Open Sources and Cover-Ups: News of conspiracy and cosmic terror, 2016-05-03

Categories: Open Source Intelligence

Seen recently at the Delta Green Twitter feed, the Delta Green page on Facebook and the Delta Green Mailing List.

US-Mexico Drug Tunnels

Some Delta Green ops go REALLY underground


Portable DNA Sequencers

Portable DNA sequencers make analyzing biology easy. Delta Green knows the terrors that may unleash.

Why Americans Believe Alien Lizards Rule Us

Disproving false conspiracy theories is crucial to keeping the true conspiracies secret.

CIA’s Venture Capital Arm is Funding Skin Care Products That Collect DNA

Do these CIA skin-cream biosamples reveal a subject only posing as a human?

New ‘Time Slice’ Theory Suggests You’re Not as Conscious as You Think You Are

In the gaps between quanta of consciousness, alien intelligences may lurk, unknown.

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