Delta Green game log from 1997: EARL GREY, 5 of 5

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Continuing from Part 4

Lundquist : Any response from Alphonse?
SGlancy12 : After about a week you guys are about ready to be
SGlancy12 : When a man in a suit, looking much like a greying
oxford-academic arrives.
SGlancy12 : “Gentlemen. My name is Cotten. I was wondering if we
could have a word?”
Lundquist : Yeah, let’s do that, Inspector.
Knight : Let’s take him behind the wood shed
SGlancy12 : “Well, its not Inspector. Its not really Cotten
either. If you must call me anything, Col.
SGlancy12 : James would be most appropriate.
Lundquist : So what can we do for you, Col.?
Knight : well Mr. James what do you want
SGlancy12 : “I understand you gentlemen are interested in the
Army of the 3rd Eye?”
Lundquist : Who, us? What’s the Army of the Third Eye?
Knight : hey Ric have you heard the army of the third eye
SGlancy12 : “That’s an area that would best be left alone. Left
as it is.”
Knight : really
Lundquist : How do you mean?
Chaplin : Army?
SGlancy12 : “We’ve taken care of that threat. Neutralized it in
fact. There’s no further threat from
SGlancy12 : that quarter. So there’s no reason for you to be
asking around is there?”
Lundquist : What a relief that is. Now, what’s all this about a
SGlancy12 : The threat from that mad-man and his lobotomized
kidnappers, of course.”
Lundquist : Ah. Quite. Uh, what madman is that?
SGlancy12 : “Mr. Coleman, of course.”
SGlancy12 : “The Special Branch rather neatly rolled up his cult
and finished his insane crusade.”
Knight : hey Mr. James what branch of the service do you work
SGlancy12 : “I work for the Ministry of Defense, actually.”
Knight : defense of England?
Lundquist : In what capacity?
Chaplin : And a wonderful job you must be doing…
Knight : was it your foolers that attacked us
SGlancy12 : “Are you referring to that incident where your Marines
and our SAS killed those four IRA
SGlancy12 : terrorists out front of your Embassy?”
Knight : I laugh
Lundquist : I look alarmed.
Knight : what IRA terrorist. Hey Ric are you a IRA terrorist.
SGlancy12 : “That’s what happened Agent Knight. I suggest you
remember it that way if anyone asks.”
Knight : is that a threat
Knight : are you threatening me
Chaplin : Right, I remember lots of things…
Knight : you wouldn’t be threatening me in front of witnesses
SGlancy12 : “No, not a threat. Just . . . . advice.”
SGlancy12 : “Friendly advice.”
Chaplin : I have some advice for you, Col. James…
SGlancy12 : “Suffice to say that England is in good hands and
there is no reason for you to return, hmm?
Chaplin : Buy a new raincoat, yellow isn your color.
SGlancy12 : “Good day, Gentlemen. I doubt we’ll be seeing each
other again.”
Lundquist : Indeed, Colonel, I’m sure of it. But perhaps England
could be in even better hands, eh?
SGlancy12 : “I can imagine England being in better hands.”
SGlancy12 : He turns to leave
SGlancy12 : He smiles over his shoulder as he glides out the
SGlancy12 : Well fellas you’re well enough to travel. Civil or
commercial back to D.C.?
SGlancy12 : or Military flight?
Lundquist : Commercial would be most comfortable…
Knight : commercial. what’s the in flight movie
SGlancy12 : “The Invasion of the Body Snatchers.”
Knight : great. I’ll sleep through it
Lundquist : At least it’s not “Arachnophobia”.
SGlancy12 : Alphonse sends you email to arrange a meeting at the
Library of Congress once you’re back.
Knight : I’ll go
Lundquist : Me too.
Chaplin : ditto
Knight : You know the British are known for their dry sense of
SGlancy12 : Alphonse is Professor Joseph Camp, a Librarian at the
Library of Congress.
SGlancy12 : He’s a fat, white haired man of 70 years. Walks with
a pronounced limp.
SGlancy12 : He takes you into a vault, which he says is used for
the Library’s “special collection.”
SGlancy12 : This is all after hours, at 11pm. The empty halls
echoing with your footsteps.
SGlancy12 : Prof Camp asks you to review your report with him in
detail, adding anything that occurred
SGlancy12 : after your flash-message from the embassy.
SGlancy12 : Any physical evidence or photos.
