Agent Umbaerto

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By Justin Bestul, ©1998

REAL NAME: J. Matthew Bartel

OCCUPATION: Television writer/director, Hollywood lobbyist to congress; Delta Green agent

EDUCATION: Creative Writing and Film Studies B.A.s, Bowling Green State University

SPECIALTIES: Beltway politics, Hollywood intrigue

BACKGROUND: Bartel muscled his way into Hollywood with his strong teleplays, which drew from his interest in the weird. He became a director and writer who was well-respected in the entertainment industry, but not well-known to the general populace. Today, he works as a congressional lobbyist on behalf of the entertainment industry, and lives in Washington, D.C.

Bartel got involved in Delta Green inadvertently. His interest in the strange and supernatural and in reading made him well-versed in the occult. He became an ally with a group in New Mexico named the Witch-Hunters. This group has recently been absorbed by Delta Green as friendlies, with its leader (Diana Thorn) becoming an agent. After demonstrating his mettle against a small Ghatanothoa cult based in Australia, Bartel was also made a full agent.

Having inducted Bartel in 1996, DG uses him in cases where substantial occult knowledge is required, or where strings need to be pulled. He isn’t exactly much of a spy or assassin, but can hold his own with the reality-altering spells he has learned (as long as his mind holds . . .) He is a bit of an eccentric and at times somewhat of a megalomaniac, but he does his job well. When information is needed quickly or strings need pulling, Bartel has come through, and has earned himself the nickname “Puppet Master.”

CONTACT INFORMATIONmind_bomber@hotmail.com


J. Matthew Bartel, age 40
Race: Caucasian
Education: Creative Writing and Film Studies B.A.s, Bowling Green State University
Occupation: Television writer/director, Hollywood lobbyist to congress; Delta Green agent

STR 10    CON 16    SIZ 12    DEX 16
APP 11    INT 18    POW 17    EDU 16
HP  14    MP  17    SAN 45
Idea 90%  Luck 85%  Know 80%

Skills: Art (Write Story/Script) 99%, Boating 40%, Cartography 25%, Computer Use 59%, Cryptography 75%, Cthulhu Mythos 54%, History 88%, Library Use 96%, Mathematics 30%, Occult 83%, Persuade 82%, Spot Hidden 33%

Languages: English (own) 93%, German 67%, Norwegian 60%, Runic Norse 28%

Attacks: Rifle 50%

Spells: Deflect Harm, Grasp of Cthulhu, Fist of Yog-Sothoth, Voice of Ra, Mindblast, Project Illusion*, Summon/Bind Lloigor

Appearance: Bartel stands at 6′ and weighs 140 lbs. He’s in good shape, but is much more nimble than strong. He always looks like he’s concocting some elaborate plan no matter what he’s really doing. He enjoys having fun, and at times lapses into a Groucho Marx-like character. He is imposing, not because of his stature, but because of his stern face and strong voice. When someone has angered Bartel, they know it. Even the strongest of opponents (or allies) take a couple steps back when Bartel’s ire is raised.

Shane Ivey runs Arc Dream Publishing and is the lead editor of the newest Delta Green projects.

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