Report #1191 – The Revelations of Glaaki

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By Dennis Detwiller , ©1998.

DATE: August 12, 1994
AGENTS: Gary, William, and Thomas
SUMMARY: Investigation into the theft of the rare occult text The Revelations of Glaaki, volume 12.

The Agents were brought in under the jurisdiction of Chicago FBI as specialists in the occult to investigate the theft of a rare text from the University of Chicago. The book, volume twelve in the series The Revelations of Glaaki, had been recovered just three months before. An exceedingly rare book, it was found among the personal effects of Louis Robert Harper, a resident of Cooperstown, Illinois. Mr. Harper was discovered dead in his premises by a Consolidated Gas employee on 7MAY94 (see attachment). It appears Mr. Harper died from complications due to his eating and sanitary habits. The evidence at the scene indicates Harper gorged himself on food and failed to either urinate or defecate for two days. Death is attributed to kidney and liver failure.

Among the books in his possession were several texts known to contain hypergeometric formulae. With no heir to inherit them, Harper’s books were surrendered to the rare-book library at the University of Chicago by the Illinois State Police. Little else of interest could be learned about Harper.

The Revelations of Glaaki volumes one through nine have been studied at length in the past by agents, but the contents of volume ten, eleven, and twelve remain a mystery. The initial nine volumes outline a cult which worships a deity referred to as “Glaaki”. Early research at the Library of Congress uncovered the following:

The name Glaaki is first mentioned in Sumerian texts as a minor deity. Sacrificial victims were offered to this god impaled alive on sharpened wood sticks. Often this form of death took many hours. Victims were not always unwilling, as some true believers impaled themselves on the god’s holy days as well. Their faith led them to believe that this impalation would lead to immortality. A tremendous mass impalation occurred at Uruk in 3002 B.C., when more than three hundred people were impaled in a single day.

The name later appears in Phoenician, Assyrian, and Egyptian cultures of later periods. In each instance, the deity represents death and resurrection, with impalation as the only form of acceptable sacrifice.

With the advent of Christianity, Glaaki is listed as a genii, demon, or devil, generally recorded as a malefic servant of Lucifer or Satan. Many books claimed Glaaki could be bound or called, and made to do the will of the operator. Even in these texts Glaaki is linked to immortality and with the act of self-mutilation, often in the form of impalation.

The name next appears in the Black Pullet, a 16th-century text on demons and black magic. Glaaki is listed as a secondary agent of Astaroth, a powerful demon lord. This book provides several complex and differing ways in which the demon may be contacted. These secrets, the book explains, were related to the author by an Egyptian sailor who worshipped the deity.

Finally, in 1865 an English series of assembled anonymous works claimed to tell the true story of Glaaki and its cult. Called The Revelations of Glaaki, a total of ten volumes have been reported. Only six are still known to be in private collections however, due to a rash of thefts.

Initial DG investigation into the theft at the University of Chicago began on 7AUG94, four days after the theft and the accompanying triple homicide. Three members of the rare-books department had been killed, execution-style, and the book (which had been undergoing cleaning and restoration at the time) was taken.

Suspicion fell on the only member of the rare-book department not to clock in on time. Susan Filey, 29, officially clocked in on the campus computer at 9:35 P.M., approximately fifteen minutes before the murders and theft occurred.

Filey could not be located at her home or through friends or family. All expressed confusion and concern, and each denied vehemently that she could have had anything to do with the murders. The Chicago police issued a warrant for her arrest and an electronic tag was put on her credit cards and bank accounts.

Susan Filey was discovered by DG agents on 7AUG94 after it was noticed that a smell of rotting food was emanating from a basement laundry chute at her home. The basket at the bottom of the chute had been filled with food, along with the metal shelves commonly found in a refrigerator. Filey’s body was discovered in the emptied refrigerator. Autopsy reports indicated that she had died more than seven days before. Filey was impaled upon an antique decorative walking stick which had been sawn off at the tips to allow the body to fit within the refrigerator.

The unusual walking stick was identified four days later after extensive questioning of antique dealers in the Chicago area. It had been sold twelve days earlier, along with four others like it, to a Mr. Black (assumed to be an alias). The home address listed was that of Susan Filey. The sticks sold were classic shillelaghs of Irish design, but the one recovered from Filey’s body was covered in sigils of some sort, not immediately identifiable and forwarded to Alphonse for translation.

On 12AUG94 the removal of the object from Filey’s chest caused some sort of reaction in the cadaver. It is unknown how the corpse sat up and spoke, but it did so, lucidly, for more than ten minutes. The transcript is as follows:

Chicago, Carson County
Autopsy #0003191
August 12, 1994



AGENT: Jesus Christ!

MEDICAL EXAMINER: Get back! Get the fuck back!

FILEY: (Basso Profundo voice) The book you seek is to be found among the possessions of Johannes Knepier.

AGENT: Let it talk! Guns down now!

FILEY: (Basso Profundo voice) It must not be found by the other one. The man who has found communion with the other one. You must find it and keep it from him.

AGENT: Who? Keep it from who?

FILEY: (Basso Profundo voice) The one in the void, the corpse with the mouths for hands.

AGENT: Ask a fuckin’ stupid question . . .

FILEY: (Basso Profundo voice) Enough! Knepier must not bring the book to the city in the east! He must die! The book must be recovered and kept from the man no matter the cost.

AGENT: How do you spell Knepier? How–


The agent lost consciousness after this last question and the corpse collapsed, seemingly inert once more. Upon regaining consciousness, the agent knew the full spelling of Johanes Knepier, his birth date, his social security number, the name and residence of his parents, and every other essential fact about him.

The case was then turned over to Cell A for reassignment.

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