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Call of Cthulhu Online Game
Sponsored by Pagan Publishing
Transcript of twelfth session — July 25th, 1993

Gary Nedler– Gary Nedler, new age bookstore owner and long-time govt. consultant
Mr Shiny– Agent Fenemore, F.B.I. agent
Shaft10449– Agent Newcastle, F.B.I. agent
The Gamer– Agent Starbird, F.B.I. agent (present only briefly)

Opening “Chat Log 7/25/93” for recording.

Pagan Pub: Anyway, you guys jet to Tulsa after your CNN exposure.

Pagan Pub: Your weapons are concealed in your stowed baggage.

Pagan Pub: You know that Enolsis reps are to meet you at the airport.

Pagan Pub: Shiny, give me a percentile roll

OnlineHost: Agent Fenemore rolled 1 100-sided die: 29

Pagan Pub: You fall asleep.

Agent Fenemore: zzzzzz

Agent Fenemore: any dreams?

Pagan Pub: You wake up as the plane touches down. You have some recollection of a dream you had. It was the image you saw before…the red globe with lights orbiting it in a sea of stars.

Pagan Pub: Alright. Arriving in Tulsa, you disembark.

Pagan Pub: A man and a woman wearing earth toned stylish clothing walk forward, smiling.

Pagan Pub: Both are wearing crystal pendants around their necks.

Agent Newcastle: Are they in “Hippie” dress or do they look normal?

Pagan Pub: Oh no. Casual clothes, well-made. Look like they would be running a cheese shop in Denver or something similar.

Agent Fenemore: Ahh, yes, the traditional Colorado cheese shop attire!

Pagan Pub: They introduce themselves as Steve Moseley and Fran Crowe.

Pagan Pub: “How was your flight?”

Agent Newcastle: Most excellent.

Agent Fenemore: Tranquil

Pagan Pub: “We’ve watched your interviews a dozen times. You can’t imagine how anxious everyone is to hear all about your experience.”

Gary Nedler: “It was the worst, man. Total fascist nightmare. Total repression.”

Agent Newcastle: You’ll excuse us if we don’t have the same enthusiasm. It was a very trying experience.

Agent Fenemore: “I felt drained.”

Gary Nedler: “That was the worst of it. I was too depressed even to meditate, man.”

Pagan Pub: Steve frowns. “I understand. It’s been a real blow to us, even this far away.”

Pagan Pub: “You wouldn’t think the path to enlightenment would be of interest to the federal government!”

Pagan Pub: “Well, let’s get your bags and get underway. Likely as not they’re watching us right now.”

Pagan Pub: Fran glances around with a stern look on her face.

Gary Nedler: “No, man, you think so?”

Agent Newcastle: True. Be Careful.

Agent Fenemore: (put on sunglasses)

Gary Nedler: (put on rose colored sunglasses)

Agent Newcastle: (spectacleless)

Pagan Pub: You’re a spectacle anyway.

Pagan Pub: The five of you head to the baggage claim and grab various luggage.

Agent Fenemore: Glance at bags – any sign of tampering?

Pagan Pub: No, the airline’s security tape is intact. For whatever that’s worth.

Pagan Pub: Give me spot hidden rolls.

OnlineHost: Agent Newcastle rolled 1 100-sided die: 42

OnlineHost: Gary Nedler rolled 1 100-sided die: 13

OnlineHost: Agent Fenemore rolled 1 100-sided die: 14

Agent Newcastle: No, missed by 2.

Gary Nedler: YEAH! Spotted That Hidden!

Agent Newcastle: They both spot that hidden.

Pagan Pub: Okay, the two of you don’t have much trouble spotting the guys in suits paying more attention to you than they should.

Agent Newcastle: Are they CIA plants?

Gary Nedler: Hmmm. Are these government style suits or other kinds?

Agent Newcastle: FBI I mean.

Pagan Pub: No idea. They aren’t familiar.

Agent Newcastle: Perhaps Gaston knew they would be expecting us to be followed.

Gary Nedler: But do they have dark suits, white ear beads, sunglasses, black wingtips, etc.?

Agent Fenemore: Ear radios? Weapon bulges?

Pagan Pub: Well, they look a bit casual. No radios. Bulges? Can’t tell.

Agent Newcastle: Does Enolsis have a car or are we taking a cab?

Pagan Pub: They’ve got a car waiting outside, which you guys reach shortly.

Agent Newcastle: I’ll get in since I don’t see the suits.

Pagan Pub: Everything cool? Do you guys get in and go?