Lundquist : We give him all the photos.
Knight : and the drawing
Lundquist : Well, I think it’s safe to say that PISCES, or
something like it, exists.
SGlancy12 : And its status?
Knight : tell him with the run in with Col. James
Lundquist : I don think that we can be sure of PISCES’ true
agenda. I think the incident with the Coleman
Lundquist : residence in Montana bears further investigation, but
that can be done here in the US.
Knight : add that it is questionable on if PISCES can be
Chaplin : I point out the photo of the man with the work crew on
the bridge. “This is James”
INTEPOL : hello all, any know how I can play WARCRAFT online???
Knight : no I don sorry
Lundquist : Sorry, Interpol, no clue.
SGlancy12 : Sorry can help ya.
Lundquist : Is the raincoat guy James? I look at the photo.
SGlancy12 : Yep.
Knight : good call Ric
Chaplin : what did you think my raincoat crack meant?
SGlancy12 : “So what was the Army’s agenda?”
Lundquist : They seemed to think they were stopping monsters
which were apparently physically inhabiting
Lundquist : peoples’ heads.
Knight : they were after people in the aerospace industry who
were apparently possessed by spiders
Lundquist : “Spiderlike creatures.” I go on to describe the
thing I shot in front of the Embassy.
SGlancy12 : “What happened to the “insect”?
Knight : look creates. I show him the drawing wade made.
They cut the hole in the head to get the
Knight : spider out
Lundquist : BTW, Scott, was that thing covered with blood, like
it had emerged from the injured commando’s head?
SGlancy12 : Yep.
Lundquist : “Some Air Force guys had what looked like the remains
of the bug. There wasn’t much left.”
SGlancy12 : “Air Force?”
Lundquist : I tell him about the three officers who questioned
SGlancy12 : “Hmm? Not good.”
Knight : we didn’t say anything to them
Knight : I can not be sure who has these spiders in them but,
people with mental symptoms are able to
Knight : get them or see them
SGlancy12 : “So what was PISCES relation to the Army?”
Lundquist : PISCES seemed to be trying to stop the Army.
Knight : I think they destroyed the army
Lundquist : At least, that’s what they’re saying…
Knight : it seems that they have friends in the states as well
Knight : tell him about the warrant
Lundquist : I do so. “This seems like the next thing we should
be investigating.”
SGlancy12 : “Is the Army completely destroyed?”
Lundquist : We don know. Col James seemed to think so.
Knight : we are not sure
SGlancy12 : “What evidence is there of continued activity?”
Knight : we know wade Cullen is dead
Knight : there was spray paint that the army is coming
Lundquist : Prior to his death, Wade Cullen seemed to think the
Army was still active.
Knight : that was recently seen around London
Knight : Wade said the army is the only way to stop them
Lundquist : The graffiti in London was another indicator. If the
Army was fully stamped out, it was done
Lundquist : very recently.
Chaplin : Julia Charlwood is still alive and missing
Lundquist : Did the Bedlam fire kill all of the Army members
SGlancy12 : yes.
Knight : We do not know if Coleman is dead or not. We just
heard that the was a fire at bedlam
SGlancy12 : Allegedly. Have you seen the bodies?
SGlancy12 : “So, do you think the SAS team knew who you were when
they attacked?”
Lundquist : I don know what the SAS team thought. I’m pretty
sure there were two factions of commandos fighting
Lundquist : each other, though.
Lundquist : The one with the bug in his head was shot by another
commando, who was then killed by a Marine.
Chaplin : There had to be, one shot me and the other fixed up
my leg and put me in a van.
Lundquist : Also, there were cries of both “Cease Firing!” and
“Continue Firing!” going on during the fight.
Chaplin : The one with the thing in his head Yelled to continue
SGlancy12 : “So what is the brain-spiders role in this?”
Lundquist : Your guess is as good as mine. But it’s seems pretty
clear that they represent paranormal
Lundquist : activity, and most probably a threat.
SGlancy12 : “Was the ‘spider’ in the SAS commander’s head?”
Lundquist : “It seemed that way.” Scott, how sure am I?
SGlancy12 : It “looked” like it came out of the mess that was his
Chaplin : If they take over control of the body, as in the
reported incidents of schizophrenia, they
Chaplin : might be trying to spread their influence and take
over, like the web in the drawing.
