Report #2423 – CRATCHA and Fort San Carlos

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By Malinda Boles, ©2000.

DATE: November 29, 1995
AGENTS: Ophelia
SUMMARY: Report concerning events at Fort San Carlos, 1961

RE: Report concerning events at Fort San Carlos 1961


Tuesday November 29 1995 6:30pm

Due to my injuries, I am having Othello type this report for me as I dictate the events surrounding Fort San Carlos. Orion is also present at this debriefing as I want him to also know what happened. Since I am cell leader I feel that this is important as the events which occurred affect my duties as a DG Agent. I will try to keep this concise and to the point, but it is long and involved and I do not want to leave out any vital details. Please believe me when I say I am not crazy and all this is true, because it happened and I have the evidence to prove it. For the sake of security the name of the man who was with me in Fort San Carlos has been changed.

These events took place Friday, November 24, 1995.

With the events concerning the Crachta I knew I had to ask Lt. R. Grey about 1961 and Fort San Carlos. As I already wrote Adam detailing the experience with this entity, I will give only brief details for sake of continuity. The CRATCHA was an antibody for time, which appeared in San Francisco probably around 1961, the same year these events I am about to relate to you took place. It was here because a gate wasn’t shut, a gate which I had somehow created. It knew my name and had already left its mark, in the form of the year 1961 inscribed on my chest. Lives were at risk as long as this thing was around and I seemed to be the key. I didn’t understand how I was related to this or the events from 1961 but I knew I had to find out.

I dreaded asking Lt. R. Grey about the events at Fort San Carlos due to his heart problem, after all he was almost sixty, and our shaky relationship, fortunately this experience actually strengthened it in the end. When I first asked him about the event, he did not seem to recall anything unusual and then he looked oddly at me. I touched his shoulder, inquiring again, and I was startled when I heard him say,” You were there, back in ’61. He remembered me being at Fort San Carlos wearing the same clothes I was wearing at that moment.

This is where things began to get confusing, because when I closed my eyes I found myself in a military base bar standing on top of a table. I was incorporeal at the time and no one seemed to notice me. I was very alarmed at this; a million questions whirled through my head. How the hell did I get there and how the hell was I going to get back were at the forefront of my frantic thoughts. I tried to focus and get my bearings, perhaps I was here for a reason. Maybe this was how I got here to affect things in the first place, but I wasn’t sure. I was out of my depth entirely. I thought I was somehow at San Carlos. I glanced over at the calendar and the date said February 11, 1961. Seeing the year on the calendar confirmed my suspicions.

I stood in the corner of the room where I could see everything, as I was still trying to figure out what I was doing seeing these things and I had already had someone walk through me. The experience was disconcerting to say the least. At first, I thought I was seeing things through Lt. Grey’s memories, yet he wasn’t in the room. A few minutes later he walked into the bar and began questioning an individual about a murder, which had occurred during a drunken brawl. It took me a moment to recognize him. He looked so much younger than I remember but it was still him. I tried to scream a warning as second man knocked Lt. Grey unconscious with a beer bottle. No one heard me. I hurried over to him see if he was all right frustrated at not being able to help him. That was when the tremor started and everything started to twist around. The room wasn’t twisting, I was. I felt as though I was being twisted like a rag and there was a smell of creosote and honey. The ground lurched. I was lay on the floor in pain briefly aware that everyone could see me. Lt. Grey’s partner was the first to move and helped me up. Everyone was staring at me wide eyed. I am not sure whether it was because of my odd clothing or the fact I had appeared out of thin air. His partner was the first to fall to the floor, face oddly contorted, and them more began to fall. I stood there frozen not sure what to do and still trying to get my balance.

Lt. Grey awoke to this chaos, more confused than I was. I was startled for a moment when he didn’t realize who I was, after all he had known me all my life, but then I remembered he wouldn’t know me. I hadn’t even been born yet. I thought of a name quickly and introduced myself as Sandy Brooks. Whatever was happening to me had now gotten so much more complicated. I knew I couldn’t let him out of my sight. If something happened to him I would never be born and…. Well, I tried not to dwell on the ramifications of what would happen if he did die. I knew he had survived this before, but I didn’t know how. Maybe I had helped him then. I have never been good at understanding the concepts of time travel and it was even harder to understand standing there. It is a very odd feeling when you realize that you are standing in the past, before you were born, and that your actions will affect the future and your own life.