Agent Fenemore: “Hey brother, did you notice those two?”

Agent Fenemore: (to Enolisis guy – indicating suits)

Pagan Pub: “Hmm? No, what two?”

Gary Nedler: “Notice who? Was someone following us?”

Agent Fenemore: “I think attention may have followed us.”

Agent Newcastle: I did not see anything.

Agent Newcastle: “But I wouldn’t doubt it”

Agent Fenemore: “Lets see if they follow the car”

Agent Newcastle: Who’s driving?

Pagan Pub: Some Enolsis flunky.

Gary Nedler: “Man, can’t they just leave us alone? Everywhere we go, the system hounds us.”

Agent Fenemore: (Psychology?)

Pagan Pub: Sure.

OnlineHost: Agent Fenemore rolled 1 100-sided die: 7

OnlineHost: Gary Nedler rolled 1 100-sided die: 29

Gary Nedler: That’s good.

Agent Fenemore: How do they feel about the tail?

Pagan Pub: They’re not surprised.

Pagan Pub: You guys get in the car and roll.

Agent Fenemore: Do they seem stable?

Pagan Pub: Oh, they seem very pleasant, friendly, and together.

Agent Newcastle: I like them.

Pagan Pub: The trip to the HQ takes about half an hour. It’s out in the middle of nowhere.

Agent Fenemore: That describes most of Tulsa

Pagan Pub: On the way, they ask you to hold talking about the tragedy until you reach the others. But they are very interested in hearing about your general Enolsis experience. Why you joined, what you’ve learned, how it’s helped you, where you’re going in your personal quest, that kind of thing.

Pagan Pub: What do you say, in general?

Agent Newcastle: Inner peace and tranquility type of stuff.

Agent Newcastle: Mention the energy I get from meditation.

Gary Nedler: “Man, no one understood me before, but at Enolsis, people listened.”

Gary Nedler: “They showed me how to meditate, get in touch with my inner self, ” [blah blah]

Agent Fenemore: “I’ve found a place that tought me to trust my inner self.”

Gary Nedler: “You get a rush from meditation too?” [to Newcastle] “It’s the best rush, man.

Agent Fenemore: “Right on brother.”

Agent Newcastle: Not really a rush, btu energy for the day.

Agent Newcastle: I like to Tone It Down.

Pagan Pub: Okay, sounds good.

Pagan Pub: They share their own stories, which are about the same. They talk about the peace and harmony they’ve felt since they’ve joined. They also talk about the importance of dreams, and how they find themselves having dreams more relevant and inspirational than not.

Agent Newcastle: Any stories of an energy rush?

Pagan Pub: They do mention that, and refer to it as energy that comes from inside you. They relate it to using more of your brain, or some claptrap like that.

Agent Fenemore: I tell them about my recurring dream and watch for reaction.

Agent Fenemore: I mention the red globe and the things orbiting it.

Pagan Pub: Psychology rolls.

OnlineHost: Agent Newcastle rolled 1 100-sided die: 32

OnlineHost: Gary Nedler rolled 1 100-sided die: 42

OnlineHost: Agent Fenemore rolled 1 100-sided die: 16

Agent Newcastle: No, missed by 2.

Gary Nedler: made it by 8 (lucky)

Gary Nedler: good roll!

Pagan Pub: Okay, you guys that made it, Steve & Fran are startled by Fenemore’s description of his dream.

Pagan Pub: They don’t say much other than “that’s interesting, what do you think it means?”

Agent Fenemore: “I don’t know – I was hoping Enolsis would lead me to the answers.”

Gary Nedler: Startled as in they recognize it, or as in they’re totally confused by it?

Pagan Pub: Startled, almost worried.

Pagan Pub: They exchange a look.

Pagan Pub: [Hey, Agent Starbird is online. He may be joining us.]

Agent Newcastle: I exchange a worried look with Gary.

Gary Nedler: Whoa! :: Gary acts like he doesn’t get it :: “Cool dream, man. What had you eaten?”

Pagan Pub: You guys roll on and shortly arrive at the compound.

Agent Starbird:

Pagan Pub: Quick question to refresh my memory — any of you wearing a wire?

Gary Nedler: Not Gary.

Agent Newcastle: Not I.

Agent Fenemore: I think I was

Agent Fenemore: (along with several concealed weapons)

Pagan Pub: No prob. Starbird is nearby, and I wanted to know.

Gary Nedler: (no chance to get anything out of luggage, but maybe have nunchuks on me?)

Pagan Pub: Uh, sure.