Lundquist : “I mean, it looked like it crawled right out of the
wound. And the guy was doing a superhuman feat
Lundquist : of aiming a pistol at me with half of his face blown
Knight : it seems to me that the British found something alien
and this thing attacked several worker
Knight : that were investigating it. The ESA kept showing up
with the members that were kidnapped by
Knight : the army
Lundquist : The question I have is how do the two factions of
commandos relate to each other? And to the Army?
Lundquist : And to PISCES?
SGlancy12 : “So we may have lost England?”
Lundquist : England may have been lost already. I think it bears
further investigation.
SGlancy12 : “Are we exposed?”
Lundquist : I don think so… I dropped a subtle hint to James,
but he must have suspected something already.
Lundquist : At any rate, he wasn’t interested in further contact.
Knight : There is a site that we might want to investigate. I
show him the map that wade drew.


(Picking up in the post-game debrief)

SGlancy12 : Well what needs to be shorn up? Fixed or altered?
Lundquist : Sorry, got knocked offline again. Did I miss
anything in the past minute or two?
SGlancy12 : Just wrapping up.
Knight : We had the London guide to help us to navigate the
mean streets of London πŸ™‚
SGlancy12 : We’ll have to continue investigating next time.
Knight : Have you been to London before or did you have a
SGlancy12 : Both.
Knight : sounds like you did your homework
SGlancy12 : Been there twice. But blew the part about the
license plates.
Lundquist : We’re playing Golden Dawn right now (in London) so it
sort of feels familiar to me…
SGlancy12 : Was the firefight at the Embassy too deadly, or too
Lundquist : Felt just right to me…
Knight : same here
Lundquist : But then, I was inside, letting the marines do the
work. πŸ™‚
Knight : you have to make the investigators feel threatened
Chaplin : A bit deadly for my taste, but I’m not a big fan of
SGlancy12 : Its a good thing all three of you weren’t in that
Chaplin : Told ya.
Lundquist : Yes it is. Good suggestion, Rick.
Chaplin : Like fish in a barrel.
Knight : why you don like my driving style
Lundquist : Not when there are SAS hit teams with a description
of our car, Knight…
Knight : cars
SGlancy12 : I’m not sure. The Marines may have been too
Knight : it is the us embassy
Lundquist : Maybe the Marines could have been less inclined to
get involved. If they do get involved, two vans
Lundquist : of guys with SMG’s aren going to do much against
Chaplin : I think they were fine, otherwise everybody dies and
no game. If they didn’t, it would be
Chaplin : unrealistic. I’m surprised they waited so long.
SGlancy12 : I assume the Marines start firing because they are
young and nervous and suddenly: firefight
Knight : what set the SAS off.
Knight : was it the bobby
Chaplin : The bobby has been bugging me too.
Knight : Lundquist got in cleanly
SGlancy12 : The SAS were told that a car bomb was on the way: In
YOUR car. They had the plates and the
SGlancy12 : make and were waiting for it.
Lundquist : Ah, but told by who? Spider-people?
SGlancy12 : They had to hit it fast before the bomber could hit
the trigger.
Knight : That explains me but, why attack Rick
SGlancy12 : They were told by higher ups at MI-5 and MI-6.
Lundquist : Again, PISCES or the Spider-people? Or are they one
and the same?
SGlancy12 : The bobby was part of the SAS team. He was watching
for your car. He checked the ID and
SGlancy12 : radioed to the CO that Chaplin was okay, and gave his
SGlancy12 : By this time, the British security services had your
names from the 1st rental car and the
SGlancy12 : incoming flights and checking the US State dept. for
the issuance of new diplomatic passport
SGlancy12 : The CO knew Chaplin was with your group and had the
team grab him. He shot Chaplin.
SGlancy12 : The other team members were shocked and bound his
Knight : was there any way to get in to see Coleman. We had
to debate about it for at least 20 minutes
SGlancy12 : Coleman isn even there anymore, Neither are the
other members of the Army.
Knight : I should have known
Lundquist : So the SAS CO was the only “bad guy” on the SAS team?
The rest of the team were just following orders?
SGlancy12 : Yep.
Knight : and who was the man in the window at wade’s house
SGlancy12 : The guy in the window was MI-5 assigned to watch the
Cullen house and monitor it
Lundquist : Why so much interest in the Army (Cullen house, flat
in Whitechapel) all of a sudden? The new
Lundquist : graffiti?
