“The Star Chamber” by Greg Stolze Coming Soon!

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A new PDF scenario is on the horizon, written by Greg Stolze creator of the One Role Engine. If you’ve ever wanted to explore the how a Delta Green team can truly fall apart, this is your chance.

From the author:

“The Star Chamber” puts players in a pair of contrasting roles. On one hand, they control their usual characters, in the game’s “present,” judging the stories and actions of Task Force T.I.’s survivors. Their normal characters are called “Primary.” The players also control members of Task Force T.I., both in the present—as they argue and explain—and in flashback scenes occurring the previous May. Task Force T.I. characters are “Secondary.”

This is a unique take on playing through character flash backs and letting players explore the consequences of their decisions.

If you just can’t wait, then check out the other scenarios over at RPGNow; Kali Ghati and Lover in the Ice

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