Deception is a right. Truth is a privilege. Innocence is a luxury. Born of the U.S. government’s 1928 raid on the degenerate coastal town of Innsmouth, Massachusetts, the covert agency known as Delta Green spent four decades opposing the forces of darkness with honor, but without glory. Stripped of sanction after a disastrous 1969 operation in Cambodia, Delta Green’s leaders made a secret pact: to continue their work without authority, without support, and without fear. Delta Green agents slip through the system, manipulating the federal bureaucracy while pushing the darkness back for another day — but often at a shattering personal cost.

Operational Intelligence

Open Sources and Cover-Ups: 05DEC2013

Seen recently at the Delta Green page on Facebook and the Delta Green Mailing List. The definitive glossary of modern US military slang “Moon dust” is not just a secret Majestic project anymore. 11 Sculptures Of Sagging Skin They’re calling it art… but I wouldn
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The Unspeakable Oath 7

Delta Green in ‘The Unspeakable Oath’

Delta Green first appeared in gaming literature over 20 years ago in the pages of The Unspeakable Oath, an obscure zine dedicated to the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game. Since then the Oath has featured Delta Green many times, especially since the zine’s 2010 resurrection from
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Open Sources and Cover-Ups: 21NOV2013

Seen recently at the Delta Green page on Facebook and the Delta Green Mailing List. There’s Something In This Peaceful Picture That You Don’t Realize On the plus side, these Atlach-Nacha temples are easy to find. The kraken rises! New fossil evidence revives sea monster de
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A Glimpse of ‘Failed Anatomies’

Shane Ivey and Dennis Detwiller of Arc Dream Publishing are putting the final touches on the next Delta Green project, Delta Green: Failed Anatomies. It’s a collection of Detwiller’s short stories of intrigue, conspiracy, and cosmic terror, with an introduction by John Sco
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Cold Dead Hand: Audio Clip and Actual Play

“Cold Dead Hand” is a Delta Green scenario by Adam Scott Glancy that appears in The Unspeakable Oath 23. It features a Soviet special forces team facing supernatural terror in the coup of 1991. To pique your interest and improve your own games, two new downloads are availa
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