SGlancy12 : Yep
Knight : was the guy in the jag mi-5
Knight : I take it the landlord was working for mi-5 as well
SGlancy12 : no.
Knight : Really I was surprised that he allowed us to enter
the apartment
Knight : I figure it was so easy that was part of mi-5
Chaplin : That’s what I thought.
SGlancy12 : No he didn’t know anything. He just wanted the
SGlancy12 : The last member of the Army, Julia Charlwood is
living as a street person spray painting
SGlancy12 : slogans.
Lundquist : Wow… So that’s all the graffiti was? One lone
SGlancy12 : No. Not just one. She’s got a small following of
schizophrenics who spread her message.
SGlancy12 : all homeless street people.
Knight : then why was there a fire at bedlam if there was no
members of the army there. A cover story
SGlancy12 : Yep. They wanted to keep anyone from looking for
Lundquist : Seems to me a quick and easy PISCES-trap is to spray
a few slogans in yellow paint and wait to see
Lundquist : who shows up to clean them off.
SGlancy12 : Yep, that’s part of Julia Charlwood’s plan. She wants
them to think THE ARMY IS COMING
Lundquist : I see.
SGlancy12 : Its not coming. Its dead in the water. But
perception is reality.
Knight : was there a connection between the kidnapped people?
It looked like some aerospace connection
SGlancy12 : Oh yes, there most definitely is a connection to the
Knight : did they find something that had the insects from
shagi in it?
SGlancy12 : No, the Insects found the ESA.
Knight : interesting
SGlancy12 : Same colony Ramsey Campbell writes about in Goat’s
SGlancy12 : They have plans for using the ESA for their own
Knight : I figured when you mention the seven valleys it was
either the insects or glakki
Knight : the insects are nasty things to deal with
SGlancy12 : Definitely the Insects.
SGlancy12 : Very underused menaces.
Knight : I agree with that
Knight : I only played in one adventure they were in
Knight : I figured it was the insects when I saw the spider
webs and there was no signs of glakki
Lundquist : I don know as much about them. Which is cool by me.
“The oldest and greatest fear…” and all that.
Knight : servants
Knight : It was a good thing that you killed the insect when
you did
Knight : or you would be its new home
Lundquist : Yeesh!
SGlancy12 : It was just about to fly into your head tough guy!
Knight : trust me
Knight : they can fly through human tissue with no problem
Lundquist : Don mess with humanity! πŸ™‚
SGlancy12 : You would have taken it back to DC and busted a cap
in Alphonse
Knight : with out making a attack roll
Knight : cleaver and sneaky
Knight : I hated them in the 20’s adventure
SGlancy12 : Well the Insects have infiltrated Her Majesty’s
Secret Service.
Lundquist : They are a cool menace. All the more so because
they’re underused.
Knight : great
Knight : I can image bond with a insect
Knight : they drilled into the head to remove them from the
SGlancy12 : Not exactly. The insects are killed by sunlight, so
the hole lets sunlight in and ZAP!
Lundquist : So, is there any PISCES organization left? Working
against the paranormal, that is?
Lundquist : Or are they all puppets of the insects?
SGlancy12 : PISCES is ruined. It is subverted and suborned.
Lundquist : That’s too bad.
Knight : like what happened to DG
SGlancy12 : The Insects control the top ranks and use the rank
and file to advance their grand plan.
Knight : yes they are highly intelligent
SGlancy12 : Worse than what happened to DG.
SGlancy12 : DG got disbanded. What happened to PISCES could NEVER
happen to DG. Too decentralized.
Lundquist : DG will have to bail them out. Find evidence, turn
the rank & file against the insects… Like they
Lundquist : don have anything else to do!
SGlancy12 : Now make sure I’ve got your names for the credits as
SGlancy12 : The other cool thing is that the infiltration is
recent. The last 5 years. Former and
SGlancy12 : retired PISCES leaders are clean.
Lundquist : In the 80’s, there were a bunch of COC adventures in
White Dwarf where Special Branch was overrun
Lundquist : by agents of the Mythos. Did you take any
inspiration from those?
SGlancy12 : No. I’ve never read White Dwarf.
Lundquist : Just wondering…
SGlancy12 : There was a similar idea in Challenge where Scotland
Yard was infiltrated.
