Sinful Season

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In apartment 404 in New York a week ago, in a fit of rage, Vincent Sabatell strangled his girlfriend to death.

Initially, when Detective Karl Winters was called to the scene, it appeared to be an open and shut case; Sabatell was still at the scene, detained by officers, and the evidence clearly pointed to him. When interviewed, he was surly and aggressive, but eventually broke down and confessed. He is currently held in the County Jail awaiting sentencing.

Winters thought nothing of the case, until a few days later. He had heard that an unsavory rock band, Sinful Season had recorded a track at the apartment shortly after the murder. Their reputation for recording at murder scenes is fairly well known. However, his interest was piqued when, speaking to the landlord for the apartment regarding some paperwork for Sabatell, he discovered that the band’s agent had enquired about recording at the apartment more than a week before the murder.

Although he is suspicious, there is nothing more he can do – he has a confession, and his Lieutenant doesn’t want anything clouding the case. Also, the band’s other tracks were recorded at murder scenes in other states. Hence, he has passed it to the investigators. He explains the situation, then unofficially hands them a copy of the case file.

Everything is completely off the record.

Although this is written for Delta Green, it can be played by any modern investigators.

[ Download-Sinful-Season-PDF ]

Mark Brassington is a contract web developer, and is pathologically addicted to roleplaying games.
  1. Frubgarde
    Enjoyed reading the scenario, although a bit disturbed by the notion of a Metal band without a drummer!
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  3. gmonk
    Great stuff! Thanks for sharing it.
  4. Mikaciu
    Hello, I wondered if you would allow me to translate your work in French.
  5. brasso
    Hi Mikaciu - of course - take it easy :)
  6. Rinkoto
    Hello. I ttranslated this scenario into Japanese to play and also made a little change on it because it was difficult for me to translate everything correctly. I'm sorry about that, but I enjoyed playing your scenario with my friends. I wonder if I could upload a "replay"(it's a Japanese word meaning "short animation of playing roleplaying games") in Japanese. Sorry for my messy English. Thank you for reading.
    • admin
      Please do post the "replay." You can post it here if you like. Or send us a link if you post it elsewhere.
      • Rinkoto
        Thank you for your permission! My friend will be making "replay" and will post it on Nico Nico Douga which is Japanese video hosting cite and you need an account to watch videos. So I will post it here, too.
  7. Mikaciu
    There you go : http://mikael.hautin.fr/blog/data/medias/jdr/sinful-season_fr.pdf I really enjoyed translating this, albeit I think I took way too much time to translate your works :) I'll also see if I can try to submit the link to one or two french-reading RPG sites. My RPG group is not available at the moment, but as soon as I can get behind my Keeper screen, I'll make my PC's eyes bleed, promise ! Thanks again !
    • brasso
      Hey Mikaciu - this is fantastic stuff, thank you so much for taking the time to make a translation and to post it up. Hope you and your group have a great time with the scenario :)

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