Lt. Grey tried to radio for help but both the jeep and the radio were dead. All I heard from the radio in the bar was static, and what I though was my name. Then came the chilling words in an inhuman voice beckon to me, “Come to us, our arms are open”. I knew that meant something was present, something that I didn’t think should be there, something that knew me. Outside the sky was a murky burnt orange color and the air was very still, abnormally still. The burnt orange sky appeared to be a dome extending over the town and army base. What was beyond the barrier I don’t know. We were totally cut off from the outside world and maybe even our own reality. I kept these thoughts to myself not wanting to panic Lt. Grey.

As if things were not weird enough, the people who appeared to drop dead were beginning to be affected by something. One man, who I thought was dead, stood up and grew sharp needled teeth before my eyes. He then lunged at me and I dealt with him before Lt. Grey could react. Another man at the gate to the base stopped us. I thought he was acting odd and was a little startled when a tentacle slithered onto his shoulder. Not knowing what he was going to do next, I shot him in the head. He fell forward and I saw that the tentacles were growing from his back. Whatever the military had unleashed was effecting all the humans and turning them into monsters, and Lt. Grey and I seemed to be the only ones not affected.

Not knowing what else we were going to have to deal with, I stripped off the flak jacket and weapons off of the other guard at the gate. Lt. Grey watched me curiously as I put on the oversized jacket and placed the ammo in my pockets. He asked me who I worked for as he began picking up another weapon with shaking hands. It was so odd to see the man whom I feared as a child to be shaking at the incomprehensible things before his eyes. I must give him credit, he didn’t seem phased that I was handling things better than he was and he knew better than to ask any more questions. Maybe it really wasn’t clicking in his mind yet, I don’t know. Part of me wished to tell him it was all right. Part of me wanted to tell him that he was the one who had prepared me to deal with these things through his strict discipline, but I couldn’t and I knew he wouldn’t believe me.

I didn’t know what to expect as we made our way into town. I tried to prepare myself for it, but even my worse imagining didn’t include this. In town there were people lying in the streets ripped apart by something. We managed to save a woman from a church before something came beneath the floorboards. I do not think any of us looked back, I know I didn’t want to know what was coming up behind us. Outside a police officer was shooting at something that looked like a large centipede made of bloody torsos and limbs of humans. That is the only way to describe it. I froze for a moment when I saw the centipede catch up with the officer and he became another segment of the creature. The terrified woman, Lt. Grey and I began running to the base.

As we approached the base the trees became like skeletons and the grass became black needles that cut deep into my feet as I ran. I thought the strangest thing at that moment, all I could think is how much I wish I had worn better shoes. If only I had known. The woman behind me, wearing simple house slippers, was worse off than I. The needles were taking chunks out of her feet with each step. I can only image the amount of pain she was feeling. She stumbled to the ground falling forward onto the needles, sobbed in fright and pain. The needles went through her hands where she had caught herself when she fell and her knees were all bloody. When I heard her cries for help I turned to see and stared in horror as the trees began extending their branches toward her. I knew she would never make it, yet I knew I had to do something. I didn’t just save her from some unknown monster entity to see her get ripped apart by some demonic trees. Running back to her was not an option. When they began to lift her off the ground I knew there was nothing I could do. I closed my eyes as I pulled the trigger. I supposed the quick death of my bullet was probably preferable to the slow agonizing death she was about to suffer. I regretted having to do it, I still hear her cries sometimes. I don’t know if Lt. Grey even knew what I had done, or if he did, if he knew why I had to do it. It is not something I am proud of and I hope I never have to do again.

Back on the base we met another soldier. I asked them what they were testing that day hoping to discover what was causing the shift in reality. He mumbled something about “shield 2” and he began to contort, Lt. Grey shot him. Evidently, Lt. Grey was beginning to understand somewhat about what was going on around him, at least enough to know what may be dangerous. I couldn’t help but be proud of him. For all his narrow minded rationality he was beginning to accept what was going on and react to it.

