Agent Michael

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By Robert Thomas, (c) 1998

NAME: John T. Rogers

AFFILIATION: Agent Michael

OCCUPATION: Case Officer, CIA Directorate of Operations

EDUCATIONM.D., University of Wales College of Medicine

SPECIALTIES: Medicine, psychology

BACKGROUND: Born in Wales to American diplomats, Rogers attended the University of Wales Medical College in Cardiff. Both parents were killed in a terrorist attack on their home in 1986, a fact which may have drawn him to the CIA two years later. Intelligent and extraordinarily athletic, Rogers excelled in clandestine service training at Camp Perry. He spent a year stationed in Madrid, then with the collapse of the Eastern Bloc he was reassigned to DEA/CIA anti-narcoterrorism operations in Central and South America.

Rogers’ first exposure to the paranormal occurred in a 1995 operation against the Cali cartel in Colombia; he never learned the truth of the affair, but a monstrous demonic creature attacked during a CIA raid, and the child of a cartel boss was killed by Rogers in the crossfire. Ostensibly for his own safety, Rogers was reassigned to the New York station; but hardly a year passed before he was embroiled in operationSYNCHRONICITY, a Delta Green investigation of a violent gang of Modernist ghouls. By the end of that bloody investigation he was briefed as a Delta Green agent.

Rogers is single and lives alone in New York City.

CONTACT INFORMATIONThomasR@cardiff.ac.uk


John T. Rogers, age 34
Race: Caucasian
EducationM.D., University of Wales College of Medicine
Occupation: Case Officer, CIA

STR 17   CON 16   SIZ 15   DEX 18
APP 15   INT 15   POW 17   EDU 17
HP  16   MP  17   SAN 73
Idea 75% Luck 85% Know 85%

Skills: Credit Rating 60%, Dodge 53%, Fast Talk 35%, First Aid 80%, Library Use 50%, Locksmith 43%, Martial Arts (jiu jitsu) 49%, Medicine 80%, Persuade 30%, Pharmacy 60%, Psychoanalysis 50%, Sneak 26%, Spot Hidden 60%, Tradecraft 40%.

Languages: English (own) 85%, Spanish 36%, Welsh 6%

Attacks: .45 automatic 55%, 1d10+2 damage. M16A2 Assault Rifle 40%, 2D8 damage. Grapple 33%, special damage.

Appearance: Rogers is tall and stocky, in excellent health and physical condition from weightlifting and exercise. He has short brown hair and somewhat paranoid-looking brown eyes.

Shane Ivey runs Arc Dream Publishing and is the lead editor of the newest Delta Green projects.

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