Deception is a right. Truth is a privilege. Innocence is a luxury. Born of the U.S. government’s 1928 raid on the degenerate coastal town of Innsmouth, Massachusetts, the covert agency known as Delta Green opposes the forces of darkness with honor, but without glory. Delta Green agents slip through the system, manipulating the federal bureaucracy while pushing the darkness back for another day — but often at a shattering personal cost.

Operational Intelligence

SWEETNESS, A New Operation for Delta Green Patreon Backers

Dennis Detwiller has a new Operation for Delta Green agents: Two kids, a nice house, and a Shadowman; the American dream. Ever since someone carved a symbol in the Bernier’s door, strange things have been happening.  The mark drew in the conspiracy — a symbol for a creature wors
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Delta Green: Need to Know, (c) Dennis Detwiller

Download “Delta Green: Need to Know”

Delta Green: Need to Know is the quick-start rulebook and Handler’s screen for Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game. Download the quick-start rulebook and the character sheets from it, free: Need to Know rulebook Blank Delta Green character sheet with fillable forms Pregenerated D
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Run DELTA GREEN at Gen Con 2016

Delta Green needs case officers to run simulations at Gen Con 2016. Our front company, Arc Dream Publishing, always strives to make a big splash at Gen Con. It has been a Premier Event Group for years. With the new “role-playing game” edition of Delta Green coming out, 201
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BackerKit FAQ for “Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game”

Backers of Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game have until Thursday, 10 DEC 2015, to finalize their pledges and rewards at BackerKit. If you backed Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game, search your email for a survey from BackerKit. It should have arrived last week. (Don’t overlook
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Delta Green game log from 1997: EARL GREY, 1 of 5

“EARL GREY” was a Delta Green game run by Adam Scott Glancy on AOL in early 1997. It involved PISCES and the Army of the Third Eye, which would feature prominently in 1999’s Delta Green: Countdown. They will be the subject of Delta Green: PISCES, a sourcebook coming
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Imagery Intelligence