Delta Green: Agent’s Handbook PDF Available Now!

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The long awaited moment has finally arrived. The Delta Green: Agent’s Handbook is available for purchase from RPGNow!

The AGENT’S HANDBOOK is a players-only rulebook for Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game. This new incarnation of the award-winning DELTA GREEN game line includes:

  • Rules for creating agents of all types.
  • Rules for tense, fluid investigations. Players who use their agents’ skills in clever ways have the best chance to succeed — and survive.
  • Nerve-wracking rules for combat, where random disasters can undo the most careful planning.
  • Mind-melting Sanity rules that see agents gradually deteriorate — and sometimes snap.
  • Rules for “home” scenes where players see what their agents are fighting for.
  • Quick, intuitive rules to determine equipment and assets.
  • Dossiers on the federal agencies most likely to be featured in play.

In addition to the Agent’s Handbookwe have the scenario “Kali Ghati” where agents are tasked with discovering what happened to a missing agent in Afghanistan. Plus Need to Know and the Handler’s Screen

Agent’s Handbook and the Handler’s Screen (with Need to Know) coming in print in July.

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