‘The New Age’ Playtest Transcript 15

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Call of Cthulhu Online Game
Sponsored by Pagan Publishing
Transcript of fifteenth session — September 20th, 1993

Don Rice– Gary Nedler, new age bookstore owner and long-time govt. consultant
Mr Shiny– Agent Fenemore, F.B.I. agent
Shaft10449– Agent Newcastle, F.B.I. agent
The Gamer– Agent Starbird, F.B.I. agent

8:52:13 PM
Opening “DG Game 15” for recording.

Pagan Pub: Okay we’re ready to begin.

Agent Starbird: If the first two don’t spontaneously combust or something, I’m going in and

Agent Starbird: motioning the dozen-or-so agents to follow…

Agent Newcastle: Wait until you know we can come back.

Agent Newcastle: No sense putting all our eggs, I mean agents, in one basket.

Pagan Pub: Newcastle then Nedler steps through. Nedler holds a box containing the crystal.

Agent Starbird: How are the first two across? They seem OK?

Pagan Pub: Newcastle hits the floor.

Pagan Pub: Nedler is okay.

Agent Starbird: Great. Just great.

Agent Newcastle: As in unconcious or to avoid bullets?

Pagan Pub: As in a sack of potatoes.

Agent Newcastle: oh, my!

Pagan Pub: Nedler staggers for a moment and goes pale, but straightens up and seems fine. [Although the players didnÕt guess this, Agent Newcastle didnÕt have a high enough POW score to make it through the gate conscious. Nedler just barely did.]

Agent Starbird: Nedler’s holding a crystal … he also held his breath. Which is responsible, I wonder?

Agent Newcastle: Crystal, that’s my guess.

Agent Fenemore: Try to reach them on radio

Agent Fenemore: “Nedler?”

Gary Nedler: [Nedler looks around, then kneels by Newcastle, slowly getting blue from holding his breath]

Pagan Pub: No dice on the radio.

Pagan Pub: You can see each other, of course.

Agent Fenemore: I wave, does Nedler seem to see me?

Agent Starbird: I motion for them to come back.

Gary Nedler: [Nedler holds box with one hand, puts Newcastle’s hand on box with other. :: very blue :: ]

Agent Fenemore: I radio for breathing equipment

Gary Nedler: [Nedler shakes his head, waves his arms, shouting, you make out the word “man”.]

Pagan Pub: LOL

Agent Fenemore: “Where is that breathing apparatus?”

Agent Newcastle: How blue is Gary?

Agent Fenemore: Do I still have my ‘undercover’ crystal?

Agent Starbird: I do my best pantomime, trying to communicate to Nedler that he should drag Newcastle back…

Gary Nedler: [Gary’s breathing heavily, starts beckoning to come on, then holds hand out palm forward …

Gary Nedler: … shaking his head.]

Agent Newcastle: Wouldn’t we all have our ‘undercover’ crystals?

Pagan Pub: Newcastle: Yes, you and Fenemore are wearing crystals, as is Nedler in addition to the one he

Pagan Pub: carries.

Pagan Pub: Starbird is not, unless he has the one recovered originally.

Agent Starbird: But of course… 😉

Pagan Pub: I think you do, Starbird, to be honest. No prob.

Agent Starbird: Head shake: An up-down “yes” shake? Or a side-side “no” shake?

Gary Nedler: [(side to side) Gary puts box down, inspects himself, makes okay sign, shoves box …

Gary Nedler: … back through portal (but not himself) ]

Agent Newcastle: Puts down box????????

Pagan Pub: The box pops through on the Temple side of the gate.

Agent Newcastle: How’s Gary?

Agent Starbird: Maybe the crystal is like a ticket — it gets you there, but once there, you don’t need it to stay?

Pagan Pub: The other FBI agents are clearly agitated. To Starbird: “Sir, does that man need medical attention?”

Pagan Pub: Note that Newcastle IS wearing a crystal.

Gary Nedler: [Gary points at box, mimes lifting, beckons to come on, points all around him, …

Gary Nedler: … beckons to come on again.]

Agent Fenemore: Sounds like a good idea – we could go over one at a time with the crystal – be careful

Agent Starbird: One way to find out: I pick up the box and step through.

Pagan Pub: Starbird steps through the gate.

Agent Newcastle: Would someone like to help me?

Agent Fenemore: it may get ‘used up’ – maybe it give the energy to cross . . .

Agent Fenemore: so what happens to starbird? [The Keeper informed Newcastle, Nedler and now Starbird of what happened when they crossed through in private.]

Pagan Pub: Tell them.

Agent Starbird: [Starbird staggers, much like Nedler did, but recovers quickly.]

Agent Fenemore: are they paying any attention to newcastle?

Agent Starbird: Checking out Newcastle … what’s his condition?

Gary Nedler: “He’s out, but okay, man. Check him out.”

