‘Dead Letter’ Playtest Transcript 4

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This is a transcript of the fourth session of “Dead Letter,” the scenario from Delta Green: Countdown, played on AOL in late 1997. As far as I know, this is the only surviving log of the playtest. Obviously, this document contains major spoilers if you have not yet read “Dead Letter”.

(If you’re curious, this was the group responsible for the COINTELPRO option mentioned in the book.)

August 28-29, 1997

KeeperAdam Scott Glancy 

Dramatis Personae:

  • Col. Frank Black (Pat Grindle): USARMIID Investigator, Delta Green agent.
  • Sam Dee (Shane Ivey): CIA operative, ex-SEAL; Delta Green agent.
  • Brian Lundquist (Keith Potter): DoJ Attorney, Delta Green agent.
  • Steve Wendell: NSA communications expert.
  • Crisp: A whistleblower at risk, inside a heavily-guarded facility.
  • Turner: A high-level executive in the facility.
Keeper: Let me just say that because of your playtest, “Dead Letter” went through a serious re-write
Keeper: It’s 100% better for your efforts.
Keeper: Do you guys have any questions about the scenario before we start?
Dee: Well, let’s see. Obviously, I didn’t send any requests this time, mostly because it seems like things are about to shift from my character’s field (spywork) to the more standard FBI investigation.
Dee: At least, that’s if we want to run with the kidnapping angle.
Dee: I.e., use that to get in overtly, in a raid, instead of trying to get in covertly, using informants or plain-old BS.
Dee: That’ll be our first decision to make once Keith gets here, I suppose.
Dee: I guess the smart way to play it would be to try to establish contact with somebody inside
Dee: first, and do what covert snooping we can do.
Dee: Then use that information when we decide to launch the full-on raid with warrants and extra agents.
Keeper: Keith said he’s be here, but he may be having time change troubles.
Dee: OKay.
Keeper: The nearest federal judge is in Helena Montana.
Dee: Does that all make sense, PG?
Dee: But to the business at hand… Doing an official kidnapping investigation would obviously tip them off and make any covert investigation all but impossible.
Dee: So, we need to do that only after we get what we want to get through less formal methods.
Black: so quick questions: have you established any contact with any one inside
Black: two: you did find the person who sent the package, is that correct?
Dee: We have only contacted the one we got into Witness Protection, Crystal-something.
Dee: We know who sent the packages, yes. Dr. Crisp. He had contacts with Fiona Lin Wei when they were both students in Berkeley.
Keeper: Lynne Crystal Stone.
Dee: Right.
Dee: So, it might be possible to use a coworker of Lynne Crystal Stone to deliver a message to Crisp, encouraging him to meet with us.
Dee: Then we could possibly use him to gain access to the facility in some way.
Dee: Though, heh, I would prefer it if we had the HRT waiting in the wings just in case the Mission Impossible action turns to crap.
Dee: But we’d need some kind of official justification for the investigation then, so…
Black: have you found info on thomas iron shirt?
Dee: Iron Shirt and his friend both disappeared after attempting to burglarize the ABC facility.
Black: correction have you found thomas?
Dee: Several security personnel at the facility were reassigned on short notice afterward as well
Black: great, that doesn’t sound good
Dee: We requested a check on one or two of those security personnel, to see if they are indeed where they are supposed to be.
Keeper: They are.
Dee: Sp. Agent Drake said he would arrange that.
Dee: Ah, okay.
Dee: So, that’s less sinister than it could be. But we still don’t have an explanation for the
Dee: burglars’ disappearance. Which will likely be our official justification for a warrant.
Dee: We’ll just need to make sure Lundquist can fudge the facts enough to make it look like we have sufficiently honest and credible grounds for what we have found out.
Dee: Or that the judge will be willing to give warrants even if we don’t.
Keeper: If you can’t swing Probable Cause for Kidnapping, why not violation EPA regulations?
Keeper: Just because the Blackfeet can set their own EPA regs, doesn’t mean ABC can cover up a spill
Black: the people that got relocated were sent to Phillidelphia
Dee: They were sent to several locations, I think, including Philadelphia.
Black: has anyone gone out there to interview them?
Keeper: Philadelphia, Trenton NJ, a site in West Virginia.
Keeper: Nope. Not yet.
Dee: Not to interview them, only to surveil them.
Dee: So, we can probably concoct a fair list of violations of federal law with which to get search warrants.
Keeper: You could arrange for interviews through Justice Dept, but that’ll increase exposure for DG.
Keeper: Yes, actually.
Black: maybe we should interview them to see what they are up to
Dee: Right–we could grab the security personnel who were reassigned as part of the kidnapping investigation.
Keeper: The search warrant must show that there is PC, probable cause to believe a crim was commited
Keeper: A lower level of PC for a business, higher for private home.
Dee: Another thing is whether or not to coordinate the FBI investigation with the Army investigation.
Dee: If Lundquist is the one to run the kidnapping/EPA investigation, he could perhaps establish it as a task force with USARMIID.
Black: well, if we go on the premise of a EPA violation then we could use that angle
Dee: But that would depend on how public we can make the USARMIID’s investigation of ABC.
Black: maybe thomas knew of the spill and they grabbed him to keep him quiet
Dee: Would disclosure of the Army investigation compromise the real reason we are involved?
Keeper: Or the Army Chemical Weapons Corp, if you need HazMat gear.
Keeper: It will be hard to explain how the Army is involved.
