Become A Founding Member of the Delta Green Kickstarter Drip!

We’re happy to announce Delta Green is the first RPG up on Kickstarter Drip! Kickstarter has—in no small way—made it possible for Delta Green to flourish. Now, it only makes sense that Delta Green has found a home on Kickstarter’s new patron-service, Drip. Pitch in per cre
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RPPR Actual Play of Sweetness

Working Group Icarus has been sent on another mission, this time to investigate a mysterious symbol scrawled on a man’s door and the strange things that have been happening ever since. Check out Role-Playing Public Radio’s actual play of Dennis Detwiller’s scenario S
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The Loss of Agent Brandt, by Dennis Detwiller

Dennis Detwiller on Patreon

If you’ve consumed the Agent’s Handbook and Need to Know, ran through the newest scenarios (Kali Ghati, Lover in the Ice, and The Star Chamber ) and you’re feeling starved for more Delta Green content, you should head over to Patreon and throw a few dollars to Dennis
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“The Children of Smoke” Now Available only on Patreon

Dennis Detwiller has released a new threat for Delta Green entitled “The Children of Smoke.” This new content is only available to Patrons, so head on over and sign up. The more Patrons he has, the more content Dennis can produce.
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SWEETNESS, A New Operation for Delta Green Patreon Backers

Dennis Detwiller has a new Operation for Delta Green agents: Two kids, a nice house, and a Shadowman; the American dream. Ever since someone carved a symbol in the Bernier’s door, strange things have been happening.  The mark drew in the conspiracy — a symbol for a creature wors
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