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Backers of Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game have until Thursday, 10 DEC 2015, to finalize their pledges and rewards at BackerKit. If you backed Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game, search your email for a survey from BackerKit. It should have arrived last week. (Don’t overlook your spam filter!) Or you can log in here:


DGRPG at BackerKit

Changing Your Pledge

In BackerKit you can change your pledge amount, change your reward tier, and pick new Add-On rewards. Just click the link and follow the instructions.

Pre-Ordering Books and Downloads

If you did not back Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game at Kickstarter, you can pre-order the books and many of the downloads at BackerKit. Follow the same link and click the “Pre-Order Now!” button.

After 10 DEC 2015, backers’ pledges and rewards will be final. After that, if you want a book or download but did not request it in your reward tier, you can still pre-order it.

Paying with PayPal

Follow this link if you wish to use PayPal to increase your pledge or place a pre-order at BackerKit:


Agent’s Handbook and/or Case Officer’s Handbook?

If the rewards for your backer tier include a hardback copy of the Agent’s Handbook, you have the option of upgrading it to a hardback copy of the expanded Case Officer’s Handbook at a cost of $20. When you log in to BackerKit to answer the backer survey, you’ll be asked whether you wish to upgrade.

  • If you answer “No,” you will get the hardback Agent’s Handbook and its PDF.
  • If you anwer “Yes,” your hardback copy of the Agent’s Handbook will be replaced with a hardback copy of the Case Officer’s Handbook. You will still get the PDF of the Agent’s Handbook.

What if your reward tier is supposed to include both books in hardback? The same thing applies. Answer “No” to get one copy of each. Answer “Yes” to replace your hardback Agent’s Handbook with a second copy of the hardback Case Officer’s Handbook.

Separate Deliveries

Each book that we create for Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game will ship when it’s available. We cannot hold a delivery and combine it with delivery of a later book.

Change of Address

Please make sure you provide the correct mailing address. If your mailing address changes after 10 DEC 2015, send us a message through Kickstarter with your new address. If you move to a different country, that may affect your shipping costs. We’ll let you know if that’s the case so you can pay the difference if the shipping costs rise or we can refund the difference if the shipping costs fall.

Editing a Pledge After Lockdown

If you need to change your pledge’s details after 10 DEC 2015, send us a message through Kickstarter. We’ll sort it out.

Shane Ivey runs Arc Dream Publishing and is the lead editor of the newest Delta Green projects.

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