Deception is a right. Truth is a privilege. Innocence is a luxury. Born of the U.S. government’s 1928 raid on the degenerate coastal town of Innsmouth, Massachusetts, the covert agency known as Delta Green spent four decades opposing the forces of darkness with honor, but without glory. Stripped of sanction after a disastrous 1969 operation in Cambodia, Delta Green’s leaders made a secret pact: to continue their work without authority, without support, and without fear. Delta Green agents slip through the system, manipulating the federal bureaucracy while pushing the darkness back for another day — but often at a shattering personal cost.

Operational Intelligence

Tip of the Day

By Mark McFadden, (c) 2000 In a message dated 3/26/00 1:48:16 PM Eastern Standard Time, stugats666@thenetwork.org writes: << You disrespect my spelling again you mook and I will kill you dead. I will kill your fucking wife your fucking ugly kids your dog your gpldfish. I will ki
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Autumn Wind

By Kenneth Scroggins, (c) 2000 “The Autumn Wind is a Pirate, Blustering in from the sea, With a rollicking song, He sweeps along, Swaggering boisterously. “His face is weather-beaten, He wears a hooded sash, With a silver hat about his head, And a bristling black mustache.
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Our Man in Cameroon

By Konrad Talmont-Kaminski, (c) 2000 The large army helicopter settled with a flurry of leaves and dust in an area cut out of the jungle. All around, the hillside was thickly covered with lush vegetation, verdant branches reaching out blindly into the small clearing. Jumping out of th
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A State of Mind

By Andreas Melhorn, (c) 1999 I’m walking down the corridor. It’s pretty long and has a lot of doors on either side. And it looks like a hospital corridor. They don’t want it to look like that, but it still looks like a hallway in a hospital. I have to admit the look
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Forrest Lawn

By Mark McFadden, (c) 1999 [Exterior. Night] Credits appear during the following sequence. We see an overcast night sky, the moon coyly peeking through ribbons of cloud. The POV pans down to an empty, poorly lit warehouse district. The POV comes to rest on a SECRETIVE MAN in an inexpe
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Imagery Intelligence