Deception is a right. Truth is a privilege. Innocence is a luxury. Born of the U.S. government’s 1928 raid on the degenerate coastal town of Innsmouth, Massachusetts, the covert agency known as Delta Green opposes the forces of darkness with honor, but without glory. Delta Green agents slip through the system, manipulating the federal bureaucracy while pushing the darkness back for another day — but often at a shattering personal cost.

Operational Intelligence

Delta Green Proofs Arrived!

The proofs for Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game and the slipcase have arrived at Arc Dream home base. They look great, but see for yourselves (be sure to click for a larger look).
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Delta Green: And the Darkness Spoke, episode 1

This is the opening session of a Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game campaign run by Delta Green co-creator Dennis Detwiller for his friends and colleagues at Arc Dream Publishing. The campaign begins in June 1986, as a team of Delta Green agents from the FBI’s Behavioral Science
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Delta Green: Delivery Dates and the Slipcase Set

We have confirmed with the printer that the slipcase set of Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game and the standalone hardback edition of Delta Green: Handler’s Guide will reach our warehouses on 23 MAY 2018. They will begin shipping to backers that week. They will ship to retailers
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The Fall of Delta Green in PDF!

The Fall of Delta Green adapts Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game to Trail of Cthulhu, set throughout the blistering 1960s! We have added the PDF file to backers’ Digital Downloads in BackerKit. Log in to BackerKit here to get your downloads and review your rewards: https://delt
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Run Delta Green (or other Arc Dream games!) at Gen Con 2018

It seems like Gen Con 2017 just ended, but it’s already time to start planning for Gen Con 2018. We hope you’ll join us there. If you do, please run some of our games! What to Run With the Delta Green Handler’s Guide at press now and shipping in the spring, Delta Gre
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