Suicide Forest

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Location of interest: RedTree Forest

A phenomanally high suicide rate within the are of the Red Tree Forest has sparked media curiosity and local stress…

At least 40+  suicides occur every year at the site without any explanations at all..

The forest is unnaturally quiet and coldspots are unnaturally common in areas, the river that flows around has been dammed up from the amount of accidental deaths involved and the alleged visions of black, frosbitten hands rising out of the water…

And as if these were not enough, lights occur over the mountainside and demonic howling can be heard at night along with beating chains…

-What could possiby be causing these suicides?

-What is the connection to the river?

-What is the source of the howling?

-Why are lights seen in the distance?

-Why am I asking YOU all these questions?

man of war is sixteen years old lives with his parents, little brother, grandmother and a chihuahua named Chico. Enjoys the mythos works of Robert E. Howard H.P. Lovecraft, Philip Jose Farmer, Robert Bloch and Ramsey Cambell.

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