Dee: Right, that’s the current theory, Pat. Iron Shirt and Low Horn went in, saw something they
Keeper: Except as advisors on toxic chemicals.
Dee: weren’t supposed to see, and were grabbed by ABC security.
Black: Cool. When we were scouting out the plant, was there any drainage or a river close where samples could be taking for anaylsis
Dee: That sounds good enough to get us inside, and a good reason to tell non-DG agents to back off if necessary.
Keeper: Yes, the Milk river runs outside the perimeter fence.
Keeper: There are drainage pipes from the plant that dump into the river.
Dee: Could be interesting. We could probably get some samples before launching a raid.
Black: I try to take samples from up and down the river including sample above and below the drainage pipe and include samples from the stuff coming out of the pipe. Include some soil samples as well
Dee: Yeah, okay. Black and Dee can go together to do some collection.
Keeper: Remember, you guys have just reunited.
Black: may help in the pc territory
Keeper: You now have Steve Wendell NSA eavesdropper with you.
Keeper: He’s a short guy, balding, and wear glasses.
Dee: Oh, that’s right. Hmmm, okay, I need to meet with Wendell privately for a few minutes.
Keeper: Could be a quiet professional version of George Castansa.
Dee: Lundquist and I just took LCS into custody.
Black: well while you conduct that I could get the samples
Keeper: The date is 10/28/97, 5:30 pm.
Keeper: I assume he’s in the RV fiddleing with his spook equipment.
Keeper: The eavesdropper’s equivalent of a demolitions kit.
Dee: Okay. What is the immediate plan for LCS?
Dee: Are we to hand her over to Marshals at some point, or…?
Keeper: She’s sitting in the RV with a duffle bag full of personal items.
Dee: Okay. So, we have the following things running, then:
Dee: (1) Black needs to sneak over and collect river and soil samples.
Dee: (2) I need to talk to Wendell about security, then we figure out where to put him first.
Dee: (3) We need to see about getting LCS in contact with a friend who works in ABC,
Dee: who can maybe deliver a note to Dr. Crisp.
Dee: Alternatively to (3), maybe Wendell could do the delivery electronically.
Dee: Depending on what he says he can do with ABC’s communications.
Keeper: “Just get me within line-of sight,” he says.
Dee: It’s 5:30 pm now. Black, you should do your job well after nightfall, I think.
Dee: Otherwise there’ll be too much risk of discovery and interference.
Black: i agree with that
Dee: In fact we can plan for two tasks for this evening: the samples, and getting Wendell set up.
Black: i need a raft
Keeper: Okay. Since you all need to go to the same place, why don’t Black Wendell & Dee go out to the plant.
Black: how deep is the river?
Keeper: It ranges to 10 feet deep in some places.
Keeper: Lundquist can work on the warrant application with Lynne as the witness.
Dee: Okay, so first I tell Lynne to sit tight. Then I approach Wendell. “Time for a briefing.”
Keeper: “Okay” says Wendell, “what’s the op?”
Dee: I ask Wendell to follow me, where we can speak privately.
Keeper: He follows.
Dee: “Welcome aboard,” I say. “Now, odds are you’ll be told little about this operation. We have a task or two that we’ll need your help on, but the results and the operation itself are classified. Is that going to be a problem?”
Keeper: “Never is.”
Dee: “Good. We have plenty of information you can look over about the target.
Dee: “It’s a high-tech, high-security industrial facility on the local reservation.”
Dee: “Physical security is tight. We need you to inspect their electronic and communications security.”
Keeper: “Any connection with the Intelligence Community?”
Dee: “Not that we’ve discovered.”
Keeper: “Are the phone lines land lines or Microwave? Sattilites?
Dee: “Land and satellite, definitely.”
Keeper: “Good” says Wendel, “that’s even easier to get at than land lines.”
Dee: “Outstanding. We have two individuals inside the facility who we’ll want to target once we get a preliminary report of their communications systems.”
Dee: “You said you need line-of-sight. The facility is rural, with no structures around.”
Dee: “Only power sources will be those we bring.”
Dee: “Will that be a problem?”
Keeper: “Nope.”
Dee: “Good. Let’s get back inside, then. I’ll supply you with what information we have on the facility. Take a few hours to get familiar and make your plans.”
Keeper: “But we may have to change the batteries after 48 hours. This stuff is small & portable, but it’s not perfect. Limited battery life is the #1 drawback.”
Dee: “All right. Give me a list of what you need–extra batteries, chargers, whatever.”
Keeper: “I’ve got extras, but if we leave the equipment on remote, we’ll need to return to change the batteries.”
Dee: “That shouldn’t be a problem, as long as we know the schedule to follow.”
Dee: “We’ll want access to voice and electronic communications, if possible.”
Dee: “And that should give you plenty to go on for now. Good enough?”
Keeper: “Good enough.”
Dee: We head back into the RV. I sit him at the dinner table with our ABC files.
Keeper: After about an hour, Wendell will announce he’ll need to go to the site to set up.
Dee: “Good. We’ll head out there tonight. If you don’t have any other preparations, I suggest you get some rest. It’s… 18:30 now, plan on driving in four hours.”
[Lundquist has entered the chatroom.]
Dee: Lundquist, my plan at this point is to conduct whatever covert investigation we can, first.
Dee: That means establishing electronic surveillance and trying to establish contact with Crisp.
Lundquist: Sounds good. Much better than going in blind.
