Winners of the Shotgun Scenario Contest Announced!

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The 2017 Shotgun Scenario contest has concluded and we have 3 winners. Our most dedicated Handler’s submitted 33 short scenarios and fans chose the best. Without further ado…

Operation STOP REPO by Elendi1004

Airport long-term parking has long been a good place to lose a car. With budgets tight, they are rarely cleared out. This makes an ideal temporary Green Box location. Agent Saffir, a recently retired Delta Green Agent, was using Boston’s Logan Airport long-term lot for just this sort of reason. Unfortunately, his retirement was more sudden than expected, and his notes are not as detailed as the program would have hoped. At the same time, a shakeup at Logan among the lackadaisical parking staff, an overzealous government auditor and a panicking administration in full blown ass-covering mode mean the lots were rapidly cleared of abandoned cars. These cars are being auctioned off. There’s a good chance some of these “mobile” Green Boxes are already in civilian hands.

Death is No Parenthesis by William Schar

Following an anonymous tip, the DEA raid a Sinaloa Cartel drug den. They find no drugs, nor the man they’re looking for, but a stray bullet reveals bodies wrapped in plastic inside the walls. Not just bodies. The same body, of the same man. Twenty-three same bodies.

Fleur de Vie by Lex

In the basement of Bridgette Aldina’s home grows a flower never before seen on Earth. It flourishes in the darkness underneath the old house. The scent is intoxicating, and Bridgette has harnessed this flower for her home-based essential oil business. She claims it has powerful relaxation properties, and that it will cure you of your anxiety, depression, and many other ailments of the mind. It really did cure her of her anxiety and depression, but the truth is she never even had them.

Congratulations to all of the winners! If you’re ready to dive in, don’t forget to download Need to Know, the Agent’s Handbook, and the Handler’s Guide so you can play any of them tonight.

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