Agent Fenemore: I tell the agant with the biggest gun to come over after me – I motion for the box

Pagan Pub: Newcastle is alive and breathing.

Pagan Pub: But unconscious.

Agent Starbird: How nice.

Agent Starbird: Time to push the box back across to the other side, I guess…

Agent Fenemore: (those gates just eat up magic points don’t they!)

Agent Starbird: Tell me about my new surroundings — anything that wasn’t apparent from the other side?

Agent Fenemore: I take it and jump across – push it back for the next agent

Pagan Pub: Fenemore jumps through.

Gary Nedler: Nedler tries to stop him from jumping across “Wait Man!”

Pagan Pub: He staggers a bit and feels weak.

Pagan Pub: All four of you are now on the other side of the gate.

Agent Starbird: “Wait? Why? What’s going on?”

Gary Nedler: “Whoa, man, flashing, thought you were on this side man.”

Agent Fenemore: Gary, what’s the matter?

Gary Nedler: “I’m cool, just a little disoriented is all. No problem, man.”

Pagan Pub: Fenemore pushes the box back through for another agent to use.

Pagan Pub: The four of you are breathing and alive, although Newcastle is unconscious.

Agent Fenemore: I push the box back for a big-gunned agent

Agent Starbird: Any chance of reviving Newcastle?

Agent Fenemore: “He looks to be in good helth – I think he’ll come around”

Pagan Pub: You’re standing in a large open area within some sort of high-tech (but not human-tech) structure.

Agent Newcastle: Not in this life time.

Agent Starbird: C’mon, this is the big finish! The GM wouldn’t let you lie unconscious for the duration, would he?

Gary Nedler: “Man, try some first aid.”

OnlineHost: Gary Nedler rolled 1 100-sided die: 60

Gary Nedler: (no good)

OnlineHost: Agent Fenemore rolled 1 100-sided die: 100

Agent Newcastle: Thanks Shiny!!!!

Gary Nedler: (Good fumble, Shiny!)

Agent Fenemore: I accidentally cut off his head

Agent Starbird: Fenemore! What are you doing?!?

Agent Fenemore: “Gee, I thought that would help!”

Gary Nedler: “Man, it’s cool, let him wake up naturally, Kyle.”

OnlineHost: Agent Starbird rolled 1 100-sided die: 45

Agent Starbird: Starbird made his roll by 25

Pagan Pub: Well, you guys fuss about but he has no physical injuries. Starbird treats Newcastle for shock,

Pagan Pub: and Fenemore un-treats him for shock, and the end result is 0.

Pagan Pub: Zilch, that is.

Agent Starbird: Let’s keep him comfortable, and see if he’s any better by the time the rest of the agents

Agent Starbird: make their way across.

Pagan Pub: Okay.

Pagan Pub: The other FBI agents begin coming through.

Pagan Pub: Two of them drop unconscious.

Pagan Pub: The rest are tired but okay.

Agent Starbird: Even with the crystal?

Pagan Pub: Yep, remember that Newcastle had a crystal too.

Agent Starbird: Yeah, but he didn’t have *the* crystal that we found in the room… I thought that one

Agent Starbird: might be special in some way.

Gary Nedler: Gary makes a closer inspection of room, but doesn’t touch anything …

Gary Nedler: … looking for doors, buttons that say “Destroy Earth”, that kind of thing.

Pagan Pub: The chamber is about 40’x40′. One side is all transparent, through which you can see the massive

Pagan Pub: red planet and the ring of structures/satellites like this one that reaches around the planet.

Agent Starbird: Cool.

Pagan Pub: There are panels in the wall that pulse with color.

Pagan Pub: A strange throbbing vibration reverberates through the satellite.

Pagan Pub: (the vibration isn’t new, it’s been here since you arrived)

Pagan Pub: There are two wall sections about 8′ off the ground that have a strange gelatin-like translucence.

Pagan Pub: They’re about 12′ in diameter.

Pagan Pub: On opposite walls

Gary Nedler: “Trippy, man.”

Gary Nedler: The transparent section — does it seem to be glass, or a portal like we just came through?

Pagan Pub: Translucent, not transparent. Dimly glowing, can’t see through it to any real extent.

Gary Nedler: I meant the transparent section that looks down on the planet.

Pagan Pub: Oh, that. No, you can see where it is attached to the main part of the structure.

Pagan Pub: Your basic big window, or Star Trek viewscreen, or whatever.

Pagan Pub: POWx3 rolls from Nedler and Fenemore, please.

OnlineHost: Gary Nedler rolled 1 100-sided die: 34

Gary Nedler: That makes it by 11 (whew)

OnlineHost: Agent Fenemore rolled 1 100-sided die: 47

Agent Fenemore: made it

Agent Starbird: Is Newcastle or the other two unconscious agents up and about yet?

Pagan Pub: Nope, not yet.