There was another violent tremor and I found myself back in the present, 1995. I was crouched next to the older Lt. Grey who was unconscious on the floor. I was briefly aware I was still wearing the jacket and holding the machine gun from 1961 and that my feet were bleeding. My first thought is that whatever had happened had killed Lt. Grey, that his heart had given out. With this additional worry, I was barely aware of the shaking ground and R. McGreddy entering the room. I screamed for him to call an ambulance when the CRATCHA appeared.

The next events were a flurry of motion and I am not clear what happened. I knew if it came in contact with R. McGreddy, he was a dead man. I shouted at the thing telling it that I was the one it was looking for, anything to get it attention. I think it said “intruder” as it smacked me into the wall. I sensed that somehow this thing was responsible for the earthquake. I was told later that it was sighted in another area of the city and was responsible for the deaths of 12 people. A glowing green tentacle grabbed McGreddy and another one grabbed Lt. Grey and myself. I don’t know why it grabbed the others, I thought it was looking for me. Perhaps it knew what was going to happen in the future and was trying to keep it from happening by attacking Robert (this will be clearer in my next report). I don’t know how the creature perceived time, perhaps it saw the past present and future all at once. I knew that if we remained in the grasp of the CRATCHA long we were all dead. I was desperate and I knew I had to somehow get back to 1961. I closed my eyes and tried to focus on 1961 holding Lt. Grey and the moments before I found my self back in the present. I don’t know what I would have done if it hadn’t worked.

This time the transfer wasn’t as violent though, I felt as if I was being shoved through window screen and there was the same smell of honey and creosote. I found myself back at the bar without Lt. Grey in the hell of 1961. I didn’t know how much time had passed since I had left. I was so worried about that fact that I didn’t notice the creature before it was upon me. I felt long needle like teeth crunch into my collar bone and I felt a small mouth begin to burrow into my shoulder when there came a gun shot. I remember shaking in surprise and fear as I watched the once human thing slump to the floor, clutching my bleeding shoulder. The man who had shot the thing introduced himself as Peter Donahue. He stood there balancing awkwardly, his leg in a cast, asking me what happened. I told him what little I knew and he related his experiences to me. He had been sleeping in the infirmary when he was woken up by the doctor and nurse eating the patients.

I can’t believe I just said that, but I guess it illustrates how desperate things really were.

I asked Peter if he knew anything about Shield 2 and what experiment they were working on. He proceeded to grill me on various projects including PROJECT REDLIGHT, mentioned in the file I faxed to Adam, and for whom was I working. I skirted the issue on my employment, and told him the truth that I didn’t know anything about the project. I now know from a communication with Adam that Peter was a DG agent, active in 1961 and disappeared during this event, who was sent to look into the activities of Fort San Carlos. Going back over the details of this I’m wondering why there was only one DG agent there at San Carlos. As I remember DG wasn’t disbanded until 1969 and thus would have more resources than we do currently.

With a determined spirit and a will to face all odds, a trademark of all DG agents no matter what time I am discovering, Peter and I headed toward the command center where much to my relief we found Lt. Grey. I think he was as relieved to see me as I was him. He was all right except something had taken a chunk out of his leg. He told me I seemed to vanish before his eyes. I think he was about to ask me where I had gone but he was cut short by the sight before us in the command center itself. Someone or something had taken all the bodies from all over the base, and had stripped them of all artificial items and clothes and stacked them against the walls like cordwood. It reminded me of the pictures from the Holocaust during WW II, which occurred almost twenty years before my time. I never thought I would see something like that in person.

I tried not to dwell on the how, what and why of the deed as I followed Peter and Lt. Grey down the hallway and down the stairs to the center of the building. Reality and time seemed more normal in the quiet metal hallway though Lt. Grey was complaining of heart trouble. This was the first indication that I may have somehow brought over the Lt. Grey from 1995 and he had somehow merged with his 1961 self. The Lt. Grey from 1961 was in perfect health. After going down several levels, we finally came to the large imposing metal door leading to Shield 2. Peter was studying the door considering how to open it when I saw a ripple appear. I shouted as him to duck and fortunately, he dodged the tentacle that appeared through the door. I looked amazed as the walls and door rippled as if a suspended liquid and then appear solid again.

