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sitting on the bottom of a boat loading ramp with your grandfather just after the stars come out. he shines his flashlight out over the swamp to show you all the alligators resting on the banks. you can see the little bit of devil leftover in their eyes when the light’s on ‘em. gator-fire, he tells you. you turn to ask him why they’re so bright just as the last truck pulls out of the gravelly lot behind you, illuminating his worn face for just a second. his eyes flash red-orange in the headlights. – From Florida Gothic pt. 1

photo by jc winkler

Regional Gothic is a recent meme that encourages writers to mash up Southern Gothic and creepypasta surreality to various regions and communities. It was probably inspired, at least in part, by the popular podcast Welcome to Night Vale, which has been described as a mix of “Prairie Home Companion” and “The Twilight Zone”.  Everywhere from Southern California to New York has been covered by the meme, but it has spread internationally and to various professions and communities. Check the tag on Tumblr for the latest Regional Gothic posts.

This post on Metafilter lists many of the more popular write ups and background reading. One or two encounters based on Regional Gothic in a Delta Green missions can go a long way in creeping out players, especially in a campaign influenced by the Hastur Mythos.

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