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To contribute:

  1. Sign up for an account. ALERT: When you register, it will tell you to check your email. Don’t bother; there won’t be an automated notification. I will fix that if I can figure it out, but otherwise just ignore it. Once you register you will be in the system as a Subscriber, able to comment on posts.
  2. Email Shane Ivey and ask to be made an Author so you can create new posts.

Then you can create your own posts and share your ideas and game resources right here on the official home of Delta Green.

Our moderators will periodically review articles to make sure nobody is up to any shenanigans, but they will have a light touch. Our goal here is to make it easy for you, our fellow gamers — the most creative people in the world — to share your creations and inspirations with each other.


Do not post something if you don’t have the rights to it. 
As a rule of thumb, this means only post material that you wrote yourself.

That goes for art and photography, too. 
Don’t use it unless you own it or it’s explicitly in the public domain.

Be careful with links.
Only post links to other websites if they’re part of an Open Source Intel report or otherwise crucial to the post. Spam and SEO farming and “Click here for more from me” previews will get you blacklisted.

It has to be about the Delta Green setting.
General Cthulhu Mythos and other sorts of horror have homes elsewhere.

Avoid multi-part projects.
Posting the first part of a project with a plan to post the rest later sounds good, but all too often real life interferes and makes it impossible to add more. Try to make your post useful and compelling all by itself. You can always expand on the subject in a later post.

Pick a category.
Pick a category from the list at the very top of each page — Announcements, Case Histories, Debriefings, etc. The default is Items of Mutual Interest. Please do not choose Announcements as the category; that’s only for official news from the publishers.

Add tags.
There’s a certain art to tagging posts. Try to use no more than three or four.  Use a tag for each major faction or character from Delta Green that features in your post — Agent Alphonse, Majestic-12, Deep Ones, the Mi-Go, Hastur, whatever. And use a tag for a new character or faction name that is likely to appear in other posts.

Add a featured image.
Click “Add a Featured Image” in the bottom right. Go to the Media Library. Search for the first word or two of the category that you’re using — “Items” or “Case Histories” or whatever. Choose the standard thumbnail. Click on “Use as Featured Image.” Close the media selector. You’re set.

Don’t mess with sidebars or layout.
We want those to be consistent across the site.

Bring your “A” game! 
Think your idea through carefully. Run it by friends. Get feedback from the Delta Green Mailing List or our forum at Yog-Sothoth.com. Help us make Delta-Green.com the best gaming resource around.

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