Special Operations Manual

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Special Operations Manual

This was to be a  monograph for BRP but do to the delay in getting to print, the speed at which
things change in the special operations world and new supplements which make the
stats and details outdated before it ever went to print, we’ve decided to pull
it and post it here for you. Thank you to the playtesters for helping refine the
scenarios and mechanics as well as the DGML at large for being such a major
influence on this in the first place

My first inspiration for this supplement was that Special Forces soldiers who’d
seen too much would be prime targets for DG recruitment, allowing a great segway
into DG from the military.

But in the time since we wrote this the world has changed; drones, new weapons,
new armor, new enemies, the new CoC 7, the standalone DG rpg and investigator
weapons vol.2, all loom on the horizon threatening to make me look like the old
codger talking about the good old days clinging to his AD&D 2e DMs guide.

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