Dee: We can attempt to contact Crisp in two ways.
Dee: First, Wendell might be able to get into their communications systems enough for us to get a secure phone or electronic contact with him.
Dee: But maybe not.
Dee: If that’s not feasible, then we can try to use Lynne Crystal Stone.
Lundquist: That would be cool if we can pull it off…
Dee: She has a friend who cleans the residence halls at the facility.
Dee: So we could ask LCS to talk to her friend and ask her friend to drop a physical note in Crisp’s room.
Lundquist: That would also work.
Dee: We could be subtle and tricky with the note to protect Crisp, but direct immediate contact would obviously be better, if it is possible.
Dee: So. Once we contact Crisp, we may be able to get information from him on what the hell is on.
Dee: He may or may not be able to get us physical access.
Dee: If not, then we can go the overt route to get direct access to the facility.
Lundquist: Even if he can’t just talking to him will be most valuable, I think…
Dee: Right–I think he’ll have some interesting things to say, if he can get him to say them.
Dee: As for the overt route to get into ABC:
Dee: You could establish a task force, FBI, EPA, and Army.
Lundquist: Remember, we can work up a search warrant for the kidnapping of Thomas Iron Shirt if we want to.
Dee: The official investigation would be that of kidnapping and EPA violations.
Lundquist: Yeah.
Dee: With the Army personnel (Black and me) to act as advisors regarding possible
Black: quick question, do know if crisp reads the newspaper?
Dee: pathogen or biological hazards.
Lundquist: (Of course, those EPA violations might not hold up in court due to the agreement with the tribal govt …but that’s not our immediate problem).
Dee: Well, a lot of this might get tossed in court, since we are getting much of our information illegally.
Lundquist: Not so much. I think Crystal Stone’s testimony is entirely admissable.
Dee: The main point of all this is to get us inside where we can find out what is happening from a DG point of view, and then kill what needs killing.
Dee: To put it bluntly.
Keeper: LCS testimony is 100% admissible.
Lundquist: And so far that’s our strongest link… But yes, this is a DG op, not a legal Federal investigation.
Keeper: Bingo.
Dee: Okay. So much the better, then. But as far as I am concerned, trials and convictions will be icing on the cake. They only matter after we do what DG is here to do.
Black: I got a idea, does crisp read the newspaper
Dee: Newspaper–I have no idea.
Dee: We don’t know much about what mail gets inside the facility, or how.
Black: because we could use it to communicate with him
Lundquist: Is there a newspaper subscription in Crisp’s name?
Black: If we establish contact we could use the classifies to communicate cryptly
Dee: I doubt Crisp is getting any mail officially here. He is supposed to be in Philly.
Dee: I expect any mail he gets is routed internally.
Keeper: If the mail is being forwarded, it’s not being done by the US post office.
Keeper: Probably by ABC.
Dee: Right.
Black: i’m sure a newspaper finds its way into the plant
Dee: But, we could possibly get our Postal Inspector friends to see what kind of mail goes to Crisp in Philedelphia.
Dee: Would Baldwin have that kind of information available to him?
Keeper: Yep.
Lundquist: But would Crisp even read the classifieds?
Keeper: No garantee.
Dee: Yeah, no telling what Crisp would read.
Lundquist: Maybe we could mail him a copy of the Ecotopian with a message in it… Like that wouldn’t attract the attention of corporate “watchers”…
Black: so if we send a message to him it could be use the newspaper as a form to commincate
Dee: That’s an option.
Black: if our spook can send a message to him we could direct him to read the paper
Black: as a easier way to establish contact
Black: its just an idea
Dee: Hmmm. Maybe, “Check tomorrow’s classifieds. Love, an admirer.”
Keeper: Actually US post office doesn’t deliver the paper, the newspaper does that themselves.
Keeper: There’s no way to know if he takes the paper unless someone checks his Philli address or his dormatory at ABC.
Dee: Then we take out the ad: Somebody matching Fiona Lin Wei’s description will be at the PO box he secretly used, 6 pm on xx/xx/97.
Dee: Well, if we can get Lynne’s friend on the phone we can find that out.
Dee: We can ask her to tell her friend that it’s a personal favor–like, she secretly has a crush on Crisp or something?
Keeper: Lynne can tell you she’d better speak to her friend, Shelly, in person.
Dee: Oh yeah, definitely.
Keeper: The phone isn’t in character.
Black: Or we just recieved your talking heads cd and are confused with the lyrics
Dee: Oh, I see what you mean.
Dee: That’s fine, too. Long as we watch her security.
Lundquist: Heh heh… Talking Heads cd.
Black: or fiona is confused with the lyrics
Dee: Well, let’s decide this: do we want to take this route, using LCS’ friend, before we see
Dee: what Wendell can do?
Dee: Or should we get him out there tonight and get his preliminary report first?
Lundquist: I’d say let’s go… Time’s a wasting, as they say. What do you think, Grindle?
Dee: Well, Col. Black?
Black: lets get wendell out to do his thing
Keeper: Okay. How do you take him out there.
Dee: Okay. We’ll sit tight, then, until it’s past midnight.
Dee: Then we can bundle into the Explorer: Black, Dee, and Wendell.
Dee: With Black’s sample gear and Wendell’s electronics.
Black: yeah, i need to get the samples as well
Dee: I take one safe-case–the one with the gear by H&K.
Black: after we get the info from the samples and wendell then be could try for contact
Dee: Lundquist can stay at the RV to watch Lynne.