After a moment of considering this new development it was decided, much to my chagrin, that Lt. Grey walk through the door first. He volunteered and I could not talk him out of it. Despite my own hesitations about what would happen if I walked through that door, I followed immediately behind him. Despite his newfound courage in this situation and his call to duty, I was still trying to look out for him. What I saw next is difficult to describe and I hope you understand from my poor description.

The room was round in shape and seemed both large and small at the same time. My vision seemed skewed like I was looking at everything from different angles. After reading Flatland I now know what the square felt like looking at the world of shapes. Both Pete and Lt. Grey were in the room also but they both appeared under and over me at the same time, and then they were next to me. I could make out several old computers from the sixties seemingly floating in the air with wires attached to a sphere in the center of the room. I believed that the effect was originating from this sphere. Obviously, Peter thought the same thing because he began walking towards it. He looked as though he were walking on thin air.

As he approached the sphere, we heard three-voices. They said they worshipped the void and a figure in a white coat appeared before Peter. I believe he had been one of the scientists working on the project. He looked human but his manner and his eyes betrayed him as something else. I grew more concerned when I noticed a glint of the sphere in his eyes. To be more exact, his pupils looked like the sphere. Peter tried to shoot the figure. The man/thing laughed and vanished from our view. Peter, not to be dissuaded from his purpose, continued on his course to the sphere. As he got closer I noticed a table, and on that table lay a blue folder, and next to the table was a red button. Lt. Grey and I both shouted at him not to hit the button. I feared what might happen. I thought maybe they were baiting us, they were wanting us to hit it. I watched in horror as Lt. Grey raised his gun at Peter to stop him. Peter shot Lt. Grey in the arm and then turned to pick up the folder on the table. I tried to warn Peter when I saw the ball open, but I was already too late, he was withering before my eyes. In the blink of an eye, he was gone and the button vanished.

As I turned to see what had happened to Lt. Grey, one of the scientists appeared before me. With those cold inhuman eyes he said the words “just simple bone and gristle.” It was almost as if he pitied me, yet there was a menacing edge to his voice. That was when I realized the button had been a test, like a rat in a maze. He asked me what I wanted and I replied “understanding.” He said in that he could “show me things that would change me” and “he could take the beast away.” Owen, the vampire, had also mentioned that I was a beast. I didn’t understand it when Owen said it and it wasn’t any clearer to me when this creature said it. This was to come clearer later. I knew that I had to act before the creature did. I shot the figure in the eyes and watched, relieved, as he seemed to disintegrate leaving his empty clothes on the floor.

There were agitated cries from the other two scientists and before I knew what was happening I was being pulled by one of them toward a portal which was opening in the top of the room. Inside the portal was, what I can only describe as a swirling chaos. I closed my eyes against the whirling darkness trying to control the nauseous feeling that was coming over me. When I closed my eyes, I found myself looking through Lt. Grey’s eyes. It took me a moment to realize that there were two of him, the one from 1995 superimposed over the one of 1961. He had somehow managed to get up and make it over to the sphere where a phantom of the button still stood. Not knowing what else to do he/I hit the button, I was startled to see the younger hand stop as if hitting glass as the older hand actually succeeded to hit the button.

The scientists holding me shrieked in terror as he realized what was happening. He dropped me and I glanced up to see his head being removed by the closing gate. During the confusion, somehow a portal to 1995 San Francisco appeared and the third creature leapt through it. I watched in shock as it closed behind him hoping there was another way home to 1995. The events concerning him will be documented in my next report. I found myself next to Lt. Grey and I managed to grab the folder just as the blast went off. I didn’t feel the impact of the blast, in fact I didn’t feel anything. It was as if I was watching it from a distance. Much to my relief and surprise Lt. Grey didn’t seem to be affected by the blast either, at least not visibly. I was to discover later that this was not the case.

