”
SGlancy12 : Now what are you bloodied heroes going to do?
Knight : go to a pub and drink to our success
Knight : hey Tasker you got a car we can borrow??? I will bring
it back in pieces
Lundquist : Is a chopper to RAF Lakenheath at all realistic?
SGlancy12 : There is a chopper pad?
Lundquist : I’m asking you.
SGlancy12 : And they can get a helicopter here in 20 minutes.
Lundquist : They probably want to take any injured Marines to a
US military hospital anyway.
SGlancy12 : True enough. We’ve got three dead Marines and four
Knight : hey Ric are you asleep again???
Chaplin : No. not at all. Just in deep thought.
SGlancy12 : Just the morphine kicking in
Knight : so what happened to you ric
Chaplin : Ok, Tasker, if SAS thought we were IRA and had a car
bomb, and I was walking, why did
Chaplin : they just open fire on me, no word or anything. No
check of papers or arrest, they aren
Chaplin : getting off that easy!
Knight : so sue them
Knight : and Lundquist what happened to you
Lundquist : Nothing. I walked right in, no problem. I saw the
vans, though. I should have phoned you. Stupid of me.
Knight : did you send the message
Lundquist : Yeah, I got it out.
Knight : by the way here is the other drawing
Knight : sorry about the blood stains, I could help it
Lundquist : We should see it gets sent by secure courier to
SGlancy12 : Hey, Chaplin, what happened to that harmless bobby
who checked your ID?
Lundquist : I was wondering why he didn’t make an appearance when
the shooting started…
SGlancy12 : Are you sure they didn’t check your ID before they
shot you?
Chaplin : I have no idea. I was wondering the same. He had to
see something it wasn’t much before
Chaplin : I got jumped.
Knight : WHAT BOBBY???
Lundquist : He must be one of … THEM
SGlancy12 : THEY are everywhere.
Knight : What’s every where?
Chaplin : I’m very sure. I met a bobby who checked my ID, gave
me the all clear and I continued on
Chaplin : my way. Van doors opened and the next thing I know my
leg is blown out from under me.
SGlancy12 : There’s the sound of a helicopter approaching.
Knight : well so much for being quiet. I think we made the
evening news.
SGlancy12 : Oh yeah.
Lundquist : Not bad for our first op, huh?
Chaplin : Check the duty roster for this beat at the police
station. He should be on it.
SGlancy12 : The Blackhawk touches down and the Marine wounded are
moved to the chopper.
Knight : hey Lundquist you still have your camera
Lundquist : Right here.
Knight : if you do, have Tasker take our picture!!
Lundquist : We’d better get on the chopper. It won’t wait long.
Knight : ok
Lundquist : It isn black is it? 😉
SGlancy12 : The only one fit to walk on his own is Knight.
Knight : but, I still think we should drive (grin)
SGlancy12 : No, its more of a blue, USAF colors.
Lundquist : Good, I hate black helicopters…
SGlancy12 : All aboard . . .
SGlancy12 : dust off!
SGlancy12 : You are taken to RAF Lakenheath for surgery and much
bed rest.
SGlancy12 : Knight is the first one back in the ward after
surgery, then Chaplin and Lundquist.
Knight : I take it we are not on low profile any more
SGlancy12 : You’re kept separate from the Marines.
Knight : I wonder why
Lundquist : They must like us better.
Knight : So know you have a war story to tell the people at
the office about Lundquist
Lundquist : I tell nobody. I deny everything.
SGlancy12 : As soon as your able, Tasker and Ferris, the FBI
liaison, come in to interview you.
SGlancy12 : Same questions: What happened? What were you doing
here? What was that message you sent?
Lundquist : What happened: Apparently the Brits mistook us for
some IRA. Not our fault.
Lundquist : What are we doing here: Routine investigative work
for US Attorney’s office. Nothing interesting.
Knight : I was here to see the Sex Pistol reunion tour. You
know God save the queen. Johnny Rotten
Lundquist : What was the message: Classified. Secret US
Attorney’s office only type stuff. Nothing
SGlancy12 : After Tasker and Ferris, the next day a trio of USAF
officers come by.
SGlancy12 : They want to know if you saw anything . . . unusual
during the firefight.
Lundquist : Wasn the firefight itself unusual enough? Really!
Knight : Yeah, I saw my life flash before my eyes
Knight : Then I saw a white light
Knight : And a voice saying it is not your time yet
Knight : anything else you want to know?
Lundquist : I make sure I get their names/ranks, though.
SGlancy12 : The trio is one Major Black, two Capts. Henderson and
SGlancy12 : No, what I mean, asks the Major is did you any
unusual “things” during the firefight.
Knight : Like I said I saw a white light that said its not
your time yet
Lundquist : I’m afraid, Major, that the whole thing was decidedly
unusual in my book.
Knight : it not everyday you see your life flash in front of
Knight : Major have you ever seen the white light?
SGlancy12 : So, says the Maj. this is unfamiliar to you . . .
SGlancy12 : The Major reaches into a briefcase and produces a jar
of formaldehyde with what appear to be
SGlancy12 : bug parts floating in it.
Knight : what’s that
Knight : looks like a dead bug
SGlancy12 : I was going to ask you.
Lundquist : I look closely. “What the heck is that? Yikes!”
Lundquist : Must be some sort of South American beetle or
something, right?
Lundquist : What does it have to do with us?
Knight : I must of hit with the car, I heard a big splat on
the windshield
SGlancy12 : The bug parts look like they came from a bug, roughly
the size of large grapefruit.
Chaplin : I thought Texas mosquitos were big…
Knight : nats on drugs
SGlancy12 : Lots of legs covered with long hairs. Bits of ichor
. . . etc.
Lundquist : Come on, guys, that thing isn real. The major’s
pulling our legs.
SGlancy12 : Yes Lundquist, it looks familiar.
Lundquist : (there’s no way I’m going to let the major know
Knight : hey I once saw the alien autopsy did you get the bug
from the special make up artist
Knight : look out its the attack of the killer bees
SGlancy12 : Unsatisfied the Major puts his “sample” away. And
thanks you for your time and leaves.
Lundquist : I ask where I can get in touch with him if I need to.
SGlancy12 : “We’ll find you,” he says.
Knight : run for the hills major
Knight : Lundquist you don think that is real!!!
Lundquist : What, are you kidding? If it was real, it would be
the size of a grapefruit! No bugs are that big!
Lundquist : Well, who should I call if I remember something,
SGlancy12 : The Major leaves no calling card. and just stalks
Lundquist : See ya later, Mister Black.
SGlancy12 : So they put a TV set in your room. Top news stories…
Knight : cool
SGlancy12 : As for the news
SGlancy12 : Hmmm? A fire at the Bethlehem Hospital. Most
terrible. Seventeen patients die in the flames
Lundquist : I shake my head.
Knight : I told you we should have sent some one in the hospital
Lundquist : That way we could have been burned as well as shot
SGlancy12 : Oh dear. Crime is so terrible these days. Mrs.
Cullen and her invalid son killed by
SGlancy12 : burglars.
Knight : no they didn’t
SGlancy12 : A sign of the times no doubt.
Knight : I think England has too much violence
Knight : great at least we have some of his drawings
SGlancy12 : IRA terrorists killed in shootout with SAS and Marine
guards. US Embassy saved from bomb

Continued in Part 5

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