Pagan Pub: The car is stopped at a gate. Some guys in a little booth step out and say hello. Steve and Fran yak for a minute as the gate opens, then you pull inside.

Pagan Pub: Starbird, you’re in a van with several other heavily-armed guys listening in on Fenemore’s wire.

Pagan Pub: The Enolsis compound is quite a sight. You drive into a big central plaza with a very modern, new-agey kind of building in front of a fountain. There are several other buildings around the plaza, and roads leading to perhaps a half-dozen more in the immediate area.

Pagan Pub: The fountain is bathed in numerous colored lights that pulsate constantly in different patterns.

Pagan Pub: The car pulls around the circular drive, and the five of you climb out in front of the main building.

Pagan Pub: Steve turns and smiles. “You guys hungry? We can eat while we talk, if you like.”

Agent Newcastle: Sounds Good. Tofu For All!

Agent Fenemore: “I’m famished.”

Pagan Pub: “Glad to hear it. The food’s great. It’s all grown here!”

Agent Newcastle: Groovy!

Pagan Pub: You all head into the building and several more people greet you.

Pagan Pub: They say how glad they are that you’re here, and express concern over the tragedy in St. Louis.

Pagan Pub: You’re led through a series of rooms, all decorated pleasantly, again in earth tones. Paintings of clouds, forests, shining lights, spirit-beings, etc.

Pagan Pub: Steve tells someone to bring food.

Gary Nedler: “Cool, man. Looks good for meditation.”

Agent Newcastle: “Wow, this place is great. Much better than that St. Louis dump.”

Pagan Pub: Steve frowns. “Well, it sounds like they weren’t exactly spending money for decorating.”

Agent Newcastle: “Very True, man”

Pagan Pub: You all gather in a largish room around a low table, where you sit on the floor.

Pagan Pub: Trays of food are brought in. Lots of hearty vegetables and sauces, but chicken as well.

Pagan Pub: Cheeses and bread. Herbal teas. Fruit and vegetable juices.

Agent Newcastle: Any All-American Beef around?

Pagan Pub: No beef, but there is chicken. Chickens are much easier to raise and manage.

Agent Newcastle: :: Tries to smile while eating vegatables::

Gary Nedler: “Pass some more of that tofu, man.”

Pagan Pub: After a few minutes, the Living Power enters.

Agent Newcastle: Woah!

Gary Nedler: Description?

Pagan Pub: He’s tall and slim, about 6’2″. Brown hair. Green eyes.

Pagan Pub: He just radiates peace and confidence, smiling as he comes in.,

Pagan Pub: He takes each of your hands and holds it for a moment as he nods and says hello.

Gary Nedler: (Think calm and peaceful thoughts in case he’s trying to psychically read me.)

Pagan Pub: He sits down next to Fenemore. “Please, continue eating. But tell us all about your experience.”

Pagan Pub: [speaking to all of you]

Agent Fenemore: think of the red globe

Agent Newcastle: “I’m honored to meet you” ::thinking about how terrible the food is::

Agent Fenemore: talk about the search for inner peace – the attack…

Pagan Pub: “It’s a greater honor to meet one’s self, friend.”

Gary Nedler: :: Liking the food :: “Man, Enolsis was like my first home away from home, you know?”

Agent Newcastle: “wow, that’s deep,man”

Gary Nedler: “Then, these pigs came in with guns when we were all meditating”

Agent Fenemore: :::wishing for pie, a cup a ‘jo and donuts :::

Gary Nedler: “It was horrible, man. The TV people kept after us. It’s so good to be here.”

Gary Nedler: “Where people understand me, man.”

Pagan Pub: “I understand. It’s been quite an ordeal.”

Pagan Pub: “What did the federal people tell you afterwards? What did they ask?”

Agent Newcastle: “they asked us about the leader, what we knew of his dealings”

Agent Newcastle: “I was afraid for my life, man”

Pagan Pub: He nods.

Agent Newcastle: “I didn’t say anything though”

Agent Fenemore: “There was little we could tell them”

Agent Newcastle: “They kept askin’ me why I joined in the first place”

Gary Nedler: “They were asking the weirdest things, man. Their attitudes were so negative.”

Pagan Pub: “Did they say why they were investigating your group?”

Agent Fenemore: “No.”

Gary Nedler: “Like, they wanted to know if we knew Eddy Valiant was a tool of the red communist mafia.”

Pagan Pub: “Hmm. Well, the man was clearly not our kind of person. Or rather, we weren’t his kind of people.”