Agent Newcastle: That explains why I went down. My Pow is very low, only 9.

Agent Newcastle: You guys are POW monsters. [Newcastle guesses right!]

Agent Starbird: What else is here? Doorways? Openings? Corridors?

Pagan Pub: Nothing else besides the glowing color panels (six of them, about four feet in diameter on one wall)

Pagan Pub: and the two translucent 12′ diameter panels on opposite walls. [Since Fenemore & Nedler have been established as psychically sensitive somehow, the Keeper informs them in private that they can feel a tremendous amount of magical energy flowing from the orbiting station theyÕre in down into the planet.]

Agent Fenemore: There’s a lot of power building up here, folks

Agent Fenemore: – I point to the spot where its coming from

Gary Nedler: “Man, feel the major vibes coming from this wall. Gives me a headache, man.”

Gary Nedler: “Well, maybe not a headache exactly, but it’s a strong psychic force, man …

Gary Nedler: … sort of like a mantra only way more powerful.”

Agent Fenemore: ItÕs a constant flow into the planet

Agent Fenemore: “They must be channelling the collected energy to the planet – I think we need to destroy

Agent Fenemore: these satellites

Agent Fenemore: but how?”

Agent Newcastle: We are out here in space. This is their ballgame. I don’t think we can.

Agent Fenemore: “Maybe if we take out those panels . . .”

Gary Nedler: “Destroy this, man? Think of the applications. No automobiles, no pollution.”

Agent Starbird: Wait a minute. What do we have to base any of this on?

Agent Fenemore: “I can feel it”

Agent Newcastle: Ohhh. What hit me?

Agent Newcastle: ::wiggle wiggle::

Agent Starbird: Newcastle! How do you feel?

Agent Newcastle: Low down and beaten.

Agent Fenemore: “Oh, Newcastle – you had a rough trip”

Agent Starbird: Well, we could empty our weapons into anything that looks remotely vital and see what happens…

Agent Starbird: … just a thought

Agent Newcastle: And we could die like dogs in a vacuum.

Agent Starbird: No, no, we jump back through the gate just before it blows up…

Gary Nedler: “We need a better plan of attack than that.”

Agent Newcastle: I’ve had enough of this lying on the ground, motionless. I say we take it easy. Be careful

Gary Nedler: “If we just blow this thing up, we can’t get back, and the planet’s still out here …

Gary Nedler: … coming towards earth, man.”

Pagan Pub: [enjoying this debate tremendously]

Agent Starbird: OK, a more careful approach. We toss a couple of inanimate objects into the gelatinous

Agent Starbird: panels and see what happens.

Agent Fenemore: “We need to disable the flow of power”

Agent Starbird: “What flow of power? For all I know, this could be a bad soundtrack.”

Gary Nedler: Pagan, were there any obvious doors?

Pagan Pub: No openings per se, no.

Agent Newcastle: How many of these satelites/energy pods can we see?

Pagan Pub: Six, including yours, but they apparently circle the planet and you’re pretty close. Maybe 12, 18

Pagan Pub: altogether?

Gary Nedler: “Man, if you want to get all these satellites, we need some serious artillery …

Gary Nedler: … Nothing like these tiny guns.”

Agent Newcastle: There should be an exit. That thing probably came through here. Or it’s still on the loose

Gary Nedler: “Could those gelatinous panels be alien doors, man?”

Agent Newcastle: Hey, I thought these were bad enough for your cosmic vibe, man!

Agent Newcastle: Now you want big guns?

Gary Nedler: “Feel that planet. It’s not friendly.”

Agent Starbird: “Here’s an idea. We leave. We get a *really* big bomb. We set the timer. We push it through the gate.

Agent Starbird: Goodbye sattelite.”

Agent Newcastle: I’ll bet they can fly. Like a big mosquito that lives in robot heads.

Agent Newcastle: Like a nuke? How are we going to justify that?

Agent Starbird: Nope. Not a nuke. But a large conventional explosive should do it.

Agent Fenemore: “Well, there’s only one way to find out. Agent, get me up on your shoulder.” to nameless

Agent Fenemore: agent

Pagan Pub: Agent Frederick hoists Fenemore up to….where?

Agent Fenemore: over to the gelatanous panel Frederick”

Gary Nedler: Hmm. Pagan, any _small_ openings of any kind?

Pagan Pub: Nedler: Nope.

Gary Nedler: “Nuking just this one satellite probably isn’t enough, man. How do we know …

Gary Nedler: … they can’t open a portal from any of them?”

Agent Newcastle: But there are 10 or so more that we can see.

Agent Fenemore: “But if this satellite is channeling energy, what are the others doing?”

Agent Newcastle: The same thing probably. All these Cthulhu baddies have nothing better to do than destroy

Agent Newcastle: us humans.

Agent Starbird: Maybe it’s a network — take down one, and the whole thing collapses.

Gary Nedler: “Pretty lame network, man.”

