Items of Mutual Interest

It’s a dangerous world out there, and Delta Green can’t investigate everything. Here are an assortment of anomalous incidents, briefings, and training scenarios that we haven’t yet checked out. Enterprising agents are encouraged to examine these documents and pursue them with diligence.

“Yellow” – Document #8421

By Chris Nichols, ©1999 Yellow is a new video game, the first product from American software developer Cloudwave Design, for the Playstation. The game, loosely modeled after Konami’s Silent Hill, shows the main character, John Gaines, searching The City, trying to find the myste
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Curse of the Pishtacos – Document #8405 (La Maldicion de los Pishtacos)

By Shane Ivey, ©1999 The trucks rumble slowly through a quiet and rain-soaked afternoon. They move drunkenly, pushing through the clinging mists and brushing countless low branches aside, listing with each twist of the mountain road and staggering with each gaping pothole. To visitors
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Jack Frost – Document #8400

By Shane Ivey, ©1999 The road sign is plain and green, the sort mandated by state law and never supplemented with anything more decorative: “Willis, Ala.,” it reads, “Pop. 819.” State Highway 19 runs past the sign through deep forest and high hills. A long, narrow bridge stretches acr
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Document #8366

By Jacob Busby, ©1999 To all cells: The following communiqué was found by accident by a Friendly during a financial audit on CHT Scientific Equipment. CHT Scientific Equipment is a subsidiary of a larger consortium, whose main shareholder is NWI, an organization believed by some to ha
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Time Wolf – Document #8321

By Jacob Busby, ©1999 Description: Hairless quadruped with ability to “appear out of nowhere”, physical descriptions place it between the size of a leopard and a fully grown lion. Footprints would suggest Time Wolves to be a member of the Canis (dog) family. Blood seems to
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Anomaly #0055

By Aaron Litz, ©1998 In January of this year a small archaeological find was made in the vicinity of Jerusalem, in Israel. A battle site from the First Crusade was unearthed approximately 25 miles outside of the city. Several underground caves were found containing armored bodies and
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The Spear of Destiny – Document #8353

By Jonathan Turner, ©1999 RESTRICTED       RESTRICTED       RESTRICTED DOCUMENT #8353 TO:   Adam FROM: Alphonse RE:   The Spear of Destiny DATE: March 21, 1999 As requested, here is a summary of our files on the artifact known as the Spear of Destiny. I trust you will agree with me th
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Intelligence Report #5743

By Adam Scott Glancy, © 1997 Prior to 1969, Delta Green monitored the activities of governmental agencies whose charters included investigation or study of paranormal phenomena. This program was to ensure that Delta Green would not have to again face an enemy like the Karotechia: a fo
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Anomaly #0046

By John Tynes, © 1997 Gulf War Veterans’ Syndrome is a hotly debated malady that the Pentagon largely denies. A DG friendly claims to have inside information that relates GWVS to Majestic-12, and needs help from outside the chain of command. Extremely Low Frequency transmissions
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