Report #3274

Categories: Items of Mutual Interest

 By Adam Scott Glancy, ©1998.

DATE: 25 July 1998
AGENTS: Yevgeni, Yolanda, Young
SUMMARY: Report on Cell Y’s disastrous operation in the United Kingdom, resulting in the Cell A advisory for all agents to avoid the UK.


Operation EARL GRAY

Cell Y was assigned to this op following your request that we investigate whether the Brits’ WWII-vintage paranormal intelligence agency was still operating and perhaps responsible for the interference which Dr. Fulani encountered when she tried to investigate the Army of the Third Eye. You tentatively identified the UK agency as having the acronym PISCES. Cell Y has engaged in overseas operations in continental Europe and England in the past and seemed perfect for the op.

Cell Y interviewed Lee Coleman’s father, Edgar. (Coleman, you’ll recall, was the founder of the Army of the Third Eye.) In 1994, the British government, through the US Justice Department, executed a search warrant on the Coleman home to seize any materials which might assist in his capture. All of Lee Coleman’s personal belongings and his correspondence with his family were seized. However, of more importance may be a phone call Edgar Coleman received from his son after Lee had escaped from the hospital where he was recovering from his self-trepanation:

“. . . most of what he said was unintelligible, and the words I could understand didn’t make any sense. My boy told me that he couldn’t come home until he had killed all the ‘ghosts from space.'”

Edgar did not pass this information on to the US Marshals who executed the warrant, nor to the Englishman who accompanied them–a Mr. “Cotton.”

After Coleman was arrested, the British government refused his family’s request to visit or contact him. They cited “security precautions,” stating that Coleman was too violent and unpredictable to have visitors or maintain normal communication.

Cell Y uncovered the following facts about the victims/members of the Army of the Third Eye. What follows is a list of names, occupations, and approximate dates of trepanation.

In Prison:
Lee Coleman
Student (Mining Engineer)

In Mental Institutions:
Richard Rowland
Electrical Engineer, Ministry of Defense (MOD)

Francine Parch
Computer Programmer, MOD

Stuart Grayson
Administrator, European Space Administration

William Downing
Aerospace Engineer, British Aerospace

Thomas Cuthbert
Captain, Royal Air Force, detached to ESA

Brain Damaged:
Julia Charlwood
Member of Parliament (Labor)

Wade Cullen
Electrical Engineer, British Aerospace

Penellope Bealle
Professor of Physics, Cambridge University06/90

Sam Arnold
Administrator ESA

Steven Stowe
Aerospace Engineer, ESA

You will note that the last abduction occurred in 1993, three years before Coleman and his followers were arrested. Also note that the fatalities and brain damage cases primarily occurred during the Army’s first two years of operation. Considering the pace of the abductions during their first four years of activity, I seriously doubt they ceased their trepanation’s during the 1994-1996 period. Also, with the improvement of their trepanation technique, it is very possible that some members of the Army are still at large and still conducting their work in ways that would not be as apparent as a surgical scar in the middle of the victim’s forehead.

In 1994, Scotland Yard Special Branch assigned Chief Inspector Margaret Alva to track down the Army of the Third Eye. Agent Young was personally acquainted with Chief Inspector Alva and persuaded her to reveal the following information. To Chief Inspector Alva’s knowledge, the British Security Service, MI-5, had taken over the case and only needed Special Branch for its arrest powers. When it came time to arrest the Army of the Third Eye, some kind of “decoy” was used to lure the members of the Army to an isolated farmhouse in Cornwall, where a Special Air Service team captured them. Following the arrest, Alva and several other officers were given a script to memorize by an man from MI-5 named “Cotton.” This script was their trial testimony, which they gave under oath to cover up the fact that MI-5 and the SAS had been involved.

By contacting janitors, maintenance workers, and guards at the various hospitals and prisons that housed the prisoners, Cell Y learned that all six of the incarcerated members of the Army of the Third Eye were kept in “special handling” wings and had minimal contact with their jailers. In order to confirm the identities of the incarcerated Army members, a food tray from Lee Coleman’s cell was smuggled out. The fingerprints did not match the prints on file for Lee Coleman. No prints could be obtained for the English members of the Army.

Cell Y decided to “bell the cat” by deliberately trying to pick up a tail. Since there might be members of the Army still at large, whoever was hunting them might have come to the same conclusion. If that were true, they would be watching the two known members of the Army who were not in custody. One, Wade Cullen, was a wheelchair-bound invalid living under his mother’s care. The other, Julia Charlwood, was apparently a schizophrenic street person.