Pagan Pub: “It’s just unfortunate that his transgressions were visited so horribly upon innocents like yourselves and the others.”

Agent Newcastle: “If you have something innocent and pure, someone will always try to take advantage of it”

Pagan Pub: He nods his head sadly.

Pagan Pub: “Well, I’m glad you’re here. We’ll have some important news shortly, and it’s probably better that you’re not someplace where those people can get ahold of you.”

Agent Newcastle: What is the current game time?

Pagan Pub: Um, it’s late afternoon.

Pagan Pub: “Well, some of our folks would like to talk to you more in-depth about recent events. I need to make some preparations for a statement I’ll be making to the press this evening. So please, enjoy our hospitality, and I hope we can help to restore some peace in your life.”

Agent Newcastle: “Like thanks, man”

Agent Fenemore: “Peace, brother.”

Gary Nedler: “Um, do you think later I could get my picture taken with you?” :: to TLP ::

Gary Nedler: “If it’s not too much trouble, I mean.” :: looks sheepish ::

Pagan Pub: He rises and smiles. “Of course.”

Pagan Pub: He leaves and the others begin to pepper you (in a friendly manner) with questions.

Agent Fenemore: (Do we have a positive ID on this guy? His real name, etc?)

Pagan Pub: His name hasn’t appeared in print. Presumably someone knows it and you can find it out.

Agent Newcastle: I’ll answer all questions and try to instill a sense of paranoia.

Gary Nedler: Reply in a friendly manner. “Man, do you do TM the Tibetan way, or the Sri Lanka way?”

Gary Nedler: “What kind of mantra do you use? [blah blah]”

Agent Fenemore: I try to lift a utensil that the living power touched asnd pocket it.

Pagan Pub: Okay. The conversation goes on for about two hours. They ask lots of questions. In general, they are very interested in Valiant and the Feds.

Gary Nedler: Gary acts totally harmless, innocuous, into it because he was spiritually lost, found self-fulfillment through TM and diet, etc.

Gary Nedler: “This tea’s a little strong, do you have any water?”

Agent Fenemore: (sucessful?)

Pagan Pub: Sure, no problem.

Pagan Pub: To both of you.

Pagan Pub: Okay, here’s the deal. The Living Power is holding a press conference shortly, at which they’d like you to be present. Do you wish to participate? They don’t mind of you don’t. And is there anything you want to do before the conference, whether you participate or not?

Agent Fenemore: I decline, “I’m a bit worn out.”

Agent Newcastle: I’ll participate but only if my name is not used.

Agent Newcastle: I’ve already gotten enough flak.

Agent Fenemore: Is there someplace on the compound where I can get this utensil out to the street (for Starbird to pick up and check for prints)

Pagan Pub: Uh, not too likely.

Pagan Pub: Given your understandable reluctance, they tell you guys not worry about the conference.

Gary Nedler: “Man, if you want, but I hate all this media stuff. It disturbs my sense of peace.”

Gary Nedler: “Man, can I go back to my room first and change my clothes, man?”

Pagan Pub: Oh sure, no problem.

Agent Fenemore: Ok I ask to be shown to my chamber so I can “re-charge”

Pagan Pub: Okay, Gary goes off to prepare for the conference. You guys go to your rooms.

Gary Nedler: Check luggage to see if it’s been searched, look for bugs, etc.

Agent Newcastle: I would like to be present even if only to hear what the press asks.

Pagan Pub: Well, it’s being delivered by satellite. No press present on-site.

Pagan Pub: I’ll sum up the contents of the conference.

Pagan Pub: The Living Power expresses his outrage (calmly) about the St. Louis disaster.

Pagan Pub: Gary reads a brief statement prepared by him and some Enolsis folks in which he states why he joined Enolsis and how important it is to him, and how shocked he is at what happened.

Gary Nedler: “This is very serious, man. It affects the image of peaceful Enolsites everywhere.”

Pagan Pub: Finally, he looks very grave.

Pagan Pub: “The recent tragedy is just one more example of a number of portents.”

Pagan Pub: “We are moving unsteadily into a New Age, and it will not be an easy transition.”

Agent Fenemore: >>>> the stars are right <<<<<

Pagan Pub: “All of us are no doubt aware of the many problems our world faces. Things are degenerating at an ever-increasing rate. Societies are crumbling beneath the stones of vice and selfishness. We have worked for years to slow and, hopefully, reverse this process.”

Pagan Pub: “But now, it’s too late.”

Pagan Pub: “The new age is upon us. Those who are ready for it will survive and prevail, and find a new level of inner peace and satisfaction.”

