Operation Sandman – Briefing Update

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By Shane Ivey, (c) 1998


To: Mark; Michael
From: Osborne
Re: Operation SANDMAN
Date: 30 MAY 1998

You submitted the following requests for information and clarification.

(1) “Why suspicion of Federal Agents in trafficking? Is every crackpot preacher’s unsubstantiated allegations given so much credence that it’s investigated? Or is it simply, as the background brief states, the unusual nature of the Dreaming Man narcotic that has led to the investigation, and nothing more?”

These allegations continue a five-year slough of allegations of government involvement in drug trafficking. Some of them have been ludicrous and some have been credible, according to our sources. By themselves Ezekiel’s allegations might be discounted, but occurring as they do near the appearance of the new drug I think they are worth some DG investigation.

(2) “I’d like some background on DEA Agent Morgan’s career in LAPD, and specifically those corruption hearings. What was involved there? Did any charges result? Did anyone leave the LAPD as a result of these hearings (aside from Agent Morgan, of course)? Are they still around, and can we talk to them (or have a nearby DG cell interview them) about Agent Morgan? Perhaps Dr Nadja Fulani could help here, either on background information or in an interview.”

We dispatched a friendly to gather details on Morgan’s background. Morgan was a witness in the Michaels Hearings in the LAPD in 1994, which were held to investigate an alleged gang of police officers of high and low rank accused of systematic abuse and corruption. Morgan testified to interviews she had conducted as a patrol officer with individuals in East Los Angeles who alleged particular instances of abuse and corruption, and to confrontations she had with some of the accused officers in which they threatened her with professional and physical retaliation if she did not remain silent about those interviews.

Investigators from DOJ approached Morgan and convinced her to testify; as she was doing so she applied for a number of federal positions. The DEA hired her eight days after her final day of testimony. Precinct house records indicate three distinct physical altercations between Officer Morgan and other police officers before her resignation, but no reports or charges were filed in connection with them. After the Michaels Hearings (which involved the testimony of numerous other witnesses) five LAPD officials of rank Major and above were discharged, two were tried and convicted for racketeering and assault, and six officers of lower rank were discharged.

Captain Darron Spinoza was captain of patrols over Officer Morgan. The DG-friendly interviewer reported suspicion that Spinoza abetted Morgan’s testimony, but has no formal documentation to that effect.

I have been Morgan’s supervisor for three years, and my impression is that the record is on the money. She is honest and tough. Keep her out of the DG loop as far as possible.

(3) “I’d also like to touch base with Dr Fulani about the Dreaming Man and Haitian Voodoo cults in general. Who are the big names in academia in the fields of Haitian society and religion? Anybody we could talk to? I’d like to pursue the Haitian angle; perhaps this new drug has some history in the Caribbean, and is just new to the US.”

Dr. Fulani forwards this message:

FWD: Haitian beliefs and specialists

Voudoun (voudun, vodun, voodoo) is a syncretic belief system combining West African spiritualism with elements of Roman Catholocism. It originated primarily in Haiti as slaves, forced to adapt the religion of their European captors, incorporated Christian imagery and entities into their native beliefs. Voudoun can also be found extensively in Jamaica and, in a distinct pattern called Santeria, in Brazil; it is also prominent in American cities with large Haitian, Jamaican, and Afro-Brazilian populations, such as New York City and Miami.

The essence of voudoun is interaction with spirits (loa), who are called upon for worship and to seek guidance and assistance. A priest (houngan) or priestess (mambo) leads rituals for the body of worshippers (societe, or society) in which the loa are encouraged to come and possess the worshippers; the possessed are called “horses” of the loa, who are said to “ride” them. While possessed the “horse” will display behavior typical to the possessing loa, and afterward indicates no memory of what transpired during possession. Voudoun rites tend to be dynamic and musical. There is no formal link between any voudoun sect and drug use, though “horses” sometimes are known to smoke and drink a great deal as the loa enjoy physical pleasures which they cannot enjoy in the world of spirits.

Doctor Enid Mitchell is Professor of Afro-Caribbean Studies at Columbia University in New York, and if approached with the proper discretion may be able to offer the team more particular guidance. Dr. Mitchell has no knowledge of Delta Green.


No previous DEA reports describe effects similar to the “Dreaming Man” drug.

(4) “Regarding the drug we’d better get a more detailed analysis with an emphasis on identifying the organic substance. We should also get some testing done on the compounds effects with the organic part removed. Perhaps it could act as a substitute for people de-toxing, the equivalent of methadone for heroin. Or it could be substituted for the ‘real thing’ (oops not coke, hey another double meaning), if the opportunity arose.”

Lab results will be forwarded to the team.

(5) “We also need to get more information on the video recording, especially who recorded it and why? It would also be nice to get it really examined and scrubbed for background noise / conversation, a long shot but worth the effort I think.”

The recording was made by a DG-friendly intelligence operative several weeks ago.

I have requisitioned a DG safe-house at 39221 Pendleton Avenue, Brooklyn, for the team’s use during this operation. Contact me via the usual secured lines with other needed information or materiel.

Be seeing you.



Shane Ivey runs Arc Dream Publishing and is the lead editor of the newest Delta Green projects.

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