Dee: Right.
Keeper: okay, do you send Lundquist out with LCS to her friend Shelly?
Dee: Not yet. We’ll set Wendell up first, see what he has to say. Then tomorrow we can get Lynne to contact Shelly.
Dee: If necessary.
Black: i agree
Black: well, i to take samples for several spots on the river and including the pipe
Black: I wouldn’t hurt to take soil samples as well
Keeper: Okay. Off to ABC. Are you using the same route as last time?
Dee: Is there another route that would be feasible and as secure?
Dee: I.e., not within sight of any buildings?
Keeper: Well, you could try driving across country. Having hiked it once before you might manage not to break an axel.
Dee: Umm. Nah, I’d rather stay on the road.
Dee: Okay–so, we drive out, same road. I’ll put Wendell in place first.
Dee: If it is good enough, I’ll take him to the place where we established our surveillance.
Dee: With the trees for cover.
Keeper: Okay, Dee you get to lug some of Wendell’s equipment.
Dee: Not a problem. I’ll lug most of it, if he has a hard time with the hike.
Keeper: Wendell sets up, opening brief cases full of equipment and setting up a small parabolic dish.
Keeper: He works his ELINT & SIGINT magic . . .
Dee: “How much time will you need here tonight?”
Keeper: “A couple of hours. We should get outta here before dawn.”
Dee: “All right. I’ll get Black to his job, then. Here’s a phone, if you need anything.”
Keeper: Wendell informs you that their electronic security is for shit.
Dee: [smile] “Outstanding.”
Keeper: Are you two going sneak down to the river on foot?
Black: What do you think Dee?
Dee: I want to drive as close as possible without risking observation.
Dee: To save time.
Dee: Once we’d be more likely to be spotted in the vehicle, then we’ll hoof it.
Keeper: From where Wendel set up, its easier to walk the whole way. Safer too.
Dee: Good enough.
Keeper: Okay, lets check those sneak and hide rolls . . .
Dee: Whoohoo! Maybe.
Keeper: And Col. Black will never be a Ninja!
Dee: Hah!
Black: I’m a scientist
Keeper: You blow a sneak rol by falling down a slope in the dark.
Black: that hurt
Keeper: But if anybody inside noticed, they’re not showing.
Dee: [hissing] “Watch where you step, there, Colonel! Careful.”
Keeper: It would have hurt more but you made your jump roll.
Keeper: Okay. Down by the river . . . Where do you draw your samples?
Black: well, I think I should take samples every quarter of a mile up and down the river to be on the safe side
Keeper: Okay.
Black: including taking samples for the pipe and the soil around the pipe
Black: is there any thing nasty coming out of the pipe?
Keeper: Yes, dirty looking water that foams.
Black: i take protective measures when I draw that sample
Keeper: Okay. How many water samples?
Black: well I take six soil and water samples from and around the pipe and two soil and water samples up and down the river for about two miles up and down for a total 38 samples
Keeper: Okay, now that you’re done. Where to?
Black: I need to analysis these samples
Keeper: You’ll need to send them out. Once again, Great Falls airport or Malmstrom AFB can get the samples anywhere in the USA.
Keeper: Are you heading back to Wendell’s position?
Black: Is there a lab around that I might be able to use to analysis the samples or do I need to have some one else test them. If not, I send it back to my lab for analysis
Keeper: There may be a hospital on the USAF base, Malmstrom AFB in Great Falls.
Keeper: Actually there definitely is a hospital.
Keeper: Your military ID will help you get access.
Dee: Sounds good. Once the samples are all collected, then we hike back to Wendell’s spot.
Keeper: hey Dee, there’s something moving through the woods with you.
Black: great
Dee: Eh? Hmmm. Any idea how big and how close?
Keeper: Big. Fuckin’ big. And about 20 yards away.
Dee: ‘Fuckin’ big’? That can’t be good.
Black: a truck or car?
Dee: How close are we to Wendell, or to the Explorer?
Keeper: Car.
Keeper: VW sized.
Keeper: You’re about a mile away.
Dee: Oh, it’s a car moving through the woods? Exhaust smell and engine sounds?
Keeper: No its the size of a car.
Black: any lights?
Keeper: Any LI/IR equipment boys? It’s got no lights.
Black: Not, me. Dee might
Dee: Yeah, I can’t imagine going out without the stuff.
Dee: As we walk I open the bag and bring out the goggles. Ears are peeled, as it were.
Black: All I got is the scientific gear and my side arm
Keeper: Um, Sam Dee, I just check the equipment list you sent . . . No LI/IR goggles.
Keeper: Boy it sure is dark in the woods.
Keeper: And whatever it is, its breathing like a train engin.
Keeper: What now?
Black: How close to river are we
Keeper: About 500 yards.
Black: were is the sound coming from
Black: the woods or near the river
Keeper: They’re between you and Wendell’s position. The River’s behind you.
Black: there is more than one?
Keeper: No.
Keeper: Apparently.
Keeper: Maybe.
Keeper: You hope.
Black: I move back to the river
Keeper: What about you Dee?
Black: and try to wade as low and quietly across to the other side of the river
Keeper: You’ll end up having to swim at night through a freezing cold, fast moving river.
Keeper: How’s your swim skill?
Dee: From the sound, does it seem to be pacing us, or gaining on us?
