When Feds Go Bad: A Delta Green Retrospective

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I think we’ve all been there when a Delta Green agent gets arrested, sent to prison, and left to rot because of all the ridiculously illegal things they’ve done in the name of smacking down the mythos. Let’s take a look at some real life headlines and tastelessly shoehorn these criminal tragedies and fiascos into something gameable.

Former ICE Agent convicted on federal charges

So this guy was caught giving out informant status to shield middle-eastern criminals from prosecution. I am thinking that Stephan Alzis might trick some gullible agents into accepting ringers as low-level paid informants on the FATE. These ringers would then disappear when it was most inconvenient. The Office of Professional Responsibility or Internal Affairs would not be able to find real evidence of these supposedly fictitious identities and assume all the informant payments were embezzlement. Even worse, the informants could be real and evidence of bribery could be established, just like in the real article. These false identities could turn up later as cover ID’s for espionage agents who unknowingly purchased them from the FATE and lead to some hilariously violent and bloody misunderstandings.

Former federal agent convicted of Brandywine vehicular manslaughter 

Any agent with enough damage to their sanity could succumb to a binge of alcoholism. Agent Whiskey is a harsh case officer. This would be a particularly nasty way to begin destroying a low sanity’s agent’s life before launching them on another night at the opera.

Another border agent convicted for stopping a Mexican drug smuggler

Not all of my sources are reliable. But that hardly matters when fictional subjects are being developed. Here we have a conspiratorial scandal where Cartel lawyers are out to harass law enforcement officers. They will bribe prosecutors and juries into convicting law enforcement officials who cause trouble for cartel operations, and find all kinds of people to register all manner of complaints. This would be enough to drive agents to turn rogue without supernatural threats. And when these same rogue agents ran into the Disciples?

Former El Paso FBI Agent Sentenced for Federal Firearms Violations

This guy was illegally dealing guns to crooks. Or he was going undercover. Either way, he makes a great friendly. He even comes with a built in clusterfuck when he gets arrested. One of his .50 caliber sniper rifles was recovered by “Mexican authorities” following a  battle between suspected narcotraffickers and the Mexican military. Maybe the Rogue Border Agents(see previous) left something behind that burned one of their friendlies? OUCH!

Border Agent to be sentenced for corruption

This one seems like it could be the tip of the iceberg for something big. Maybe one of the people being smuggled ended up as part of something ugly, something that came from south of the border. Tracking down leads in this case could bring investigators closer to the Disciples, or to that thing in Mysteria Matris Oblitae.

Ex-FBI agent convicted of planning robbery

HAHAHA! These guys are just like my players. HAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAH Hoo HO-HO! Whoo boy!

Anyway, that sounds like the best Delta Green prologue ever. Rogue Agents pull a “The Shield” style home invasion robbery on some drug dealers then get blackmailed into doing crazy shit for Delta Green.

HSI Nogales Special Agent Sentenced to 30 Months in Federal Prison for Obstruction and Other Federal Violations 

Why would punks in Brazil be interested in US Homeland Security? Oh Dear! Are the Karotechia still around? They can be such a bother.

Two FEMA Employees Sentenced to Prison Terms Following Federal Bribery Convictions in New Orleans

Someone had to raise money to fund OPERATION RHINOGHOUL. But then they went and got caught! What if the Ghouls eat the stinking shit they used for brains? God-Dammit, it’s hard to find good help these days.




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