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By Scott Lavers, (c) 1998

REAL NAME: Adam Butler

OCCUPATIONCIA Contract Employee

EDUCATIONU.S. Army Special Warfare School

SPECIALTIES: Wetwork, Covert Entry, and Black Ops

BACKGROUND: An average student, Adam joined the Army after high school. He enjoyed the life and excelled at everything he did. He went through Airborne and Ranger training, passing each with flying colours. When the opportunity arose he went for the Special Forces. He passed as a Green Beret with honours, then was sent to Honduras to train the Sandinista Rebels operating in Nicaragua. The unit Adam was in wasn’t content to just train and observe. They started going along on missions into Nicaragua, and very soon they were leading the missions.

Adam enjoyed the work. He proved to be an excellent operator, and started getting a reputation as a sniper. Sometimes he would go over the border on his own and disappear for days on end, returning only when he had run out of food or ammo. Unit members would dispute his claims of enemy kills, so he started bringing back trophies, mainly ears but sometimes hands or occasionally a head. This drew the attention of the CIA paymasters; Adam was recruited into the Company.

“Adam Butler” died in a training accident in Honduras; the body was damaged so badly it couldn’t be returned to the U.S. The new Adam Butler changed identities frequently. At first he had trouble remembering just who he was meant to be. Adam found himself travelling all over the globe, sometimes to some very obscure places, for a varied range of jobs. But mainly he was used for wetworks, assassinations of military and civilian personnel. He never failed a mission, and was renowned for his single-minded doggedness. He refused to ever let a mission fail, no matter what lengths he had to go to. Adam regarded his work as a form of art. He would vary his methods for each job, and when he had time Adam would make the Jobs look as close as accidents or death by natural causes as he could. This sort of creativity impressed his bosses all the more, and workload never ceased.

Delta Green found Adam before he had ever encountered the paranormal. They needed a strong-minded operative who could work on his own, to investigate reports coming from Peru of strange occurrences on an isolated mountain range. Peruvian Army units had sealed off all entry to the mountain. The reports told of villages struck by a strange disease, and those same army units were massacring villagers and burning the bodies.

Adam was unaware of who he was working for and assumed it was just a reconnaisance for the Company. Adam was inserted close to the site and made his way onto the mountain, where he witnessed Peruvian soldiers killing and burning civilians. As they were following orders of American personnel, he didn’t find this unusual and continued his recon. The American personnel had set up a temporary base near the halfway mark of the mountain, and this was being guarded by a small but very professional-looking group of U.S. soldiers. None of the Peruvians were allowed anywhere near this site. A second site nearer the top of the mountain had been sealed off, and the Americans were splitting their time between the two.

When Adam reached the second site he knew things were not right. It seemed to be some sort of crash site. There was no wreckage he could see–that had obviously already been recovered–but the gouges in the earth, broken trees, and scorch marks betrayed that it was a crash site. The Americans were combing the ground as if they had to pick up every piece of wreckage, no matter how small.

It wasn’t long until Adam saw one of them. From one of the tents came a bizarre sight, a small grey humanoid with huge oval black eyes; this was bad, but worst of all, Adam watched as it began to issue orders to the Americans. This snapped something in Adam and he broke cover. In the firefight that followed he single-handedly killed all the members of the Air Force BLUE TEAM (he found this out later) on the site and the being that had been giving orders. He witnessed two more of the humanoid creatures flee into the treeline, but they were too fast to pursue. On his departure from the site Adam claims to have seen something else out of the corner of his eye: something like moving fungus, but he couldn’t be sure. He managed to evade the remaining soldiers on the mountain and complete his exfiltration. Upon delivering his strange report he was asked to join Delta Green, and he agreed at once.

Adam currently works closely with agent Joseph. They act mainly as “cleaners,” tidying loose ends on DG ops, making witnesses change their minds or disappear, destroying evidence, etc. Adam goes about this with a grim determination. He is ruthlessly dedicated to Delta Green. Time and again his involvement has turned around failing ops and made them successful.

CONTACT INFORMATIONetien@globalnet.co.uk


Adam Butler, age 39
Race: Caucasian
EducationU.S. Navy Special Warfare School
Occupation: CIA Contract Employee

STR 16    CON 16    SIZ 10    DEX 14
APP  9    INT 14    POW 17    EDU 14
HP  13    MP  17    SAN 80
Idea 70%  Luck 85%  Know 70%

Skills: Botany 37%, Cartography 41%, Chemistry 44%, Climb 65%, Conceal 82%, Demolitions 77%, Dodge 55%, Drive Auto 56%, Electronics 41%, First Aid 52%, Hide 71%, Jump 49%, Listen 70%, Locksmith 42%, Martial Arts 60%, Military Science 50%, Parachuting 47%, Photography 35%, Sneak 68%, Spot Hidden 80%, Swim 66%, Throw 50%, Track 40%

Languages: English (Own) 70%, Spanish 43%

Attacks: Fist/Punch 76%, Kick/Knee 65%, Grapple 41%, Head Butt 52%, Knife 60%, Handgun 75%, SMG 60%, Rifle 70%, Machine Gun 40%, Grenade Launcher 50%, Mortars 30%, Shotgun 50%, Silent Kill 65%

Appearance: Stands 5’10” tall, 180lbs. Wiry, muscular build. Brown hair worn normal length, brown eyes, average looks. Adam is completely average looking, there is nothing distinguishing or unique about him. If you met him, ten minutes later you wouldn’t be able to describe him. His dress sense is average as well: usually he wears a neutral-color suit, white shirt, and dark tie.

Psychology: Don’t be deceived by his looks. Adam is a very shrewd and calculating man. He has razor-sharp reactions and is totally ruthless. Adam will never leave a mission unfinished, no matter what he might have to do.

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