Pagan Pub: Frederick hoists Fenemore up to one of the two translucent panels. Fenemore, you’re at the right

Pagan Pub: height. Now what?

Agent Newcastle: I stand back

Gary Nedler: Gary covers his ears.

Agent Fenemore: I take my crystal and prod it into the membrane or whatever

Agent Starbird: Starbird holds his breath.

Agent Newcastle: Oh my.

Agent Newcastle: Prodding into membranes is never a good idea.

Agent Starbird: I know I don’t like it when *my* membranes get prodded into…

Pagan Pub: Fenemore vanishes.

Agent Newcastle: Ye-ow!

Agent Starbird: Great. Just great.

Pagan Pub: The membrane glows briefly as this occurs.

Agent Fenemore: bye!

Agent Newcastle: I told ya, I told ya. Never prod another man’s membrane!

Agent Starbird: Define vanishes: Fade out? Sucked into membrane? Folded in on himself? Gone in a flash?

Agent Starbird: And what about Frederick?

Pagan Pub: Frederick is here, he’s fine. Scared, but fine.

Gary Nedler: “Fenemore might be passed out on the other side, man.”

Agent Starbird: Is Fenemore still wearing that one-way wire? If so, what do I hear?

Gary Nedler: (smart, Gamer!)

Agent Fenemore: “I think I’m on the next satellite – I’m ok”

Agent Fenemore: (over radio)

Gary Nedler: “Whoa, man, 90 second delay.”

Agent Newcastle: Alllllriiiight! This explosives idea might work after all!

Agent Starbird: “Fenemore says he’s OK — those things are portals to other satellites, apparently.”

Gary Nedler: How many agents are there, Pagan?

Agent Starbird: 16 total, I think, right?

Pagan Pub: Yep.

Gary Nedler: Be awfully convenient if that amounted to one per satellite. Just kidding.

Agent Fenemore: “We could take all these out if we got enough remote detonators – we could send the agent

Agent Fenemore: who made the trip the easiest back for them.”

Gary Nedler: Hmm, Pagan, did Fenemore remember to take a 2-way radio?

Pagan Pub: Yes, he did.

Agent Fenemore: (Pagan – there is no gate to earth in this satellite, is there?)

Pagan Pub: Fenemore: Nope.

Gary Nedler: “Kyle, man, how tough was it stepping through this portal? You okay?”

Agent Starbird: I’ll try to call Fenemore, then…

Agent Starbird: “Kyle? Are you OK?”

Agent Fenemore: “I’m fine – its much like where you are – nothing unpleasant at all.”

Pagan Pub: The other membrane pulses. Something comes through.

Pagan Pub: SAN rolls, please.

Gary Nedler: [oh, s**t]

OnlineHost: Gary Nedler rolled 1 100-sided die: 24

Gary Nedler: Cool, made it!

OnlineHost: Agent Newcastle rolled 1 100-sided die: 21

Agent Newcastle: Got it!

OnlineHost: Agent Starbird rolled 1 100-sided die: 57

Agent Starbird: Made it!

Agent Fenemore: me too?

Pagan Pub: Fenemore: Nope, nothing evil where you are! 😉

Agent Starbird: “Is there a portal like the one we came through?”

Agent Starbird: Did our new friend come in on the same side that Fenemore left through, or the other one?

Gary Nedler: Other one, I think.

Pagan Pub: Other one, yes.

Pagan Pub: Starbird recognizes it.

Pagan Pub: It’s a massive glistening roll of spongy flesh, with a huge brain-like appendage at the “front.”

Agent Starbird: Great. Kind of a flying brain sac, lots of pulsing colors, big gun?

Pagan Pub: There are numerous hideous appendages, some moving as if to keep it aloft although aerodynamically

Pagan Pub: it ain’t possible.

Gary Nedler: “Yuck, man, that’s disgusting.

Pagan Pub: The brain is pulsing different colors very quickly. The thing makes a bizarre chittering noise and

Pagan Pub: levels some sort of metal tube in your direction. It’s about 9′ in diameter, including appendages.

Agent Newcastle: Drop to ground and open fire, asap.

Agent Starbird: If that tube is pointed *anywhere* near me, I duck and roll.

Agent Starbird: And fire, of course.

Gary Nedler: Gary fires first thing at hand. BF gun? Or taser?

Pagan Pub: Nedler: Taser, not close enough.

Gary Nedler: BF gun, and hit floor.

Pagan Pub: The other FBI agents who were with Starbird respond with a hail of automatic weapons fire.

Pagan Pub: Newcastle: roll, please. Full auto? Single shot?

Agent Newcastle: Full auto

OnlineHost: Agent Newcastle rolled 1 100-sided die: 88

Agent Newcastle: Well, at close range?

Pagan Pub: Newcastle: this room is 40′ in diameter and you’re clustered by the far wall where Fenemore went

Pagan Pub: through the membrane. No dice.