Agent Young visited Wade Cullen and his mother, Mary, and was able to persuade Mrs. Cullen to allow him access. While at the Cullen residence, Young discovered a hidden microphone in the living room. The interview was carried out with Agent Young whispering questions to Cullen and Cullen making primitive drawings in response. Robbed of the power of speech and unable to write, these drawing–which were part of his physical therapy–are his only means of communication.

Agent Young took photos of everything Cullen drew. They include sketches of men with spider-like things in their heads and the island of Great Britain overshadowed by a huge spider web. Wade indicated that he, Lee Coleman, and every member of the Army of the Third Eye had once had one of these spiders in their heads. His drawings seem to show light shining in through a “third eye” and driving the spider-thing out. When asked if he knew the name “Cotton,” Cullen indicated a head with a spider in it.

After leaving the Cullen home, Agent Young became aware of several vehicles that began tailing him. He noted at least four tails: a taxicab, a motorcycle, a land-rover, and a compact car. A decision was made to attempt to lose the tail in a crowded pub. During the scuffle that ensued, Agent Yevgeni incapacitated one of their tails and took her prisoner. This resulted in the tail’s backup team opening fire with their handguns. Our agents returned fire and disabled the “taxicab” tail car before making their escape. Cell Y was forced to ditch their vehicle and “acquire” a new one.

According to her MI-5 identity card, the captured pavement artist was named Felicia Price. She was interrogated (without the use of physical coercion) and several facts were revealed. Price seemed genuinely shocked at the Diplomatic Passports and Federal law enforcement identification she was presented with by our agents. Apparently, she and her team was told they were shadowing a group of IRA terrorists recruited from America. She seemed less than pleased to see that her anti-terrorist surveillance mission was actually (in her words) “some kind of Whitehall wank-fest.” She claimed to know nothing about who cut the orders; only that around MI-5 these men were known as “The Gods,” because of their lofty positions in British Intelligence. When Cell Y dropped the name PISCES on Price she seemed to recognize it and was surprised they’d heard of it.

At this point, Cell Y concluded that the Army of the Third Eye was targeted by some faction inside British Intelligence, perhaps the agency known as PISCES. Furthermore, they believed that the members of the Army who were captured were either dead or had been moved to another facility with some anonymous mental deficient left in their place. Third, this agency was still hunting the Army and were keeping former members under surveillance. The Army’s goals, according to Cell Y’s interpretations of Wade Cullen’s drawings, was to free people from the spider things in their heads and free England from the web it was caught in. Since Cullen had identified the man known as “Mr. Cotton” as having one of these “spider-things” in his head, Cell Y came to the conclusion that some faction of British Intelligence, perhaps even PISCES, had been infiltrated by these “cerebral parasites.”

The decision was made to return to the US Embassy and report everything they learned to Cell A before anything happened to them.

Cell Y was pulling into embassy row at around 10:30 p.m. when two land rovers moved to cut them off. Agent Young out-maneuvered them and sped towards the US embassy gates. They were then fired upon by at least a dozen men in commando gear wearing black ski masks. Two tires were shot out and Agent Young was struck several times, but was saved by his bullet-proof vest. Despite injuries to his right arm and neck, Agent Young attempted to drive the vehicle through the front gates, but crashed into a car at the curb and came up about twenty yards short of the gate. Agent Yevgeni attempted to identify himself by waving his diplomatic passport out the window and was shot through his right palm. Agent Yolanda made a break for the gate. She was shot in both legs and fell about ten feet from the gate. At this point she cried out to the Marine guards that she was with the Department of State and threw her ID to them.

Agents Young and Yevgeni also tried to exit the vehicle out the left side. The MI-5 agent, Price, was held up as a human shield. Holding her hands over her head, she began screaming, “Don’t shoot! I’m Security Service!” The commandos opened fired and Price suffered a half-dozen gunshot wounds. As she crumpled, Agents Young and Yevgeni began to return fire and maneuvered to the front of the car for cover. The Marine guards also began to return fire since shots from the commandos were ricocheting into the US embassy grounds. The commandos called out “SAS! Hold your fire!” Meanwhile, Agent Yolanda was killed by a well-placed head shot as she crawled to the Embassy gate. This caused the Marines to intensify their fire.

