Anomaly #0046

Categories: Items of Mutual Interest

By John Tynes, © 1997

Gulf War Veterans’ Syndrome is a hotly debated malady that the Pentagon largely denies. A DG friendly claims to have inside information that relates GWVS to Majestic-12, and needs help from outside the chain of command.

Extremely Low Frequency transmissions–sonics–can be used as disabling weapons. They’ve been developed by a crazed scientist known almost exclusively by his code name, “GABRIEL,” which doubles as the name of the Majestic-12 sub-project he heads. His real identity is a closely-guarded secret. His research wasn’t directed towards a weapon, but a side effect of his work with sound was a directed-focus sound wave that can (depending on intensity) annoy, cripple, or kill a living subject. This is done by vibrating and disrupting tissue on a cellular level.

Gabriel lives in a big mansion in California, near San Francisco. He has set up his house with a wide variety of tonal fields which he believes make for a higher quality of life–better health, clearer thinking, etc. But they do more than that; they also reveal the ghostly residue of past events, replayed insubstantially all the time. His house seems to be full of people, noise, and light, but they are all phantasms. He has experimented to learn how to trigger images from roughly-accurate time periods. He can, in short, replay past events visually within the space in which they occured.

DG friendly’s son is a Desert Storm vet who worked with an experimental mobile ELF transmission team under the direction of Sub-Project GABRIEL. These transmissions have been inexpertly applied, and resulted in thousands of Desert Storm vets with lingering medical problems including hair loss, hearing problems, cellular degeneration leading to cancer, optical degeneration, and a variety of apparently unrelated illnesses. The allegations of chemical weapons spills causing these problems are a smokescreen behind which the military hides the practical results of GABRIEL‘s research. The friendly’s son is suffering from some of these symptoms and in fact is nearly blind and requires constant care.

The investigators are asked to find out some information about the ELF stuff to see if it could be the cause of his son’s problems (the friendly has hit a stone wall with the government). Cell A believes that the ELF research is an off-shoot of the Greys’ work with Majestic-12.

The DG agents on the case can get substantial files on the project that identify the private research facility (run by Gabriel) where the technology was initially developed. The facility has undergone some strange events of late. Several female staff members are missing, there have been repeated blackouts, and various other problems.

Gabriel is insane. Brilliant, but insane. A team of NRO SECTION DELTA agents supervises him as best they can remotely, and covers up his tracks when his unpredictable drives lead him to murder or worse. He is currently utilizing the facility’s resources to construct a gigantic tonal field in the desert on the site of the first nuclear bomb test at Trinity. He is calibrating the field to re-create that explosion on demand, as a non-physical phantasm. Gabriel wishes to examine just what happens at the center of an atomic blast. He plans to slow down the re-creation to study the process up close and personal.

But his weird tonalities do more than just bring the past to a phantasmal life. Given time, they also draw things–creatures From Beyond–to the area. His house is infested with these things and they are very much real. Also very real at the house are the proto-phantasmal remains of his victims, who have been consumed by the creatures and returned. A phantasmal Gabriel is even there, re-playing the events of the last few days before his departure–which is how the DG agents can learn about the Arizona project. An NRO DELTA team is also there. They will camoflauge themselves as repeating phantasms (albeit somewhat clumsily, to the attentive) until they ascertain who the investigators are or what they’re up to.

The investigators will examine the files and make their way to the facility, and then to Gabriel’s home. There things will be truly strange, and they can learn about the project. In the desert, they are witness to atomic hell again and again as they make their way through the phantasmal clouds and locate Gabriel. They aren’t, of course, alone, and the phantasmal atom blast is attracting the notice not just of numerous smaller creatures but also of Azathoth, who is present in some form within every nuclear event. Gabriel has seen the phantasmal face of Azathoth within the explosion, and is completely insane. He is at the epicenter of the blast, worshipping his new-found Atom God.

Gabriel’s careful calibrations have left this a silent phantasm (since otherwise the sound would be too great to experience close by). But they aren’t perfect; there is a very low-volume sound present, that begins to increase in amplitude and power. The enormous power of the tonal field here is summoning up the past and beginning to make it real. Geiger counters begin to click. The machinery is heavily guarded and cannot be disrupted. Worse, it doesn’t matter; the tonal disruptions in the physical realm at the blast site have, naturally enough, reverberations and echoes and the whole area is now resounding with these tones. The machinery is superfluous. The blast is coming back, creatures are crawling across the landscape, and the Atom God is near once more. Soon, the bomb will be for real–but it will never stop, until Azathoth is set loose on the American southwest.

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