Gary Nedler: Oh, if we’re that far away BF gun is no good. Just drop to ground.

Pagan Pub: Starbird: you’re doing some funky stuff on the floor.

Agent Fenemore: “Hello?”

Agent Starbird: “We got company, Kyle. Stand by.”

Agent Fenemore: “Ok – you need help?”

Agent Starbird: “Yeah. Get back here if you can.”

OnlineHost: Pagan Pub rolled 1 100-sided die: 53

OnlineHost: Pagan Pub rolled 1 100-sided die: 68

OnlineHost: Pagan Pub rolled 1 100-sided die: 12

OnlineHost: Pagan Pub rolled 1 100-sided die: 13

OnlineHost: Pagan Pub rolled 1 100-sided die: 19

OnlineHost: Pagan Pub rolled 1 100-sided die: 62

OnlineHost: Pagan Pub rolled 1 100-sided die: 99

OnlineHost: Pagan Pub rolled 1 100-sided die: 90

Agent Newcastle: Oh, my

Pagan Pub: Eight agents get their weapons brought to bear and open up this round.

Pagan Pub: Three of them get solid hits, with bursts splatting into the thing.

Pagan Pub: Four others are slow to respond for various reasons.

OnlineHost: Agent Fenemore rolled 1 100-sided die: 56

Agent Fenemore: missed my jump – no footstools nearby?

OnlineHost: Pagan Pub rolled 1 100-sided die: 80

Pagan Pub: The bursts throw the creature off balance. It spins in space for a moment, as a green beam bursts

Pagan Pub: from the tube and lacerates a section of the wall. God forbid it should hit the window — or your

Pagan Pub: bullets, for that matter. You don’t know how strong the window is.

Agent Fenemore: let me know when I can try jumping again

Agent Starbird: Great. Just great.

Agent Starbird: Maybe we should bring flamethrowers next time…

Pagan Pub: New round.

Pagan Pub: Starbird can fire. Newcastle can fire.

Pagan Pub: The same 8 agents open up again.

OnlineHost: Agent Newcastle rolled 1 100-sided die: 71

Agent Newcastle: Darn.

OnlineHost: Agent Starbird rolled 1 100-sided die: 24

Agent Starbird: Nailed it.

Pagan Pub: How many shots — a burst, Starbird?

OnlineHost: Agent Starbird rolled 2 100-sided dice: 93 32

Agent Starbird: Actually, hit it twice out of three shots with a 9mm

OnlineHost: Agent Starbird rolled 2 10-sided dice: 3 5

Agent Starbird: 8 points damage

OnlineHost: Pagan Pub rolled 8 100-sided dice: 58 18 39 54 51 60 34 61

OnlineHost: Pagan Pub rolled 1 100-sided die: 38

OnlineHost: Agent Fenemore rolled 1 100-sided die: 95

Agent Fenemore: oof! white men can’t jump!

OnlineHost: Pagan Pub rolled 1 12-sided die: 10

Pagan Pub: The thing makes a horrific piercing screech as the beam sweeps across the group.

Agent Starbird: When we come back with our little “sow bombs throughout the network” plan, let’s remember

Agent Starbird: to bring ladders…

Pagan Pub: Eight agents go down. Three are obviously toast. Luck rolls from the three of you, please.

OnlineHost: Agent Newcastle rolled 1 100-sided die: 86

Agent Newcastle: No, sir.

OnlineHost: Agent Starbird rolled 1 100-sided die: 63

Agent Starbird: Made it, but not by much…

OnlineHost: Pagan Pub rolled 1 100-sided die: 63

Pagan Pub: Misses Newcastle, Starbird.

Agent Starbird: I hope there aren’t too many more of these. (*None* would be a good number…)

Agent Starbird: It seems like one is about all we can handle.

Agent Newcastle: True.

Pagan Pub: Whilst we wait, Idea rolls please.

OnlineHost: Agent Starbird rolled 1 100-sided die: 66

Agent Starbird: Made it.

OnlineHost: Agent Newcastle rolled 1 100-sided die: 59

Agent Newcastle: Yes.

Gary Nedler: Luck first, then Idea.

OnlineHost: Gary Nedler rolled 2 100-sided dice: 91 91

Gary Nedler: Gong! x 2

Pagan Pub: That’s the wind-up, here’s the pitch…

OnlineHost: Pagan Pub rolled 1 100-sided die: 100

Pagan Pub: Oh shit! [The beam weapon carried by the Mi-Go explodes due to the fumbled roll.]

Agent Newcastle: ha-ha

Agent Newcastle: Gun blow up, go BOOM

Pagan Pub: No shit!

Agent Starbird: Whatta break! You’re living right, Nedler…

Pagan Pub: Damn shame you’re in the blast radius.

Agent Newcastle: oh, no.

