PDF Editions and New Rewards Table: Big News for Day 3

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We are thrilled to announce a lot of new developments for Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game.

Case Officer’s Handbook PDF Coming at $100K

Right this minute we’re at just over $93K.

When we hit $95K, we unlock Operational History, a PDF book with a deep timeline of the world of Delta Green.

Then at $100K, we unlock the PDF edition of the Case Officer’s HandbookThe Case Officer’s Handbook is an expanded core book. It includes everything from the Agent’s Handbook as its first half, plus chapters on quickly building mysteries and horrifying adventures; running Delta Green campaigns; customizing the setting and the Delta Green organization itself; creating new supernatural effects, spells, psychic powers, and alien artifacts; creating new monsters and cults; and some of the key cults, rival organizations, and factions that the Game Moderator can draw into games. The GM chapters aren’t just spells and monsters that any player can read about and memorize; they’re tools for customizing your game to keep players guessing and keep them scared.

At $110K we’ll unlock “ARCHINT,” a new collection of new artifacts and spells created using the guidelines in the Case Officer’s Handbook.

At $120K we’ll unlock the full-color hardback printing of the Case Officer’s Handbook

At $130K we’ll unlock the Delta Green Game Moderator’s Screen, which will come with short “quickstart” rules to teach new players fast, and a short starter scenario to begin play immediately.

And we have some great things planned beyond that.

The Fall of Delta Green in PDF

Thanks to Pelgrane Press, we can now offer The Fall of Delta Green as a PDF add-on!  In fact we’re going to include it in the following reward tiers at no additional cost:

  • “Every Single PDF”
  • “Every Single New PDF”
  • “Operator With Every PDF”
  • “Agent’s Hardback and Every PDF”
  • “Alphonse Lives!”

Everyone else can get a copy as an add-on reward. Just add $25 to your pledge. At the end of the project we’ll ask what add-ons you want.

Updated Reward Tiers Chart

Here’s an updated table breaking down all the reward options. Tell us if you spot any discrepancies.


Spread the Word

Remember, Delta Green needs new recruits to keep completing its mission. Spread the word!

  • Tell your friends what you love about Delta Green and why you’re backing Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game. 
  • Run games using the rules that we’ve posted online.
  • Tell people how those games went.

Thanks for Your Support

We’re producing these new books because we love Delta Green. We want to create as much for it as we can. The projects that we’ve already funded are happening due to your support. Thank you.

Back Delta Green now.

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