Black: Not to good. Is there an area that looks safe to cross. I wait to cross to see what Dee is doing
Keeper: Gaining. Unless you’re moving at a fast walk.
Dee: Hazarding a look back, can I catch a glimpse of it?
Keeper: Yes. Its big. About five feet at the shoulder and walks with a kind of waddle.
Keeper: It’s still about 20 yards away.
Keeper: Looks like four legs.
Black: Well, Dee fight or cross the river
Dee: Or dogs.
Keeper: Are you still headed back to the river?
Dee: I step it up to a fast walk, heading back toward the river with Black.
Black: I think it would be safer
Keeper: Its still coming.
Black: Well, Dee do or die fight or flight?
Keeper: Anyone else daring a look?
Dee: As we walk, I want to be getting the SMG out.
Black: I draw my colt
Keeper: No prob. H&K SSD 9mm with silencer, Colt will be loud though.
Dee: Step up the pace a little more. Does the thing seem to be coming faster than before?
Keeper: No.
Dee: Same pace as when we first noticed it?
Keeper: Yes.
Dee: But it is the same distance away, following us?
Keeper: Yes.
Black: Well, Dee we have two chocies: try to cross the river or fight it out
Dee: All right. I’ll walk til we are close to the river, like ten yards from the water.
Keeper: The river is about 50 yards away now.
Dee: Unless it starts coming faster at some point, or the situation otherwise changes.
Keeper: It just got about 10 feet tall.
Dee: Is it making angry bear sounds?
Black: I don’t like this
Keeper: Yep.
Dee: Is it making “Coming to eat the silly humans” bear sounds?
Keeper: In fact, now it looks like the biggest damn bear you’ve ever seen.
Keeper: No, but by that last bellow, I’d say it was challenging your presence in his forest.
Dee: Cripes. Okay. I keep walking and listening.
Keeper: Which way? Towards the river or parallel to it.
Dee: Parallel. If it wants to kill us in the river, it’s probably a better swimmer than me.
Keeper: As you move aside, the bear continues past you to the river.
Dee: If possible, I want to walk along the river in a direction toward the surveillance camp.
Dee: Keep walking, watching…
Keeper: The bear is further and further away. You get back to Wendell around the time the shift is changing at ABC.
Keeper: “Hey, did you guys hear any bears out there?” Wendell asks.
Dee: “All right, this took longer than I wanted. Wendell, did you hear the bear from here?”
Keeper: “I heard something.”
Keeper: “It sounded like the bear from that movie,”
Dee: “That answers my question. We need to get out of here, in case somebody inside gets curious.
Dee: Scott, what time is it now? Is it daylight?
Keeper: Yes. Sun came up 30 minutes ago.
Dee: “Wendell, do you need to leave gear in place here?”
Keeper: “Yes”
Dee: “All right. Let’s conceal it as best we can, then move out.”
Keeper: “You’ll need to change the batteries in 48 hours. That’ll be 10/31/97 at 600 am.
Keeper: Okay you cover the site with camaflage from the area and move out.
Dee: Right, back to the Explorer. I’ll risk the daylight drive, all things considered.
Keeper: On the hike back you don’t spot anything more suspicious than a couple of elk.
Dee: Yes, but are they BIG elk…?
Keeper: The Explorer is just where you left it.
Keeper: Big. But not abnormally.
Dee: Okay, back to the RV, then.
Keeper: No extra appendages or tentacles.
Dee: And I’ll ask for Wendell’s assessment.
Keeper: The ride back doesn’t appear to be tailed.
Keeper: Wendel says “These guys are chumps. They look like Fort Knox, but their COMSEC and ELINTSEC is piss poor.
Keeper: Plus, you can bounce a laser off any window in that place and get a conversation crystal clear.
Keeper: Hell, they don’t even have Tempest to protect their computers.
Keeper: Probably figure they’re safe with an isolated data base.
Dee: “Good. If I give you the name of one of their personnel, can you locate communications going to him?”
Keeper: “No Sweat.”
Black: i grab a nap then off to the hospital to run some tests on the samples
Dee: “Excellent. The name is Doctor Arnold Crisp. We need to get him on the phone.”
Dee: “Preferably his private phone, if he has one.”
Dee: Okay, we’ll hole up at the RV today, so Black can take the Explorer to run his tests.
Keeper: “Give me a couple of hours listening to the airwaves and I’ll sort it out.”
Dee: “Will do.”
Dee: When we get back, I fill in Lundquist. Then we can all get some rest for a few hours.
Keeper: Black, its a two hour drive to Malmstrom AFB.
Dee: Then Wendell can get to work, and Black can do his tests.
Keeper: Wendell needs shuteye as does Black.
Keeper: You need 6 hours at least.
Dee: Right, everybody should rest at the RV for a while before we get to work.
Dee: Say, sleep until 2 or 3 pm.
Keeper: Lundquist can stay up. As can LCS, but she wants to know when she’s going into the Witness protection program.
Keeper: Lundquist keeps telling her “After you testify.”
Dee: [snooze]
Keeper: Lundquist has LCS’s probable cause statement drafted for that warrant when we need it.
Dee: Ack, before I snooze, I place a call: I want some night vision goggles!
Dee: Preferably four pair, ASAP.
Keeper: Black can bring some back from the AFB’s security police.
Keeper: They have very good security force. Malmstrom is a nuke base.
Keeper: 2pm! Everyone up and at ’em.
Keeper: Black is off to Malmstrom. And you Dee?
