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Directives from A-Cell 111: The World Needs Bad Men

by Adam Scott Glancy © 2014 A Return to Small “c” Conspiracy with TRUE DETECTIVE Back in February 2005, I wrote my second Directive From A-Cell for Worlds of Cthulhu magazine. It was titled “Conspiracy with a Little c.” That Directive provided advice, particularly for non-U.S. players
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Directives from A-Cell 110: The Bear is Back

By Adam Scott Glancy ©2013 When I wrote about GRU Spetsialni Viedotstvo 8 for Delta Green: Countdown, the world was a different place. In 1999 Russia was still governed by the drunken and inconsistent Boris Yeltsin. Between 1994 and 1996 the Red Army was utterly humiliated by rag-tag
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Directives from A-Cell 109: Alphonse’s Axioms for Agents

By Adam Scott Glancy ©2013 Download a PDF of Alphonse’s Axioms for Agents here. During the French and Indian War, 25-year-old Robert Rogers of the American colonial militia organized a unit to engage in wilderness guerilla warfare against the enemies of Britain. In 1757 he wrote
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Directives from A-Cell 108: Tradecraft Meets Lovecraft

By Adam Scott Glancy, © 2012 One of the beauties of Call of Cthulhu’s BRP system is the way it handles task resolution. Just find the appropriate skill and roll the target number or less. Success or failure as well as degree of success or failure are determined in a one roll. Looking
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Directives from A-Cell 107: Firing the Canon

By Adam Scott Glancy, © 2012 Writing this Directive I’m taking a break from the Delta Green post-9/11 update, our new Delta Green book that will cover the changes to the fictional Delta Green universe caused by such real-world events as the 9/11 attacks and the War on Terror, Hu
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