Pagan Pub: “Those who are not ready will not.”

Pagan Pub: “In the immediate future, there will come a sign. We have forseen this. I do not know what the nature of it will be, but all of humanity will understand it when it happens.”

Pagan Pub: “Please understand: I don’t mean to say that I am the messiah. I’m not a fanatic, as the federal government would make me out to be. I’m just a human being who has found peace and understanding.”

Gary Nedler: :: Gary nods, and looks important (and like he doesn’t really understand). ::

Pagan Pub: “The time ahead will be full of turmoil. Our members across the globe are ready to help you through this time. Trust them, but trust in yourselves as well.”

Pagan Pub: “Thank you for listening.”

Pagan Pub: The press conference ends.

Pagan Pub: Another one begins ten minutes later.

Pagan Pub: It’s held by NASA, oddly enough.

Pagan Pub: It seems that our solar system has a tenth planet.

Gary Nedler: Wait, are we members of this, or do we just hear about it?

Pagan Pub: [just hearing about it]

Pagan Pub: [Gary, you’re back in your room.]

Pagan Pub: NASA has no explanation for why this body was not visible before; it should have been.

Gary Nedler: Outside solar system or inside? Concentric with other planets, or irregular? Etc.?

Pagan Pub: It’s second in size only to Jupiter. Regular orbit.

Agent Newcastle: Should I be understanding this 10th planet jazz? It’s new to me.

Pagan Pub: It ‘appeared’ to astronomers earlier today, but was just confirmed in the last half hour.

Pagan Pub: Moreover, astronomers believe its orbit is changing radically.

Pagan Pub: No more is known at this hour.

Agent Fenemore: On (dramatic music ) a COLLISION COURSE? (I’m digging this much!)

Agent Newcastle: Where are we hearing about this, on the TV in the room?

Pagan Pub: On your TV sets, alone in each of your rooms.

Agent Fenemore: Any photos of said planet ten?

Pagan Pub: Yes, just a little ball o’ light. They’re working on better stuff now.

Agent Fenemore: Strike a chord with me at all?

Pagan Pub: Shiny: could be, dunno.

Agent Newcastle: Holy Cow! Is this going to turn into an after the stars were right campaign that I’ve heard so much about?

Pagan Pub: shaft: nope, not that one.

Pagan Pub: Questions? We can assume whatever you might think to ask is asked by reporters, so ask away.

Agent Newcastle: This is definitly a planet not an asteroid?

Pagan Pub: oh yeah.

Agent Newcastle: And has been in orbit around the sun for as long as this solar system has been?

Agent Fenemore: Bigger than Saturn – its a planet!

Pagan Pub: seems so.

Agent Newcastle: Oh, man this is BAD.

Pagan Pub: They can’t offer anything even vaguely resembling an explanation.

Pagan Pub: Yesterday it wasn’t there. Today it was.

Gary Nedler: Do they think it’s moving in from outside the solar system?

Agent Fenemore: We’re all going to die!

Pagan Pub: They’re pretty sure it has been in a regular orbit all along. It didn’t arrive so much as it was unveiled.

Gary Nedler: Any anomolies like fusion or heat exhaust trails, etc.?

Gary Nedler: Hmm, any signs of cloaking technology?

Pagan Pub: Dunno yet. Needless to say, EVERY observatory in the world is looking at it now.

Agent Newcastle: Was it in one of the theorized planet slots?

Agent Starbird: Time for Starbird’s signature phrase (all together now!) —

Agent Starbird: Great. Just Great.

Pagan Pub: LOL!

Pagan Pub: More questions?

Gary Nedler: Any news in New Age circles?

Gary Nedler: How does a 10th planet affect astrology, etc.

Agent Fenemore: It means “death is in your future”

Pagan Pub: It’s too soon. No one knows. The fear, promptly spread, is that this thing is coming towards Earth. No one will confirm or deny that.

Agent Newcastle: Yes, A theory states that planets fall into definable areas depending on the star size.

Agent Newcastle: The asteroid field past mars is a planet “slot” Is there a slot for this planet?

Pagan Pub: Incidentally, your rooms are locked, the windows are barred, and the phones are dead. See you Sunday!

Gary Nedler: LOL! What about our luggage? Do we have our weapons?

Pagan Pub: Yes, your luggage is here.

Pagan Pub: It’s intact.

Gary Nedler: Bye (this was fun!)

Pagan Pub: Tah for now! Heh heh…next week you guys can shoot things.


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