Five Scenario Seeds to Make Your Delta Green Game Truly Terrifying: 2017-4-25

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Seen recently at the Delta Green Twitter feed, the Delta Green page on Facebook. Five more scenario seeds to make your Delta Green game truly terrifying.

A Company Will Press Your Ashes into a Working Vinyl Album.

Delta Green “tome” is recovered: 30 vinyl records, LP sleeves teach the ritual and vinyl holds “essential saltes” to revive.


2,000 Years Later, Scientists Finally Know What’s in These Charred Roman Scrolls.

Scanning tech reveals key text from a damaged copy of al-Azif…unless Delta Green gets there first.


The Alien Style of Deep Learning Generative Design.

Algorithm-designed hardware accidentally reveals alien truths.


Explorers Find Disease-Cursed City of the Monkey God and Nearly Lose Their Faces to Flesh-Eating Parasite.

Academics flee lethal monkey-god city; now it’s your Agents’ turn.


What Happens When Algorithms Design a Concert Hall?

Algorithm optimizes opera house for the Requiem for Shaggai. It’s opening night.


Simeon Cogswell is a freelance designer, layout artist, and PR guy in the RPG and board game industry.

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