Lundquist : Yeah, that adventure was written by the same guy,
Knight : That was fun. It killed a day but, I enjoyed
playing. My group had fun watch and got a
Knight : good laugh
Lundquist : I agree. It was fun.
SGlancy12 : Glad to hear it. Any suggestions are welcome.
Knight : they were betting on me to die in the gun battle
Knight : they love it when the tables is turned on the gm πŸ™‚
SGlancy12 : You came close Knight.
Knight : I know
Knight : two more points in the head would be all she wrote
SGlancy12 : You REALLY made a good drive auto roll. At least on
my end.
Knight : They felt bad about the advice I gave Ric about
taking the bus πŸ™‚
Knight : It almost cost him his life
Lundquist : The moral: Always take a taxi. Always take a taxi.
Chaplin : No biggie, it was my idea to split up, I should take
the risk.
SGlancy12 : He made it, and he got to shoot the SAS CO in the
SGlancy12 : That was cool.
Knight : They were amazed that you kept up with us in the car
SGlancy12 : I can read a map.
Knight : they tried to tell me everything to lose you
Knight : we did not think that you had a map until you kept up
with us then we knew we were in
Knight : trouble
SGlancy12 : heh heh heh.
Lundquist : Good thing we did split up. I would’ve just rode in
the car without suspecting anything.
Chaplin : That was great, crouching behind a body with a dead
mans gun, blowing his face off…
Knight : so did we follow you plan or did we stray?
Chaplin : Oh I bet we strayed miles away…
SGlancy12 : I got to tell you guys I love watching your brains
work on-line. That was cool to watch the
SGlancy12 : big picture coming together.
SGlancy12 : No not really. The last group went to Montana 1st
and then looked up Coleman’s ex-fiance’
SGlancy12 : Then they spoke with Scotland yard and got the pant’s
scared off them.
Knight : well I got my pants scared off of me
Lundquist : By Col James?
SGlancy12 : No, by Inspector Alva. She told them there was NO
Scotland yard investigation of the Army.
SGlancy12 : The officers had been taken off the case six months
before the capture and new men brought
SGlancy12 : in for the job. She thought they were MI-5 but they
were PISCES. With SAS for muscle.
SGlancy12 : Once Coleman was apprehended, officers were given
“scripts” to follow at trial. Told to
SGlancy12 : commit perjury and create a fake record for the trial
SGlancy12 : They were told they had to do this to protect
National Security. That the REAL
SGlancy12 : investigation’s details could not be revealed in open
court because it would reveal agents
SGlancy12 : and operational techniques.
Lundquist : How did James get his warrant in Montana? Was the US
govt. just being cooperative because of the
Lundquist : heinousness of Coleman’s crimes?
SGlancy12 : Yes. they were. No conspiracy on this side of the
Lundquist : And the three Air Force guys were MJ-12, right?
SGlancy12 : Project Moondust actually. A division of MJ-12. You
left the bug bits lying around. That
SGlancy12 : Marine told his Lt. who told his Col. and up the
chain to you know who
Knight : great mj-12 got involved
Lundquist : I had other things to worry about. I wouldn’t have
been able to get all of the bug pieces, anyway.
Chaplin : You were holding your OWN pieces, as I recall.
Lundquist : Yep.
SGlancy12 : Gut shot, just like Mr. Orange.
Lundquist : I was doing my Tim Roth impersonation.
SGlancy12 : I’m dyin’ Larry!
Knight : at least you didn’t do a Mr. Pink
Knight : I don;t tip
Knight : as mr pink would say
Lundquist : But still paranoid enough to not want to go to a
British hospital!
Knight : you always have to be paranoid in COC
Lundquist : And especially in DG.
Knight : I had a old lady offer my players tea in COC and they
did everything not to drink it because
Knight : they thought it was poisoned
Lundquist : Sounds like common sense to me.
Knight : and it was a old lady being nice
SGlancy12 : I was waiting for somebody to grease Mrs. Cullen just
to be on the safe side.
Lundquist : They beat us to it, is all.
Knight : well that is twice now that I caused a major wreck in
a game. In John’s game I cause a truck
Knight : to roll over on i-95 and now cause a bus to fish tail
SGlancy12 : Not so major. I think you did better running over
the SAS guys,
Knight : that was my only option.
Knight : I thought Lundquist was dead when he went to knock on
the jag’s window
SGlancy12 : The last playtesters kidnapped one of their tails.
