Become A Founding Member of the Delta Green Kickstarter Drip!

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We’re happy to announce Delta Green is the first RPG up on Kickstarter Drip!

Kickstarter has—in no small way—made it possible for Delta Green to flourish. Now, it only makes sense that Delta Green has found a home on Kickstarter’s new patron-service, Drip. Pitch in per creation to see works in progress, gain access to playtests, and to trade questions and more with the creators of Delta Green.

Before, we’d toil behind-the-scenes for months or years before we could release something, now, our fans can see all of our work in all stages of progress. See art before it’s finalized. Read early drafts of scenarios. Playtest items before they see publication. Provide feedback and ideas on new monsters, methods, spells, and threats before they become an official part of the Delta Green universe.

During the 30-day “Founders” period, pitch in to become one of the core members of the group. Support the conspiracy.

The Delta Green Kickstarter Drip and Patreon will have identical content, so our faithful patrons have no need to worry.

Become a founding member now!

Simeon Cogswell is a freelance designer, layout artist, and PR guy in the RPG and board game industry.

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