I must have blinked because the next thing I knew was standing under a blue sky next to Lt. Grey who was waving at an approaching helicopter. I was again non corporeal. I wished I could have eased Lt. Grey’s concern over the woman named Sandy, but I knew he couldn’t see me. I wanted to tell him it was over and he would go back to his normal life and we would meet two years later, but I couldn’t.

The next series of events I remember in only flashes of memory. I can only describe it as a series of visions, or maybe a larger vision of which my mind will only give me a little bit at a time. I have a feeling if I understood it all at once I might not have been able to handle sensory impute. The effect was overwhelming as it was. Several of the visions seemed to be connected to one another so I will impart them in that manner instead of the order I remembered them. It might make more sense that way, then again maybe not. It is still a bit difficult for me to grasp everything this may mean and I experienced it.

One vision was very odd. I was standing in an alpine meadow where I saw animals from some prehistoric ice age. Across the ground came an odd flat, black, yet four-dimensional figure. It was large and seemed to be looking for something to respond to it, finding nothing it burned the landscape where it moved. This geometric figure then found another animal in a cave, it was an early human, he was afraid of the figure. Finally gaining more confidence, the man touched the shape and then the geometric figure appeared in its eyes. The four-dimensional thing then vanished. This is perhaps the most unexplainable vision I had. I don’t know what it may mean or if it even happened.

The next fugue I placed here due to its bizarre nature. Lying on what I think was a crash site, was a grey alien type being. It had the large head and eyes typically described by UFO nuts. It appeared dead. I looked on as a soldier found the being and called out that “another one” was found. When the soldier turned away from the being I saw the “alien” open its eyes and smile an all too human smile, in its eyes was the same geometric shape as I saw in the previous vision. Perhaps this was what the man who had touched the figure turned into after many thousands of years of evolution, I don’t know. A being such as this is also described in the file, the contents of which have already been forwarded to Cell A, I managed to retrieve from Fort San Carlos. Again, I can only suppose what this may mean. I have never been one to believe in the alien conspiracy theories, but then again I didn’t have a reason to until now.

This next vision seems to stand-alone in that it doesn’t seem to be connected to any of the others. There was a woman in a car sitting on the docks, I sensed somehow that the woman was very powerful. I don’t know if she was simply imposing or there was something supernatural about her. She was ambushed by several men who came out from behind the crates and shot her. The sky the opened up and the car vanished into a shaft of light. I sensed that four survived of the men survived the encounter, but only two were sane. I think it took place in New York City during the 1950’s. Both the car and the skyline seem to be from that time.

The next mental images concerned the enigmatic fiend Stephen Alzis. First, I saw him being introduced to a gathering of robed individuals, all with an unusual mark on their wrist. I have seen the mark on the wrist of a man who gave me a message from Alzis. The image seemed to freeze as Alzis turned to me, this was the first vision that interacted with me, and said, “not now, later in 1995, I’m busy, and first impressions are everything.” The room went dark and I found myself in another room, this time from the turn of the century. Alzis was talking to a man who was busy tinkering on something. Alzis was asking the man to give him an item but the man refused to give it to him saying, “it is for humanity.” I couldn’t make out what exactly the object was the man was working on, but it appeared to be an amulet of some sort. Due to the date of the later vision of Alzis I would venture to say that he definitely older than he looks, or that any of us supposed. He was the one who put me on the path of Fort San Carlos. He had asked me to ask my father about the event in return for information concerning the Nephilim child. He knows something about what happened, but I don’t know how much. He knew I witnessed him being introduced to the cult?, but I don’t know if he realized I witnessed the second event.

In the next vision I may have discovered a little of the mystery behind Robert Hubert/Belial, Alzis’ front man. When I saw him he was standing next to a lake near a German castle. He was wearing an SS uniform and looking much like he does today. He was watching a man emerge from the lake with a spine through his chest. Someone removed the spine and the man still stood, seemingly unharmed. There was no blood on his clothes although there was a hole right through him. I heard Beliel mutter, “an other one.” I wish my visions were less vague than this, but as I said I only remember fragments.

