An Updated List of Modern Scenarios

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Delta Green Agent WinstonP has been compiling a list of modern scenarios from publishers other than Arc Dream Publishing and Pagan Publishing and is looking for people to help convert them for use with the new Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game. 

From the Agent:

I’ve created a list of all the ‘modern’ Call of Cthulhu scenarios professionally published by folks other than Pagan/Arc Dream since 1999, when the last list of modern scenarios (and how they might be converted to DG) was created; see here and here.  I wonder if others here might offer some thoughts on how one or more of these newer ‘modern’ scenarios might be converted to be used with the new DG rules/setting.  I’ll link to comments here in my post on my blog and, if there is enough interest to warrant it, I’ll move it over to the Fairfield Project.

A link to Agent WinstonP’s (obviously secure) blog post can be found here.

There is also a discussion happening in the Yog-Sothoth forums

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