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A strange video has appeared online recently care of Adult Swim, created by Alan Resnick, entitled This House Has People In It. If you haven’t seen it yet, take a few minutes and watch:

If you are either intrigued or creeped out, then please continue reading.

Alan Resnick is known for his weird creations; his previous short film Unedited Footage of a Bear also aired on Cartoon Network, and is also a piece of short horror. So how can this strange video be incorporated into your Delat Green game? A few suggestions floating around on the DG communities:

  • What happens when you mess with hypergeometry
  • The result of a Mi-Go experiment
  • A socio-psycho experiment that got away

What is interesting about This House Has People In It is that not only is it a film, but it is also an ARG (Alternate Reality Game). The titular video is full of information and secrets to those willing to dig. But if you aren’t familiar with how these kinds of things work, there is an hour and half long video to explain all of This House’s hidden gems.

Another option for incorporating this into your game is to use the entire ARG to build the scenario, using the videos and documents included in the ARG as a framework; then sitting players down and giving them the initial video (assuming they haven’t watched both of these) and have them try and figure out the mystery behind it, using Skill and Attribute rolls where a character would have an easier time noticing the clues than the players. There are over two hours of audio and video files plus documents to read in the game, insuring that several sessions of material are available.

Whether used in its entirety, or just farmed for interesting ideas, This House Has People In It can certainly add a new kind of weirdness to your Delta Green game.

If you are interested, more of Alan Resnick’s work can be found here

Simeon Cogswell is a freelance designer, layout artist, and PR guy in the RPG and board game industry.

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