Dee: I’m staying put, in the RV with Wendell & Lundquist and Stone.
Keeper: Black, Entry into Malmstrom is easy. The base ME gives you free run of the facility.
Black: well, then I will try to obtain a lab to run tests on the samples
Keeper: Damn, nice dice rolls. What do you want to know about the samples?
Black: hold on for a minute
Keeper: Holding . . .
Black: the chemical break down of the different samples and the quantity of the chemicals
Black: plus see if the chemicals can be identified with the data banks here
Dee: (And the blue shit.)
Keeper: There are a number of waste products associated with pharmecuticals
Black: compare the levels to see if they are safe or not
Keeper: Some at toxic levels. I wouldn’t fish or drink downstream if I were you.
Keeper: You’re no EPA expert, but it can’t be legal.
Black: Can I identify the chemicals?
Keeper: There are also waste products that might be associated with producing the “blue shit”
Keeper: Yes you can identify the chemical waste products.
Black: Using the data bank here I try to run the chemical make up of the blue goo to see if I can
Black: identify any chemicals involved
Keeper: Again, there are molecules that seem to be related to natural neuro-transmitters, but some of the molecules are totally new. Never before seen. You’re having some trouble because its not an wholly organic compound, which is your specialty.
Keeper: Plus you’re trying to identify a compound from its production waste.
Keeper: Not easy.
Black: I try to find as much as I can, then I will write a report on what I found. I then take one set of the findings and ask to store it here at the base and the other set I take with me to keep them safe. After doing all those testing I will swing by and pick up the goggles
Keeper: Its about 9pm when you’re done.
Keeper: How many sets do you want?
Black: I call Dee and tell him what I found and to inform Lundquist that we have a case
Dee: I’d like four sets of goggles. Plus batteries.
Black: Then I start back to the RV
Black: make sure I get that before leaving
Dee: So… 2 pm to 9 pm, what does Wendell turn up?
Keeper: Okey doke. It’s 11pm on 08/28/97 when Black gets back.
Keeper: Wendell has had a field day. He’s got Crisp’s phone #, his email address and his cell #.
Keeper: He’s also gotten access to a nuber of pass words to the computer system by monitoring the EM radiation from keyboards.
Keeper: You’ll need to be on-site to access the computer system.
Keeper: He’s also collected about a dozen pass codes from the external pass-code boxes around the
Keeper: plant.
Dee: “Very interesting. Very interesting.”
Keeper: Plus. He’s found what he thinks is the plant manager’s office.
Dee: “How secure is their e-mail? If we send something to a particular person, will it be
Dee: intercepted or monitored?”
Dee: I’ll get him to indicate the manager’s office on the maps we have.
Keeper: He doesn’t know. He hasn’t penetrated the computer system, he’s just listening in on people
Keeper: using it.
Keeper: He shows you where it is.
Keeper: He thinks we can position a laser to listen in on the office tonight.
Dee: Is the Crisp phone number that of his cell, or an office or lab?
Keeper: Both. He’s got a cell phone, a phone in the dormatory and a phone in his lab.
Dee: Is there any way to tell whether their cell phone communications are being monitored?
Keeper: Wendell says “I’d be able to tell if we called him up, then checked the signal.”
Dee: “Any reason not to do that?”
Keeper: “Depends. If the signal’s being stepped on, they’ll know someone called.”
Keeper: “but unles they’ve go Pine Gap down there, they won’t know we’re there before I find them.”
Dee: “Fair enough. Can we make the call from a pay-phone?”
Keeper: “No reason why not.”
Dee: “Good. Get it set up, then I’ll go make the call.”
Keeper: Where do you make the call from?
Dee: Where’s the RV again?
Keeper: On the outskirts of Browning, West side toward Glacier National park.
Dee: I’ll take a drive in the Explorer. Drive across town, watch out for tails.
Black: Is there a vistor center at the park
Dee: Then stop at a corner pay phone. Put in some change, dial the number.
Keeper: Yes, but its 5 mile away.
Keeper: Would you prefer that. It’s in the small town (glorified visitors center) of East GlacierPrk
Keeper: Okay, you dial Crisps #. Someone picks up. Male voice “Hello?”
Dee: “Hello, is Darla there?”
Keeper: “What? No, you have a wrong #.”
Dee: “Huh? Darla Smythe. I was sure I had the number. Who’s this?”
Keeper: “This is a private cell phone #, not a residence. You must have dialed wrong.”
Dee: “Oh, I must have. Sorry about that. You have a good night.”
Keeper: “You too.”
Keeper: [click] He hangs up.
Dee: Hang up, drive around a little more, looking for tails.
Keeper: Wendell calls you, Dee.
Keeper: On your cell phone.
Dee: I answer it while driving.
Dee: “Yes.”
Keeper: “The signal seems clean.”
Dee: “Thanks.” Hit the disconnect button.
Dee: I drive back to the RV.
Dee: All right. We can wait until tomorrow afternoon.
Keeper: Okay, you link up again. Its around 11:00pm when Col. Black gets back with the LI/IR rigs.
Dee: That will leave him enough time to drive off the property without attracting attention.
Dee: Though… actually, we ought to discuss it with him tonight, so he can plan for it.
Dee: Hmmm.
Dee: All right, once Black has returned I’ll compare notes with him.
Dee: PG, any objections to calling Crisp tonight to set up a meet for tomorrow afternoon?
Keeper: What’s the next step? Wendel wants to set up a Laser listening device on the plant manager.