SGlancy12 : The nice young woman from the nice young couple.
Lundquist : The thought occurred to me, but I figures we couldn’t
get away with it.
SGlancy12 : They barely did. It involved a car crash.
SGlancy12 : She was pissed when she found out they were FBI and
not IRA.
Lundquist : And did they trepan her, just to be safe?
SGlancy12 : The players were even more shocked when her own
people shot through her to kill them.
SGlancy12 : Nope. They didn’t crack her skull. But they did
break her nose.
Croaker Jr : I heard there was back-slapping going on here… πŸ˜‰
Croaker Jr : So, how’d it go??
SGlancy12 : Tell ’em fellas.
Knight : it went great until we went to the embassy then all
hell broke loose
Chaplin : Pretty good. Slow at the start turning into a
mixmaster of destruction and carnage.
Lundquist : I think we got mixed results.
SGlancy12 : That’s what I wanted!
Lundquist : What of PISCES’ early days? Has it been plotted out?
Did it grow out of the Golden Dawn?
SGlancy12 : I figure PISCES began in the era of the Golden Dawn.
SGlancy12 : How exactly I have no idea.
Lundquist : Makes sense. Some splinter-faction-offshoot of the
Golden Dawn.
SGlancy12 : But with government connections.
Lundquist : Naturally.
Lundquist : Well, I had a great time. Delta Green rules. It’s a
lot of fun to play.
SGlancy12 : “a mixmaster of destruction and carnage.” That has a
nice ring to it.
Croaker Jr : And I missed it! Curse my job… except for the
money part of it…
SGlancy12 : Can be worse than mine.
Croaker Jr : So was the scenario pretty much finished, or…?
SGlancy12 : No its left totally open.
Croaker Jr : Cool, next time I’ll tell them I’m having thyroid
surgery or something.
SGlancy12 : They made a good start. This scenario is like an
intro to a whole PISCES campaign.
Knight : Hey Lundquist, I think your character should take up
photography πŸ™‚
Lundquist : I got it at 5%…
SGlancy12 : Now, who writes the briefing for ne next mission?
Croaker Jr : I will! Oh wait…
Lundquist : I nominate Dry Fulani. Her last one was quite good.
SGlancy12 : Lundquist? Knight?
Lundquist : Or I could do it.
Lundquist : Or we could collaborate, for the next group of
Lundquist : πŸ˜‰
SGlancy12 : I’d like to see you do it. I’d like it to read like
it was written by people who lived
SGlancy12 : through it.
Croaker Jr : Oh, the big money question–did you folks actually
make contact with PISCES?
Lundquist : The big answer: Yes. And no.
SGlancy12 : heh heh heh
Knight : what kind of brief?
Knight : I lost have the names
Lundquist : The next brief would of course depend on what the
next mission was.
SGlancy12 : Make a second run at finding Coleman and the other
members of the Army?
SGlancy12 : Maybe “liberate” them and return them to the U.S.?
Lundquist : And what of PISCES?
Lundquist : Find them? Expose them?
SGlancy12 : All of the above.
Lundquist : And explore the Cotswalds while doing so.
SGlancy12 : Definitely.
Lundquist : Shouldn’t take long.
Lundquist : Hey, look at the size of this bug… URK
Croaker Jr : (Note to self: Change skills–trade Fast Talk for
Heavy Weapons…) πŸ˜‰
SGlancy12 : Well, I’m going to bed. its been a long hard day.
SGlancy12 : Thanks for coming along for the ride.
Lundquist : That it has. Thanks for running, Scott.
Lundquist : It was a lot of fun.
Pagan Pub : Go to bed!
SGlancy12 : Yes John I’m still up.
Croaker Jr : Ack, it’s a Pagan!
Chaplin : Goodnite, Scott. Thanks.
Knight : I had lots of fun
Lundquist : Looking forward to the next one!
Knight : until next time
Croaker Jr : Someone (Scott) lemme know when/if the next will be!
SGlancy12 : No, around DG we say “Be seeing you.”
Knight : as the theme goes from the tales from the darkside
Pagan Pub : Thank god for flat-rate access. I hate to think how
much this would have cost before!
Croaker Jr : Heh heh.
Lundquist : Yeah, what Pagan said…
Knight : it has been a long day
Lundquist : Well, I too am out of here. Be seeing you!


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