Agent Starbird: Oops. Check that…

Pagan Pub: Someone shot up the ray gun and it erupts in a tremendous burst of force.

Gary Nedler: Wouldn’t it be cool if our crystals helped us? Not for the agents, though.

Agent Newcastle: Cool, but unlikely.

Pagan Pub: The creature is incinerated.

Pagan Pub: The window by which it was floating suddenly bulges outward.

Pagan Pub: The membrane behind it ruptures.

Agent Newcastle: oh, my

Pagan Pub: The walls around it shatter.

Agent Starbird: Great. Just great.

Pagan Pub: Idea rolls, all.

Gary Nedler: I hate it when this happens.

OnlineHost: Gary Nedler rolled 1 100-sided die: 23

Gary Nedler: Made it!

OnlineHost: Agent Starbird rolled 1 100-sided die: 42

Agent Starbird: Made it.

Agent Newcastle: Run for the gate to earth. Run away.

Pagan Pub: Newcastle is excused from making his Idea roll.

Pagan Pub: Your Idea roll tells you: get the fuck out. Get the fuck out right now.

OnlineHost: Agent Fenemore rolled 1 100-sided die: 1

Agent Fenemore: whamp! there it is!

Pagan Pub: Fenemore: your Idea roll of 1 entitles you to the realization that there is a massive red line

Pagan Pub: forming across the surface of the planet, and that it is in fact a massive eye that is opening. [The 10th planet is in fact the living planet Nemesis, first described in ChaosiumÕs SPAWN OF AZATHOTH campaign.]

Gary Nedler: “Man, it’s gonna blow! Run for the gate or it’s early karmic payback, man!”

Agent Starbird: I yell into the radio, “Decompression! We’re bailing!” and run for the gate.

Pagan Pub: It is, in short, alive and sentient.

OnlineHost: Agent Fenemore rolled 1 100-sided die: 54

Agent Fenemore: missed my damn jump!

Agent Starbird: “Agents! We are leaving!”

Agent Fenemore: “Throw a rope!”

Pagan Pub: DEXx5 rolls, please, except for Fenemore.

Agent Fenemore: (jump again?)

Pagan Pub: SAN roll, Fenemore.

OnlineHost: Gary Nedler rolled 1 100-sided die: 25

Gary Nedler: Made it.

Pagan Pub: Nedler is through the gate.

OnlineHost: Agent Starbird rolled 1 100-sided die: 33

Agent Starbird: Made it.

Pagan Pub: Starbird is through the gate.

OnlineHost: Agent Fenemore rolled 1 100-sided die: 72

Agent Newcastle: Goodbye Fenemore. We’ll miss you

OnlineHost: Agent Newcastle rolled 1 100-sided die: 76

Agent Newcastle: No, not quite.

Gary Nedler: “Wait, isn’t Fenemore coming? Don’t leave Kyle, man.”

Pagan Pub: Two agents have their wits about them and aren’t wounded/unconscious and they go through as well.

Agent Fenemore: do I maybe take san anyway?

OnlineHost: Pagan Pub rolled 1 6-sided die: 3

Pagan Pub: 3 points.

Agent Starbird: Two? The other 10 are in deep space kimchee?

Pagan Pub: Three agents were killed, seven were wounded/unconscious from the beam, two were insane.

Agent Fenemore: jump again?

Pagan Pub: Jump again.

Pagan Pub: Newcastle: Luck roll, for real.

OnlineHost: Agent Fenemore rolled 1 100-sided die: 97

Agent Fenemore: tsz 56kleoufytdiys7xsitu5

Agent Fenemore: “Guys?”

OnlineHost: Agent Newcastle rolled 1 100-sided die: 86

Agent Newcastle: crap

Pagan Pub: On the other side of the big gate, Starbird, Nedler, and two agents see the window buckle and erupt.

Gary Nedler: “Bummer, man, we should have gone through to get him.”

Pagan Pub: Newcastle is stumbling towards the gate.

Pagan Pub: Suddenly it looks like he’s running into the wind — pumping his legs but getting nowhere.

Pagan Pub: For a moment you see him lifted off the ground, an expression of pure horror on his face.

Agent Starbird: Oh, man…

Pagan Pub: Then the wall of the gate buckles and it goes dark.

Pagan Pub: You can no longer see into the satellite. It’s very quiet.

Agent Newcastle: Waaaa, I died!

Agent Fenemore: well – I am still alive – someday astronauts will discover my remains

Agent Newcastle: ha-ha, at least I’m dead now

Agent Starbird: Yeah, but it was a *great* death — explosive decompression millions of miles from home!

Agent Newcastle: True, a fine end for Newcastle

Agent Fenemore: I spend all my remaining time and ammunition jumping from one satellite to the next and

Agent Fenemore: killing Mi-go – try to blow it all up

Pagan Pub: Fenemore: the membrane is no longer translucent. It dims and hardens.

