The Delta Green Drinking Game

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Date: Fri, 26 Feb 1999 21:19:39 -0500 (EST)
From: The Man in Black 
To: Delta Green List 
Reply-To: Delta Green List 

For those not familiar, the rules of a drinking game are to take a 
drink during an event (usually a television program or videotape) whenever
certain cliched, formulaic or highly improbable events occur. Please
practice responsible consumption of adult beverages or you will die of
alcohol poisoning, become an alcoholic, give birth to deformed infants 
or otherwise force the Man in Black to ridicule your laughable tragedy in 
a public forum.


NRO DELTA threatens the Agents: One Drink

Friendlies fuck everything up: One Drink

SaucerWatch FUBAR's everything: One Drink

Agents fuck everything up: Two Drinks

Friendlies save the day!: One Drink

SaucerWatch saves the day!: Three drinks and your agents suck!

Agents must think of a cover story for mythos activity: One Drink

Their story sucks big cheese: Two Drinks

Their story attracts national media attention: One Drink

Their story attracts Majestic: One Drink

Their story attracts SaucerWatch: One Drink

Their Story attracts BOTH SaucerWatch AND Majestic: Four Drinks

Agents must assassinate an Evil Cultist: One Drink

The Evil Cultist(s) kills them all: Three Drinks

Some loser accidentally summons a monster: One Drink

A Great Old One appears: Three Drinks

An Outer God appears: Chug the whole six-pack, unless it's Nyarlathotep,
and he does nothing of import (see below).

Ghouls fight each other: One Drink

The Goody-Two-Shoes Ghouls win: Two Drinks

ex-Soviets kill some ghouls: One Drink

Majestic brainwashes someone: One Drink

...It's an Agent: Two Drinks

...It's an Agent's loved one: Three Drinks

The Agent's loved one shakes it off: Another Three Drinks

The Agents must travel to another country: One Drink

...It's the United Kingdom: Another Drink

They encounter Shans in the U.K.: Yet Another Drink

...They DON'T encounter Shans: WTF? That's Five Drinks, plus the two 
from before! 

Y'golonac appears with a sock puppet: One Drink

Y'golonac appears without a sock puppet, and NO ONE brings it up!: Two

Carl Stanford gets beaten up really bad or killed: Three drinks

Someone's head gets Squicked: Three Drinks

An insane Russian cuts off his balls. OUCH!: One Drink

Evil Swedes appear: Two Drinks, with a chaser of Swedish Meatballs, the
book isn't even out yet, fer cryin' out loud!

Stephan Alzis shows up to deal: One Drink

The Agents refuse to deal: One Drink

The Agents Deal, but get shafted: Two Drinks

Alzis betrays a Lord of the Fate: Two Drinks

Alzis gets killed, but later reappears with NO EXPLANATION WHATSOEVER: 
Three Drinks

The Fate gets away scot-free with whatever it is they're doing: One 

Nazis raise the dead: One Drink

Nazi pawns get shafted by the Karotechia: One Drink

Nazis steal a book: One Drink

Karotechia fight amongst themselves: Two Drinks

When Nazis show up, someone asks "Is this part of Emerald Hammer?": One

...The answer is "yes": Two Drinks

The agents request something ridiculous from A-cell (like a nuclear
weapon): One Drink

A-cell has it!: Two Drinks

...But they won't deliver: One Drink

...They DO Deliver!: Four Drinks, and your Keeper's name is Monty Haul

The Agents request help from another cell: One Drink

The other cell actually helps!: Two Drinks

Someone uses one of the Man in Black's catchphrases: One Drink

The Man in Black stole that catchphrase from Professional Wrestling: 
Another Drink

The Agents get to use Kewl Technology: One Drink

Someone hacks into a computer: One Drink

...They get caught!: Two Drinks

Heavy Machinery is brought in: One Drink

...It BLOWS UP!: One Drink

The Agents have a car chase: One Drink

They chase someone on foot: Two Drinks

The bad guy gets away, so the plot may continue: One Drink

The Agents call each other on the cellular phone: One Drink

Something significant happens on an airplane: One Drink

...on a Boat: Two Drinks

...on a military ship or airplane: Two Drinks

Someone sees a UFO: One Drink

...they get abducted: One Drink

...they remember Mi-Go!: Two Drinks

Majestic covers up Grey activity: One Drink

SaucerWatch uncovers it!: One Drink

...Someone takes them seriously: Two Drinks

The local NPC's are of no use whatsoever: One Drink

The local NPC's are EXTREMELY useful: Two Drinks

The local NPC's save the day!: Three drinks and your agents suck!

A case from the 1920's is found to have great impact on the present 
day: One Drink

You Investigated or Kept that scenario: Two Drinks

A case from Delta Green's shady past is found to have great impact on 
the present day: Two Drinks

You Investigated or Kept *that* scenario: Four Drinks

Nyarlathotep appears in the scenario, but DOESN'T DO ANYTHING 

You're not playing with Chaosium's Basic Role-Playing System: One Drink

You are, but you have lots of house rules: Two Drinks

Your house rules are mostly combat-oriented: Another Drink

You are playing over the internet (IRC, PBEM etc): One Drink, and you 
need to get out more and make some RL friends.

...and you have to interrupt the game for RL concerns: One Drink

...you ignore the RL concerns to continue uninterrupted gaming: Two
Drinks, and you are a Loser.

...you ignore the RL concerns to continue gaming and some RL person 
gets mad at you: Three Drinks, HAH! BUSTED!

Someone wants a gun no one else has heard of: One Drink

...They get it: Two Drinks, and your Keeper's name is Monty Haul

The scenario requires a skill no one in their right mind would ever 
take: One Drink

All the Investigators survive the scenario: Two Drinks, and your 
Keeper's a wimp!

None of the Investigators survive the scenario: Three Drinks, and your
Keeper sucks, or YOU suck.

Someone is killed because of a bad dice roll: One Drink

Someone is almost killed by a bad dice roll, but the Keeper has mercy: 
Two Drinks


That's it for now...

If you think of any more Kewl additions to the Delta Green Drinking 
Game, go ahead and post them to the list. 

PS: Is there a Call of Cthulhu Drinking Game?

The Man in Black is : Kenneth Scroggins
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