Run Gen Con games for Arc Dream

Attention GM’s! We want you to run games for Arc Dream Publishing. We host lots of games at Gen Con — they’ve recognized us as a Premiere Event Group for years. As a volunteer GM you can get a free GM badge from Gen Con, of course, and free gifts from the Arc Dream booth.
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Delta Green Takes Home Two ENnies at Gen Con 2016!

  Gen Con 2016 has come to a close, it was an exhausting and exhilarating week full of games and fans and awards. Delta Green came away with 2 ENnes: Delta Green: Need to Know won gold for Best Free Game and Delta Green: Agent’s Handbook came away with silver for Best Suppl
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Join us at Gen Con

Gen Con 2016 is next week. (Use our 2016 icon to help spread the word.) More than two dozen games of Delta Green will be run, along with six games of Godlike and three of Monsters and Other Childish Things. (Remember, you can often join a sold-out game by showing up with generic ticke
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Delta Green Nominated for 3 ENnie Awards!

  The nominations for the 2016 ENnie Awards are in, and Delta Green has been nominated for three awards. Thank you to all of the people who’ve worked hard to put it all together, but we especially thank each and every one of our fans. Without you, Delta Green wouldn’t
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Run DELTA GREEN at Gen Con 2016

Delta Green needs case officers to run simulations at Gen Con 2016. Our front company, Arc Dream Publishing, always strives to make a big splash at Gen Con. It has been a Premier Event Group for years. With the new “role-playing game” edition of Delta Green coming out, 201
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Delta Green: Extraordinary Renditions, cover painting by Dennis Detwiller

Delta Green seminars, targets, stories, and news

From the Kickstarter project for Delta Green: Tales from Failed Anatomies: Shane Ivey here from Arc Dream Publishing with some quick Delta Green news. DELTA GREEN SEMINAR RECORDINGS — At theunspeakableoath.com you can listen to our two GenCon panels: “Lovecraft Meets Tradecraft:
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TEKELI LI, by Dennis Detwiller

Delta Green: The Roleplaying Game — The GenCon 2013 Seminar

A complete recording of the GenCon 2013 panel on Delta Green: The Roleplaying Game is now available from Unspeakable!, the podcast of The Unspeakable Oath. Listen and subscribe at theunspeakableoath.com. 0:00:00 INTRODUCTIONS. Shane Ivey with Dennis Detwiller, Adam Scott Glancy, Kenne
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Ennie Award for The Unspeakable Oath

The magazine The Unspeakable Oath, which first published intelligence of Delta Green to its small but esoterically erudite readership in 1993, has won an Ennie Award for Best Aid or Accessory for a roleplaying game. See details here.
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Join Arc Dream’s games and seminars at GenCon 2013

Arc Dream Publishing is proud to host an amazing slate of roleplaying games and seminars at GenCon 2013. Event registration begins on May 19, 2013. Arc Dream’s events sell out fast, so be sure to register as soon as they let you. Read more about event registration here. Here are
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Delta Green Needs You to GM at GenCon 2013!

Arc Dream Publishing needs game moderators to run events at GenCon 2013, August 15-18. Arc Dream Publishing is a Premier Event Group at GenCon, and in recent years we’ve had the luxury of having all our events in the same dedicated space. We want to make an even bigger splash in 2013.
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