Pagan Pub: The other one, of course, is fine.

OnlineHost: Agent Fenemore rolled 1 100-sided die: 97


Gary Nedler: “Well, Newcastle and Fenemore and the other agents did a good job …

Gary Nedler: … tell their families they died saving the earth, man.”

Agent Newcastle: No, tell them they got hit by a bus.

Agent Starbird: So the satellite is destroyed, and our gate to that system gone with it…

Gary Nedler: What system? The planet is still coming towards earth, I think.

OnlineHost: Agent Fenemore rolled 1 100-sided die: 75

Agent Fenemore: shit

OnlineHost: Agent Fenemore rolled 1 100-sided die: 44

Agent Fenemore: yes yes yes yes

Agent Fenemore: I’m into the next satellite

Pagan Pub: Fenemore is in the next satellite.

Agent Starbird: “If they did… you said yourself, Gary, that if knocking out one satellite killed the network,

Agent Starbird: it wasn’t much of a network.”

Gary Nedler: “Yeah, but don’t tell them they got hit by a bus. It’s ignoble, man.”

Agent Newcastle: I don’t want my relatives involved in this.

Agent Starbird: Eventually, one of those flying brain/tentacle things with the big gun is going to find poor Kyle…

Agent Fenemore: same thing?

Pagan Pub: Yep.

Pagan Pub: Essentially, Starbird is right. You’re going to meet up with a number of people who will

Pagan Pub: toast you after some chunky combat.

Gary Nedler: Hmm. Any orbital viewing equipment in control room?

Pagan Pub: Nope, no viewing equipment.

Agent Newcastle: Don’t tell my family anything! At least let them stay ignorent of the Mythos.

Agent Fenemore: of course – our curtain falls on poor kyle, jumping and shooting, jumping and shooting

Pagan Pub: God, what a bummer.

Gary Nedler: Go outside and look towards planet. “Kyle’s up there, man.”

Agent Newcastle: And my corpse!

Agent Starbird: What’s the latest from old Gaston about the 10th planet?

Agent Starbird: And how’s mop-up operations here at Enolsis?

Agent Newcastle: Am I the first human to die out of our solar system?

Pagan Pub: Enolsis is being mopped up still.

Pagan Pub: It’s clear to you guys that it was a set-up. They were expecting a raid and planted explosives to

Pagan Pub: kill off women and kids, and subsequently blame the Feds ala Waco.

Gary Nedler: What were the men going to do?

Pagan Pub: Not all the men. And not just men. Just the higher-ups.

Pagan Pub: “Women and kids” is more metaphorical than literal.

Gary Nedler: Ah, “weaklings and underlings” then.

Agent Starbird: The Living Power is long gone?

Pagan Pub: No sign of him.

Pagan Pub: In the next day or so, it’s a big mess.

Pagan Pub: People think the FBI is reacting to the LP’s press conference that suggested he knew about the

Pagan Pub: planet. It reinforces the popular suspicion that this thing is moving to Earth.

Agent Starbird: Well? Is it?

Pagan Pub: Of course. About 7 months and all life on Earth is gone.

Pagan Pub: The question is, what are you guys going to do about this?

Agent Starbird: I guess that means we failed…

Gary Nedler: What? All life? “Bad scene, man.”

Agent Starbird: We make our report… but without gate access to the satellite net, there isn’t

Agent Starbird: much we can do…

Pagan Pub: Sure there is.

Agent Newcastle: like what?

Agent Starbird: We’ve got missiles; we’ve got nukes. Tell ’em what’s coming…

Gary Nedler: Gary recommends Newcastle, Fenemore, and the other agents get …

Gary Nedler: … non-specific commendations for valor.

Agent Newcastle: Thanks from beyond the grave, Gary.

Pagan Pub: The best chance (heh heh) is a suicide space mission. One way only, with lots of fuel to get there

Pagan Pub: quick and stop in time.

Pagan Pub: You guys know enough about the set-up there to provide the info needed to pull it off. A bunch

Pagan Pub: of nukes could take out the satellites.

Pagan Pub: IF they’re still needed and haven’t already served their purpose by the time you get there.

Gary Nedler: Obviously, we volunteer as experts with past experience. Or we curl in fetal position .

Agent Starbird: Got to blow up the satellites before the beastie gets too close?

Agent Newcastle: Give Nemesis a big poke in the membrane for me!

Pagan Pub: But, that’s academic.

Agent Starbird: Couldn’t we wait for it to get closer so that there would be enough fuel to get back?

Pagan Pub: Possibly. But the approach of such a large body is going to do weird stuff to the other planets.

Pagan Pub: Okay, campaign’s over. Earth is saved but not without great cost – riots and stuff as people

Pagan Pub: freak out. Solar system is wonked out pretty hard from the passage of Nemesis. [A question & answer session followed]

Agent Starbird: OK, the satellites channel power to Nemesis? And the Enolsis/crystal scam

Agent Starbird: was to drain power from humans to do what? power the satellites? Or are

Agent Starbird: the satellites a focusing device?

