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These extracts and excerpts offer glimpses into DELTA GREEN operations and training materials.

What Is the Program?

The expanded core rulebook for Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game is nearly complete. Developers Dennis Detwiller and Shane Ivey are finalizing the text now. Here’s a teaser from “The Schism,” a chapter by Adam Scott Glancy and Shane Ivey about the shape of modern-da
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Welcome to the Apocalypse

The expanded core rulebook for Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game is nearly complete. Developers Dennis Detwiller and Shane Ivey are finalizing the text now. Here’s a teaser from the introduction by Dennis Detwiller. Blessed Be the Torch Welcome to Delta Green, a role-playing ga
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“Observer Effect” a New Scenario for Delta Green Is on the Horizon

A new scenario, written by Shane Ivey, is releasing soon for Delta Green: The Role-playing Game. What happens when your Agents are called in to investigate a group Department of Energy physicists working on cutting edge research after a blackout at their research lab? What happens whe
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“The Star Chamber” by Greg Stolze Coming Soon!

A new PDF scenario is on the horizon, written by Greg Stolze creator of the One Role Engine. If you’ve ever wanted to explore the how a Delta Green team can truly fall apart, this is your chance. From the author: “The Star Chamber” puts players in a pair of contrasting roles. On
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‎Delta Green‬: The Agent’s Handbook, Need to Know and the Screen IN PRINT

We’ve just received the printed editor’s copies of The Agent’s Handbook, Need to Know, and the Handler’s Screen. They look great! The consumer shipment is on it’s way via shipping container and should arrive in July. It’s only a matter of time…
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Delta Green Proofs Are In!

Shane Ivey and Dennis Detwiller have been receiving proofs all week for the Agent’s Handbook, Need to Know, and Handler’s Screen. They look great and are well on their way to becoming the books you’ve been waiting for. Have a look
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The Agent’s Handbook is Almost Here

Things are wrapping up here for the upcoming Agent’s Handbook and we wanted to give you a final preview before things start getting sent out. The text has been redacted for your protection.
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Agent’s Handbook: A Teaser

Layout and design for the new Agent’s Handbook are coming along at a good clip, so we thought we’d drop some previews from time to time. Today we have a peek at some of the micro-fiction that will be included in the book. Watch out for the worms…
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Boxes Inside Boxes

A story from Delta Green: Extraordinary Renditions. Boxes Inside Boxes By Dennis Detwiller, © 2014 Jennifer pulled the rusted handle of the garage door, but it would not budge. It was 6 a.m. on a Monday, and it was the first night of the year that a frost had gripped the land. She’d s
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The Unspeakable Oath 22

The Unspeakable Oath: A New Issue Coming and a Call for Submissions

Arc Dream Publishing is proud to announce the upcoming 22nd issue of The Unspeakable Oath, its magazine of useful resources and horrifying scenarios for Cthulhu Mythos roleplaying games. The Unspeakable Oath 22 includes: Arcane artifacts, tales of terror, mysterious manuscripts and ot
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