Bleak Relay Report – Document #8513

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By Andrew Kenrick, ©2000

DATE: 13 December 1999
SUMMARY: A report on the BLEAK RELAY device.

This report is offered as an appendix or attachment to operation FRACTAL GOD during which Cell T encountered a group of Majestic agents whose goals were antagonistic, yet somehow related to our own. During this encounter the device described below and codenamed BLEAK RELAY was recovered from one of the hostile agents who appeared to be using this device in the home of Ms Julia Burnett.

The device is a metal disc or tablet, slightly under an inch thick and small enough to fit in the palm of a hand. The uppermost surface of the disc is rounded and carved with markings or sigils of an unknown nature [Dr Wu’s attempts at identifying these met with little success, see later], arranged in a circular pattern and radiating out from the centre. The base of the object was flat and bore no such markings. The sides of the object have grooves which act as grips. It was later discovered that these also served to activate the object.

Analysis of the metal proved fruitless, it was of no discernible type and proved inert to all chemical testing. The material had none of the properties normally associated with metal, it neither conducted electricity or heat, nor was it magnetic.

It was discerned through trial and error that the device was mechanical in nature, although the nature of the object prevented the examination of its mechanism. By placing the thumb and forefinger of each hand into the side grooves and applying pressure the device could be activated. Although this appears to act only as a rudimentary on/off switch it has been speculated that the device may be multi-functional. As to what these other functions are, or indeed how they are activated is as yet unknown.

On activation the device begins to emit a brief but distinctly ominous hum. All electrical appliances nearby momentarily die, as if the flow of electricity to them had been cut off. After several seconds their processes continue with no other visible effects. However, in appliances of a more delicate nature, such as a computer, the effects are permanent. It has been presumed that the same effects apply to all appliances with a capacity for data storage, including cellular phones and indeed all devices which were vulnerable to magnetic forces such as magnetic tapes. The device caused the hard drive of my laptop computer to be wiped completely clean. Later inspection drew comparisons with the effects of a powerful magnet. Of the data which had been on the hard drive, nothing remained. The hard drive was completely clean, as if fresh from a factory.

Further analysis determined that upon activation the device emitted a very strong, but extremely localised magnetic pulse. The pulse is strong enough to temporarily disrupt the flow of electricity and also to erase any and all data stored on computers and comparable devices. On placement of a compass next to the device, no effect could be seen. However, on activation of the device the compass spun wildly. Once deactivated the compass did not return to point to magnetic north. Analysis revealed that the compass had been completely depolarized. Subsequent experimentation revealed that devices containing an LCD displays, such as digital watches, were ‘scrambled’ as the crystals were all pulled out of alignment. Normal watches also stopped as their mechanisms were pulled out of place. It should be noted that the pulse only lasts for a matter of seconds and the possibility for an extended pulse is not available. When inactive the device does not emit a magnetic field at all.

The device was taken to DG friendly Dr Jensen Wu at the New York Museum of Natural History. He could not identify the symbols marked on the device. Nor could he identify the metal from which the device was made, although he did offer another object which seemed to be made from the same metal. The two objects were, visually at least, unrelated. Dr Wu also agreed with our prognosis that the device could have a multitude of uses, but he could offer no further assistance in identifying what these were.

The possibilities for this device are quite intriguing. The ability to delete computerized information in seconds could prove invaluable in the case of a security breach. Likewise, its ability to wipe information stored on disc, computer and tape lends itself to a multitude of possible uses, including covert sabotage.

However, the technology and materials used in the construction of this device are worrying. The resources Majestic 12 must have its disposal are frightening to consider and the development of larger such devices is a very real danger. The possibilities for wide spread chaos and destruction offered by such a device are not to be taken lightly.

I am keeping hold of the device for in field testing and will continue to send updates on my discoveries.

Report ends.

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