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Official news from Arc Dream Publishing, Pagan Publishing, and the Delta Green Partnership.

French Translations of Handouts for “Last Things Last”

Agent Lenoir in Switzerland has taken the liberty of translating the handouts for the scenario “Last Things Last.” Agent Lenoir will be running the scenario “Last Things Last” at the Orc’Idee Convention in Lausanne, Switzerland. To facilitate the primaril
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Agent’s Handbook: A Teaser

Layout and design for the new Agent’s Handbook are coming along at a good clip, so we thought we’d drop some previews from time to time. Today we have a peek at some of the micro-fiction that will be included in the book. Watch out for the worms…
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SWEETNESS, A New Operation for Delta Green Patreon Backers

Dennis Detwiller has a new Operation for Delta Green agents: Two kids, a nice house, and a Shadowman; the American dream. Ever since someone carved a symbol in the Bernier’s door, strange things have been happening.  The mark drew in the conspiracy — a symbol for a creature wors
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Delta Green: Need to Know, (c) Dennis Detwiller

Download “Delta Green: Need to Know”

Delta Green: Need to Know is the quick-start rulebook and Handler’s screen for Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game. Download the quick-start rulebook and the character sheets from it, free: Need to Know rulebook Blank Delta Green character sheet with fillable forms Pregenerated D
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Run DELTA GREEN at Gen Con 2016

Delta Green needs case officers to run simulations at Gen Con 2016. Our front company, Arc Dream Publishing, always strives to make a big splash at Gen Con. It has been a Premier Event Group for years. With the new “role-playing game” edition of Delta Green coming out, 201
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BackerKit FAQ for “Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game”

Backers of Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game have until Thursday, 10 DEC 2015, to finalize their pledges and rewards at BackerKit. If you backed Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game, search your email for a survey from BackerKit. It should have arrived last week. (Don’t overlook
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The Last Day of Delta Green

UPDATED. The explosively successful Kickstarter for Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game ended on October 29, 2015. More than 2,500 backers unlocked dozens of new projects for Delta Green, the award-winning modern-day setting of Cthulhu Mythos gaming. Here’s a look at what’s to come. Ph
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Agents of Delta Green, start recruiting!

The Kickstarter program for Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game is going strong with 18 only a few days left. So far we’ve focused on reaching out to die-hard fans of Delta Green and offering them as many options and rewards as possible. Now it’s time to expand our reach. A
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The Case Officer’s Handbook in hardback!

This morning, as soon as we posted the update announcing we’d passed the stretch goal for “The Children of Atlach-Nacha” we reailzed we’d better prepare to announce the next one. We were right. Thanks to the amazing backers of Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game
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PDF Editions and New Rewards Table: Big News for Day 3

We are thrilled to announce a lot of new developments for Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game. Case Officer’s Handbook PDF Coming at $100K Right this minute we’re at just over $93K. When we hit $95K, we unlock Operational History, a PDF book with a deep timeline of the worl
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