Black: No, I have no objects
Dee: Yeah, that’s fine. We can do that tonight. All right, I’ll drive Wendell out to set it up.
Dee: “Do you have the gear to set up a laser on Crisp’s dorm as well?”
Keeper: This trip will take less time. You can be in and out in three hours.
Keeper: “Yes I do”
Dee: “We’ll do that, then. Once the devices are in place I’ll call him again.”
Dee: Drive out. I want to stay in the field, though, to make the call.
Keeper: Okay. Black, Lundquist and LCS. Stay at the RV.
Dee: Can Wendell listen to the lasers on-site, or does he have to be in the RV?
Keeper: He needs to set them up. But doesn’t have to be there to listen in.
Dee: But CAN he listen to them there? I want to leave him there to keep visual watch on the facility while we listen to Crisp’s reaction to the phone call.
Keeper: Yes.
Keeper: He won’t like it, though. He’s a city boy.
Dee: Okay, that’s the plan, then. First get Wendell set up. Then leave him in place.
Dee: I’ll go back to the Explorer. After I make the call, Wendell should watch to see if
Keeper: “You better leave me a gun! Something that’ll stop a bear!”
Dee: Crisp tries to run for it or otherwise does something unusual.
Dee: “The bear was at the river. You’ll be fine. Unless you plan to bring a fish dinner.”
Keeper: “I’d still feel better.”
Keeper: “Wouldn’t you?”
Dee: “You’ll be fine. We staked out that location before for a full day and night.”
Keeper: Wendell looks unhappy but relents.
Dee: “There were no signs of wildlife. The bear won’t be anywhere nearby.”
Dee: “And I won’t be far away. If you need help, call.”
Keeper: Okay. You two go out to the plant again?
Dee: Right.
Keeper: Okay, Wendell has the listening post set up by 2am.
Dee: Bringing the NVGs this time. 🙂
Keeper: NVGs?
Dee: Okay, first off, listen to Crisp’s dorm.
Dee: Goggles.
Dee: Are there any sounds other than those of a sleeping scientist?
Keeper: Snoring from Crisp’s dorm.
Dee: “Good. Keep listening to that channel. Call me if he does anything after he hangs up.”
Dee: I’ll fade, back to the car.
Keeper: “Okay, but when are you going to call?”
Dee: “You’ll hear it. Keep quiet.”
Dee: Once I’m in the car I get my phone and call his cell-number again.
Keeper: Grumble grumble
Dee: Heh heh.
Keeper: Crisp answers “This better be good.”
Dee: “Doctor Crisp. I need to speak with you tomorrow evening regarding a parcel you sent to a Berkeley post office. I encourage you to keep quiet and ask few questions.”
Keeper: (audible gasp) I’m sorry, what did you say?
Dee: “Come to the Great Falls airport, the American Express ticket counter.”
Keeper: “Who is this?”
Dee: “I will answer your questions when we meet tomorrow, Dr. Crisp, rest assured.”
Keeper: “I don’t have any idea what you’re talking about. Who are you?!”
Keeper: “If this is a joke its not very funny!”
Dee: “Quiet, Dr. Crisp. Your phone line is secure for now, but I can offer no guarantees about your room. This is no joke. We received a parcel, a biological parcel displaying highly unusual properties. You will be well-served to keep this phone call to yourself, and to meet me tomorrow evening. Alone.”
Keeper: “I still don’t know what you’re talking about. I never sent anything to anyone!” (He sounds very scared)
Dee: “Doctor Crisp, there are some highly questionable activities being conducted at your facility. You have exposed some of them. You may help in seeing that such perversions are discontinued. I know your position is precarious, so I offer you this chance to meet privately to discuss the situation fully.”
Keeper: “I . . uh, I don’t know. How can I be sure this isn’t a trap.”
Dee: “Who would attempt to trap you, Dr. Crisp? Would your company bother taking these lengths?”
Keeper: “I don’t know? Maybe . . . I won’t be able to leave until the end of my shift. Otherwise it it’ll arouse suspicion.”
Dee: “What time can you be at the airport?”
Keeper: “I can leave here at 4pm. I’ll be at the airport by 6pm.”
Dee: “Very good. Keep this to yourself, doctor. We can discuss it further tomorrow evening.”
Keeper: “Uh . . . yes. Okay.”
Keeper: “Tomorrow at six.”
Dee: [click]
Keeper: Now what?
Dee: Any news from Wendell?
Dee: Does Crisp go tearing out and fleeing for his life, anything like that?
Keeper: Wendell can tell you that the signal was not stepped on.
Keeper: No he doesn’t bolt.
Keeper: But is sounds like he’s pacing around.
Dee: Okay. I’ll give it an hour.
Keeper: Wendell calls “Hey! there’s some telephone activity down there!”
Dee: “From Crisp?”
Keeper: “There was just a call from the security office to the plant manager.
Dee: “Check the laser on the manager’s office.”
Keeper: “He’s in his dorm room. I’m readjusting the laser.”
Keeper: “Seurity just reported to plant manager Turner that their bug just hit paydirt.”
Dee: “Fuck.”
Keeper: “Crisp’s the mole. Repeat, Crisp is the mole. And he’s got outside help.”
Keeper: “Who are they?” Asks Turner.
Keeper: “They’re careful, that’s who. But they plan to meet Crisp somewhere at 6pm tomorow.”
Keeper: “We couldn’t hear the other half of the conversion.”
