Barry Knight

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By Brian Baird, (c) 1999

NAME: Barry Knight


OCCUPATION: Private investigator

EDUCATIONB.S., Virginia Military Institute

SPECIALTIES: Security and investigation

BACKGROUND: Barry Knight was commissioned as an Army officer in 1977 after graduating from VMI, and he performed staff work in the infantry throughout his career in a variety of locales. He retired a Captain with twenty years in the service in 1997 and employed himself as a private investigator, taking advantage of his contacts in the Defense Department to regularly fill lucrative “black bag” contract assignments with DOD and the CIA. Aside from his government “consulting,” he does a variety of jobs including car repossession, surveillance, bounty hunting, and bodyguard work.

Knight worked on the fringes of Delta Green operations several times over the years, most recently in the Gulf War and then in the former Yugoslavia, where he provided logistical support to black operations and then remained quiet when one such mission went disastrously, supernaturally awry. His role in helping to retrieve a number of operatives from otherwise-certain doom was a primary factor in his arrangement of later contract work and in continuing sporadic contact with Delta Green.

He lives alone in New York City.


Barry Knight, age 41
Race: Caucasian
EducationB.S., Virginia Military Institute
Occupation: Private Investigator

STR 16   CON 13   SIZ 16   DEX 14
APP 10   INT 15   POW 11   EDU 16
HP  15   MP  11   SAN 55
Idea 75% Luck 60% Know 80%

Skills: Bargain 20%, Computer Use 50%, Credit Rating 25%, Dodge 58%, Drive Auto 55%, Electrical Repair 25%, Electronics 25%, Fast Talk 20%, Hide 40%, Library Use 45%, Martial Arts 10%, Persuade 45%, Sneak 50%, Spot Hidden 50%, Track 15%.

Languages: English (own) 80%

Attacks: .45 automatic 50%, 1D10+2 damage. .444 Marlin rifle 50%, 1D8+1D6+4 damage. Fist/Punch 55%, 1D3+db damage.

Appearance: Barry Knight is stocky and wide-shouldered, with a slight pudge and close-cropped brown hair running to gray. He often wears a fine pair of cowboy boots.

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