The next thing I recall is of a DG nature. There was a man in a padded cell wearing a straight jacket. At first I couldn’t see his face but I recognized the voice. It was Daedalus and he was pleading “please God, please stop this.” When he looked up I didn’t see his face, in fact I didn’t see any features. His face was totally smooth, he had no eyes, no ears and no mouth. I think you will remember the reference from SC, Bledsoe had written it on the wall. I had heard Daedalus’ screams in my head.

The last apocalypse concerns myself, my history, and my possible future. Oh God, if only it is a possible future, something that can be changed; but I digress. The first part dealt with Lt. Grey being debriefed about the events of Fort San Carlos. He was sitting in a room, evidently drugged. A man in a white coat across the table was examining his folder. I saw on the cover of his file the words “MAJIC CLEARANCE ONLY”. The man asked him what he remembered, and I saw Lt. Grey struggling trying to remember. Lt. Grey remembered being exposed to radiation and that was why he was at the hospital, but he didn’t remember how. The man wrote a note, it said “98% memory deleted.” The man went on to reassure Lt. Grey that there would be no side effects from the exposure and joked with him that his future children would be normal. I guess if you call visions and time travel normal, he was right. Lt. Grey was given a promotion and three weeks paid leave to relax.

These next images were the main reason I am telling this entire event to my cell in person. I only hope they will treat me the same, as if these events had never happened. I am still the same person I was before I had this knowledge, more or less. Remembering the day one is born is very rare, to see that day is, I think, even more unique. Nevertheless, I was witness to my father holding me for the first time. I was witness to the creature in the corner hissing in delight. I felt pride and then worry flood over my father. He didn’t see it but I think deep down he sensed something was wrong. I recognized the hissing from my experiences in SC and I knew it was one of those dark creatures from the beyond, a shadow-morph. I sensed my father was relieved to have a daughter, someone, who wouldn’t have to fight, someone he could protect from all the evils in this world. Someone he now sensed that he might have tainted. He was worried that something was wrong with his baby girl, and that it had something had to do with some unremembered events at a town called Fort San Carlos. Growing up, instead of being my protector and hero, he drilled me hard and taught me how to take care of myself, unknowingly preparing me for the future.

By reading this one may think I have gone over the edge or are wondering at the validity of my visions. For several weeks I have been seeing things, since my first contact with Stephen. It began with a few images. I first thought, like Orion did, that somehow Stephen had infected me with something. I now know that is not true; I was born with this thing in my head. Over time, my abilities have increased. Occasionally when I shake someone’s hand, I see something about him or her. I can touch an area on a crime scene and get images of what happened. Sometimes, as in the case of the Nephilim, I can see through the victim’s eyes and experience what they experienced. I hesitate to try this on a murder scene because I don’t know if I would experience their death and thus my own. There are times when I travel to another world, a harsh mockery of our own which plays on the fears of mankind. I sometimes get flashes of future events that haven’t happened yet. Even some of my dreams tend to be precognitive in nature. In San Francisco, I somehow directed the driver of a car I was riding in to Owen, the vampire, and then saw things through Owen’s eyes as he walked toward the car. I don’t know how I accomplished these last two things, maybe it was because Owen was on my mind thus I somehow called him to me. There are times when I get flashes of things through other peoples eyes. Sometimes what I see are symbols that I have to interpret and other times I see events as if I was standing there.

I have never experienced anything like this that I can remember and I don’t know what triggered it now. I asked my father if he remembered anything unusual about my childhood, something that might give me a clue about what ever I am. He told me that my mother had terrible nightmares when she was pregnant with me. The nightmares were so bad that they decided never to have another child because neither wanted to go through that again. Aside from the nightmares the only unusual thing my father could recall about the pregnancy was the night mother called out the name “Sandy”, except it wasn’t in her voice, it was in mine. Evidently, as a baby I had spoken through my mother with an adult’s voice.