Keeper: Turner responds “Will he move before then?”
Keeper: “No. I don’t think so.”
Keeper: Turner “Don’t let him off the property. Not until he leaves for the meeting.
Keeper: Follow the little shit and find out who he meets with.”
Keeper: “Yessir. Sir?”
Keeper: “Will we need to deal with this leak, on a more permanent basis?”
Keeper: “Maybe. Are your men ready for that?”
Keeper: “Oh Yessir.”
Keeper: “Lets try and buy him first. It worked for everyone else.”
Keeper: “If you insist, but, Sir, if he runs for it?”
Keeper: “Do whatever is appropriate for the situation Descheil. I know you’re reliable.”
Keeper: “Yessir, I understand. Goodnight sir.”
Keeper: “Goodnight”
Keeper: “Well that’s fucked up,” says Wendell.
Keeper: Now what?
Dee: “Sit tight, I’ll come get you. Can we recalibrate the lasers from the van?”
Keeper: “I’ll let you know if things start hopping.”
Dee: I jog back to Wendell’s position, then escort him to the Explorer.
Dee: Then back to the RV, since we can listen from the RV.
Dee: If we can listen to both Crisp’s dorm and the manager’s office, I want to do that.
Keeper: You get to Wendell’s position around 6am.
Black: well, at least we can plan around this problem
Keeper: As you’re hiking out you hear the distinct sound of a helicopter.
Dee: Yeah. We can’t tell how many goons they’ll send unless we keep surveillance going…
Dee: Hmmmm.
Dee: “Flat on the ground, now!”
Keeper: Wendell throws himself down.
Keeper: The helicopter is a Bell JetRanger. Looks a little bigger than the usual model. Maybe extra passengers.
Keeper: It’s flying from the south west towards the plant.
Dee: I sit very still and observe.
Keeper: It circles the plant and settles on the helipad.
Dee: Are we still within sight of the plant?
Keeper: You’re at the top of the second ridge leading away. the listening posts are on the 1st ridge
Keeper: No smog up here, you can see for miles.
Dee: Can I get a view of the helicopter’s activity, then?
Dee: If I have the scope we used in surveillance the other day, I’ll use that.
Keeper: You can see figures, no faces.
Dee: Okay.
Keeper: The security at the plant has rushed out to the helipad. They have guard dogs.
Keeper: Looks like they were’nt expecting this.
Dee: Interesting. I keep watching.
Keeper: seven figures get out of the chopper. They seem to be confering.
Keeper: They form up and everyone walks into the plant admin building.
Dee: “Let’s hope the laser on the manager’s office is good enough. Come on.”
Keeper: “where to?”
Dee: I stay low to the ground, head down the ridge toward the car.
Keeper: You reach the car.
Dee: Can Wendell listen in right now? Before we reach the RV?
Keeper: Black can monitor the listening posts from the RV. So can Wendell.
Dee: I start up and head out of there, while we listen in to see if we get anything.
Keeper: There’s a conference in progress in Turner’s office, you tune in while its in progress.
Keeper: Turner ” . . . we effectively contained the spill and took appropriate steps to clean up the accident. Afterwards we restructured the staff to ensure secrecy.”
Keeper: Man with german accent “Und vat exactly does zat mean?”
Keeper: Turner “We reassigned everyone involved with the cleanup and repair to other facilities. They were well compensated in order to ensure their silence.”
Dee: (Say, do we have this stuff recording by chance…?)
Keeper: Back at the RV yes.
Dee: (good)
Keeper: MWGA: “Zo, vat is holding up production? That was over two months ago?”
Keeper: Turner: “Well repairs took a little longer than expected and there were some other security issues to consider.”
Keeper: MWGA: “Such as?”
Keeper: Turner: “We needed to be sure that the people whose silence we purchased stayed silent. So far they have. We believe it is safe to begin production again.”
Keeper: MWGA: “Despite your reassurances, my men and I are here to perform a complete audit of the project. I assume you will be happy to assit us in this, yes?
Keeper: Turner: “Why, of course. Why Not? Mr. Deschiel will arrange to give you free access to the Sapphire prduction unit and will make the staff and records available to you.”
Keeper: MWGA: “Danke. You are most kind. My employer is most anxious to get this project back on track
Keeper: Turner: “Oh, it is Mr. Galt. It is.”
Keeper: The meeting begins to break up.
Keeper: Turner asks Deshiel to wait up for a moment.
Keeper: Turner: “Grab that fucking rat Crisp and put him in the security annex. No! Wait. He’s in Lab 6 now. Send a man to sit on him until I can speak to him. And tell Metreaux to stay in her lab. I’ll be down to see Crisp in a couple of minutes.”
Keeper: Deschiel: “Gonna give him an offer he can’t refuse?”
Keeper: Turner: “Something like that.”
Keeper: They both leave the office.
Dee: Well.
Dee: I guess it’s too late for the maid-with-a-note bit…
Keeper: Er… yeah.
Dee: Well… good time to call it a day, actually.
Keeper: Time to break for the day.
Dee: We have a few new names to research–Turner, Deschiel, Galt.
Keeper: I’ll see you guys next week. 12 noon?
Black: Fine by me
Dee: Sounds good, yeah. Lots to ponder in the meantime.
Keeper: Good luck . . . . heheheheheheheh
Shane Ivey runs Arc Dream Publishing and is the lead editor of the newest Delta Green projects.

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