Agent Starbird: Would the “seed the satellite network with bombs” idea have worked?

Agent Starbird: And the glowing panels — were they controls? Would fooling with them accomplished anything?

Agent Starbird: It’s post-mortem time — lay it out for us…

Pagan Pub: Okay.

Pagan Pub: Glowing panels could be messed with and open the wall to reveal banks of crystals.

Agent Newcastle: Oooo!

Pagan Pub: Ideally, you guys jump satellite to satellite planting bombs. Meet Enolsis guys & mi-go along

Pagan Pub: the way, installing the last batch of crystals and hose them.

Pagan Pub: Blow up the last satellite through the gate.

Gary Nedler: Did the mi-go come because of something we did, or was it a random appearance?

Gary Nedler: The one whose laser blew up, I mean.

Pagan Pub: It just cruised through. A couple satellites behind it were the rest of the enolsis folks.

Agent Starbird: “Installing” crystals? You lost me…

Agent Newcastle: Crystals with Magic points in them, used to power satellites.

Pagan Pub: Okay, this is a big pyramid scheme like Amway.

Pagan Pub: Joe Enolsis’ crystal siphons a magic point a day from him without him noticing.

Pagan Pub: Each week he meditates and it gives him 3 back in a burst — so he feels great about it.

Pagan Pub: Each month at the regular meetings the local leader’s big crystal sucks all the magic points

Pagan Pub: from the little ones.

Gary Nedler: Psychic cocaine.

Pagan Pub: Every quarter the local leaders meet in regional groups and their big crystals are sucked dry.

Pagan Pub: Finally, the regional leaders go to Tulsa and all the magic poins they’ve gained are sent to Yuggoth.

Pagan Pub: There, the Mi-Go have constructed a ring of satellites with massive batteries of crystals

Pagan Pub: holding magical energy — thousands of points’ worth every MONTH. They’ve been doing this for

Pagan Pub: several years — it takes a massive amount to awaken Nemesis from its slumber.

Agent Newcastle: And they would have gotten away with it, if it wasn’t for us meddlesome kids!

Agent Fenemore: So Yuggoth is Nemesis? (btw – the 10th planet ‘Nemesis’ theory is legit – Spawn is one of

Agent Fenemore: few C of C modules I don’t own!!)

Pagan Pub: No, Yuggoth is not Nemesis. Yuggoth is Pluto. Nemesis is the big threat from SPAWN OF AZATHOTH,

Pagan Pub: it’s one of these seed-things that spin out from Azathoth every so often.

Pagan Pub: This one is fated to destroy Earth.

Gary Nedler: How did the Mi-Go summon Nemesis? Was he just out there in the cometary halo?

Pagan Pub: He’s orbiting the solar system, inert and invisible. Has been for eons.

Pagan Pub: He isn’t destined to wake up for a long time, but the Mi-Go figured they could jump-start the

Pagan Pub: process. This would destroy Cthulhu and many of the Great Old Ones on Earth, leaving the Mi-Go free

Pagan Pub: to go about their business without all these massive powers hosing them all the time.

Agent Starbird: So destroying the satellites would have stopped the awakening process…

Pagan Pub: Yes, blowing up the satellites sends Nemesis back into hibernation and he vanishes again.

Gary Nedler: It must be tough to be a Mi-Go.

Pagan Pub: It’s a living.

Agent Starbird: And The Living Power was just a Mi-Go in a mechanical suit?

Pagan Pub: Starbird: You got it.

Pagan Pub: Biomechanical suit, really.

Gary Nedler: I thought the Mi-Go were bigger than that?

Agent Fenemore: Nedler – they’ve been known to remove parts of there bodies to fit in such disguises

Agent Newcastle: Wow, pretty cool.

Pagan Pub: If you look at the old adventure “Temple of the Moon” (1920s) there are android-style bodies there

Pagan Pub: that the Mi-Go are experimenting with. That’s where the idea came from. By now they can do much more.

Pagan Pub: Several of the higher-ups were like that. They used the colored lights in the fountains to broadcast

Pagan Pub: messages at the Enolsis compound – silent alarms of a sort.

Agent Starbird: Did the Enolsis folks know our undercover agents inside were feds? What were they planning for them?

Pagan Pub: Gamer: they would just be drugged and put it incriminating positions during the explosions —

Pagan Pub: shot with detonators in their hands, bogus orders, etc.

[And that wraps up the final session of THE NEW AGE playtest. Look for this campaign (or something resembling it, at least) to be published in the fall of 1994 from Pagan Publishing!]

9/20/93 11:11:47 PM Closing Log file.

Shane Ivey runs Arc Dream Publishing and is the lead editor of the newest Delta Green projects.

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