I don’t know what triggered my abilities now, nor what exactly is causing them. The only lead I have is the shadow morph in the corner of the hospital room. I first saw this creature in South Carolina when working on the multiple homicide concerning the Gestalt being who used to be Byron Bledsoe. He said that they (MJ12) had put it into him. On one occasion with Stephen he mumbled something about “shifters/buzzers”, and how they aren’t from this reality. He mentioned that humans reject the shadow-morph and thus the shadow-morph destroys the human. I think that what ever I am, is from the same place as the shadow morph. That explains why Daedalus sent Stephen to me, he somehow knew. Perhaps these things can communicate with one another and thus they already knew me, before I knew myself. That was why Bledsoe didn’t hurt me, he sensed we were of the same kin, or at least close relatives.

I am not the same as the Gestalt beings, my abilities aren’t the same. Now whether that is due to me being BORN as a cross between a human and this thing I don’t know. Maybe I am somehow related to these shifters. I am only guessing. God, I sound so crazy. This whole thing sounds insane. I promise you I am sane; I am only trying to find a rational explanation for the unexplainable.

My father was exposed to something from another world and it was and will be passed on to his children. My stepmother is expecting a child from him and I have already sensed something odd with the child. I tried to explain to him as best I understood that yes, there was something different with that child as well as myself, but I didn’t elaborate. How could I tell him what I myself don’t understand entirely? Maybe by the time the child is born I can tell him more, I don’t know.

This brings me to the future and what it may bring. The last vision is possibly the most disturbing of all of them because it deals more with the unknown than the others. It deals with something that may or may not come to pass. I only hope it can be avoided. The scene took place in a smoky bar. There on the floor crouched a figure next to someone lying on the floor. The figure was eating the person’s throat out. I touched the figure on the shoulder and when the figure turned around I …,I was staring into my own face. My eyes were rolled back into my head and I was screaming “I’m not me”. I couldn’t make out the figure on the floor so I don’t know who the victim was/will be. This vision terrifies me the most. I can’t imagine what will cause me to lose myself like that, but I know it wouldn’t be the first time a DG agent has cracked. I only hope someone would kill me before I became a mindless… animal. I don’t think that happens though, because I have had two subsequent visions of myself in a padded cell and I can’t even recall my own name.

As you can see I successfully returned to the present, battered and mentally exhausted, but I had a prize of sorts. I still had the folder with the blue cover and the words MAJIC on the front. McGreddy and Lt. Grey were taken to the hospital. McGreddy suffered dehydration and hunger and Lt. Grey had had a stroke. Both are all right now. The scientist who came through the portal from 1961 left his lab coat on the couch and I was to deal with it later. This encounter will be detailed in my next report as this is already very lengthy.

As far as the file is concerned, it has already been given to A cell. I had read it before I sent it on in an attempt to understand what they were trying to do. Evidently, an “alien craft” had crashed in 1947, and they were trying to use the “engine” of the craft to create a shield. Early tests of this shield had caused the human subjects to have a psychotic breakdown. Despite this side effect they were going to test the shield on the town of San Carlos, believing they had mastered the technology enough to not effect the military base. They probably felt the area was remote enough that if anything went wrong they could contain the effect. They even had a team outside the test zone ready in case something did go wrong. Unfortunately, they didn’t understand the type of technology they were dealing with and the effect not only created a shield around the town but the base as well.

Hundreds of lives were lost for the sake of “science” and reality was nearly torn apart. I don’t know what these men were thinking when they did this. Maybe they were simply blinded by the possibilities something like this could produce. To my knowledge, there were no survivors from San Carlos except for Lt. Grey and I. I am assuming that the only information they have of this event is from the insane ramblings of Lt. Grey as I don’t think he ever truly understood what had happened. As for the woman named Sandy, they probably looked for her for years not realizing she had not been born yet. I am sure she produced many long hours of frustration to MJ12. Perhaps they thought she was a figment of Lt. Grey’s imagination.

Unlike me, Lt. Grey remembers very little of the events of 1961 and that is probably for the best. It is enough I have to live with the memory knowing what MJ12 did has forever effected my life and his. I don’t know what the future brings, but I do know at this moment I am very sane and very rational. Despite the revelations recorded here tonight I am still the same person I was before it all and I hope my cell members accept that. Well, I come to the end of my strange, odd tale. I hope this knowledge may help in some way. If not, it will still be a record of past wrongs.


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