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You are to contact Detective Luis Sears of San Antonio Police Department. He requires discreet assistance in apprehending one Brian James, who he suspects may have some unnatural powers at his disposal. James was arrested by officers after causing a disturbance on 03/30/2012 in the reception of Penick Tower, telling everyone to leave, claiming that the building was due to collapse, and that they would be killed. He never reached the station, as the patrol car was found a distance away, both officers incapacitated, but with no signs of a struggle. One has been admitted to SASH, the State Psychiatric Hospital.

An earthquake then did occur a few days later in San Antonio, magnitude 5.6, which is the highest on record for the city. It occurred on 04/02/2012 at 0916, and the Penick Tower did partially collapse, causing some loss of life.


  • Assist Detective Sears in safely apprehending the subject, and interview him to assess his accurate prediction of the quake.
  • Briefly assess the earthquake and subsequent damage to determine if there is anything unusual about it. Make use of professional resources such as USGS.
  • Compile a brief report outlining all findings, and send by return encrypted email.

Possible friendly contacts

  • Hank Long, local amateur meteorologist


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