Agents Young and Yevgeni were trapped by the car for nearly thirty seconds as the gun battle ragged around them. They did their best to return the SAS fire, but were pinned down and received several minor injuries from ricochets and shrapnel as their vehicle was shot to pieces. At this point one of the Marines threw a smoke grenade over the agents’ car. With the cloud to obscure them, Agents Young and Yevgeni attempted to crawl from the car to the gate. One of the Marines claims to have heard the SAS team yell out “Don’t let them in, you idiots! They’ve got a bomb!”

Three of the SAS troopers rushed the gate and there was a short and brutal exchange of gunfire in the smoke cloud. The three SAS troopers were cut down by fire from our agents and the Marines. Agent Young was shot in both legs and in the groin. Agent Yevgeni made it to the gate, but received bullet wounds in his left buttock and right elbow. He was pulled into the Embassy by a Marine Corporal.

According to Marines on the wall, a firefight then broke out among the SAS troopers themselves. It appeared that one trooper was calling for a cease fire and the SAS CO shot him in the head. Having seen this, his men began firing at him. The CO then rushed the gate and was shot by the Marine guards and Agent Yevgeni. As he fell, something (and I’m quoting not only Agent Yevgeni, but also three Marines who were witnesses) “flew out of his head.” According to witnesses, it flew into a Marine private’s face. He screamed, stumbled back holding his face, and then straightened and turned his weapon on Agent Yevgeni. The Marine Corporal grabbed the rifle barrel and saved Agent Yevgeni’s life. Agent Yevgeni shot the unfortunate private in the face, killing him instantly. Then the thing that flew out of the SAS CO‘s head flew out of the Private’s ruined face and was about to fly into the Corporal’s when Agent Yevgeni shot it out of the air. Upon closer inspection, it appeared to be some kind of huge insect, close to a foot long.

In the firefight at the embassy gate, three SAS troopers were killed, four were wounded. One Marine guard was killed and five were wounded. Agent Young bled to death before he could receive proper medical attention. In the minutes following the shootout, London Metropolitan police arrived on the scene, along with an army of journalists. Agent Yevgeni refused to be taken to a London hospital and insisted on being air-lifted by Marine helicopter to the base hospital at RAF/USAF Bentwaters. He also had the remains of the “insect” brought along with orders that no one should see it and that it be kept frozen and stored as a hazardous material. Due to the length of the flight and the severity of his wounds, he lost consciousness in transit.

Upon regaining consciousness nearly a day later, Agent Yevgeni was interrogated for several hours by a USAF officer named Colonel Robert Coffey. Col. Coffey seemed to want to know what happened outside the US Embassy and was particularly interested in the remains of the insect Yevgeni collected. However, Col. Coffey never mentioned the creature and seemed to want to get Agent Yevgeni to mention it first. Regardless, Agent Yevgeni admitted nothing. The remains of the “insect” disappeared from the airbase’s hazardous-materials storage facility and have not been accounted for.

The “Embassy Row Massacre” has been touted in the British press as an attack upon the US embassy by IRA terrorists, with several SAS and Marine guard casualties. The Brits produced the bullet-ridden bodies of three men and a woman they claimed were the terrorists that attacked the embassy. There was even a bomb found in the trunk of the car our agents appropriated. The four corpses were in fact members of the IRA, demonstrating that whoever was responsible for the ambush of our agents had a cover story already in place, complete with Irish fall guys.

It has gotten back to me through unofficial channels that Her Majesty’s government privately claims that they mistook the people in the car for a group of IRA terrorists who were launching a suicide car-bomb attack on the US embassy. They’ve quietly apologized for the incident but will not elaborate further as to how our team, plus their agent, plus a stolen car, added up to fit the description of a quartet of IRA suicide bombers.

If the creature killed by Agent Yevgeni was not acting alone–and the extent of dissuasive official action in this investigation bears that assumption out–then the worst-case scenario here is that the government of the United Kingdom–our closest political, economic, and military partner of this century–may be infiltrated by an alien intelligence. An alien intelligence with motives we know absolutely nothing about, except for secrecy and self-preservation.

Given the demonstrated extent of these creatures’ power over the UK intelligence–and governmental?–apparatus, and the violent ends to which they are willing to go to protect themselves and destroy the Army of the Third Eye, I can only recommend to Cell A that the present emergency ban against DG agents visiting the UK continue, excepting investigations specifically targeted against this threat. We have to move very, very carefully here–even our own government has made little effort to get to the bottom of the Embassy Row Massacre, presumably to avoid jeopardizing the progress of the Northern Ireland peace effort. This is a very serious situation, and offhand I’m at a loss as to what our next step is going to be.

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