Report #2295 – The Cyllonich

Categories: Items of Mutual Interest

By Jeff Boles, ©1999.

On the night of February 16, 1995, Agent Ophelia and Agent Othello encountered a woman in an alley way, who appeared to be in the act of homicide. The woman was later identified as Desire Greer. The agents attempted to stop this crime, but Desire Greer escaped and her victim was found to be dead by extraordinary means. His body was dessicated, and had major trauma to the mouth and throat. This victim was later determined to be in the final stages of terminal cancer, and a background check discovered suicidal aspects to his character.

While pursuing the background of this Desire Greer and her victim, the dentist of the victim was questioned. There were two murder/suicides approximately the same time in a different part of the city, and it was discovered that all three shared the same dentist. The dentist, as per standard questioning, was shown a photograph of Desire Greer and questioned regarding the cancer of the deceased.

Immediately following these procedures, the agents involved in the case were contacted by Desire Greer and told that the dentist had kidnapped her close friend and was acting in a threatening manner. It had become apparent at this point that someone was giving individuals cancer, but how Desire Greer and this dentist, named Dr. Ted Stanley, fit into the situation was unclear.

A final confrontation followed between the members of Cell O (assisted by the DG Friendly Alexander Glase) at the offices of Dr. Stanley. It was discovered that Dr. Stanley was a being Alexander Glase termed a “Cyllonich”. The physiology of the creature appeared to be that of a human being which had been overtaken by cancer, to such a degree that it had become something no longer human. The Cyllonich appeared to infect others with cancer from its own being, for the dual benefit of stoving off its own degeneration into a inhuman state, and the control of those it infected.

Desire Greer seemed to be some form of anti-cancer organism. She sensed those who were near death, and absorbed the physical essences from them. She was not directly linked to this Cyllonich being, but by accident consumed/killed one of its spawn.

After an explosive confrontation between these two creatures, the Cyllonich escaped, injured, while Desire Greer fled with her significant other.

From an unidentified source Cell O was contacted and informed that some agency within the United States military kidnapped the Cyllonich in its weakned state. Follow-up investigations concluded such was a strong possibility, as the home of Dr. Ted Stanley had been secured with a military station on-site. Agent Ophelia was told through FBI channels to drop the case immediately and turn over all information and case files to an undisclosed receiver.

Desire Greer was allowed to escape unmolested, by decision of the Cell leader. She was determined to only have been assisting in an assisted suicide, and not guilty of any crimes. She is currently at large, presumably under a changed identity.

All Delta Green Agents are to contact Agent Ophelia if any sightings are made on Desire Greer, or if murder victims fitting the description given above are found to be infected with cancerous agents. Any and all reports regarding the status or whereabouts of Dr. Ted Stanley are also to be forwarded to Agent Ophelia.

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