Delta Green game log from 1997: EARL GREY, 2 of 5

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Continued from Part 1


Lundquist : So, who else is here for the dg game?
Chaplin : I am.
Mmohrfield : I came as a spectator.
Knight : I am
Mmohrfield : Has the dg referee shown up yet?
Lundquist : Not to my knowledge.
Knight : he is online but not in here
SGlancy12 : Good Evening Gentlemen
Chaplin : Hello
Lundquist : Hi there.
Knight : hello
Mmohrfield : Hi
SGlancy12 : Who do we have here and has everyone been briefed and
received your characters?
Lundquist : I
Lundquist : I’m Keith, I have been briefed and I sent you
a character… can I assume I’m using that one?
Chaplin : Me
Knight : Phillip Knight FBI agent
Mmohrfield : I came as a spectator. That is allowed right? Don
want to impose if it isn.
Chaplin : Richard Chaplin, FBI
SGlancy12 : Spectators are welcome, and yes Kieth, your character
is approved.
Lundquist : OK then I’m Brian Lundquist, Attorney General’s
Knight : and I have the brief right here beside me
Lundquist : As do I.
Knight : plus I have three spectators watching
SGlancy12 : Then the pressure is on me to preform.
SGlancy12 : We’re waiting on one last FBI agent, Dave Cox, also
known as MCraddixx.
SGlancy12 : Any questions or preparations before you hit Heathrow
Lundquist : Don think so…
Chaplin : Nope
Knight : are we allowed to be armed?
SGlancy12 : As law enforcement, you can board the commercial
flight armed. At customs you’ll need to
SGlancy12 : inform immigration of your status and show your
diplomatic passport.
Knight : ok I was just making sure
SGlancy12 : Anything else before we begin?
Lundquist : Of course, that means the “cousins” will know we’re
SGlancy12 : Indeed. MI-5 keeps very close track of customs and
immigration. Weapons going through the
SGlancy12 : diplomatic “bag” will not be noted or discovered.
Lundquist : How does one of those work?
Lundquist : Can we just bring it in? Any special procedures?
SGlancy12 : Well, it’s not exactly a “bag.” Its just specially
designated items that are exempt from
SGlancy12 : customs procedures. As the CIA station’s assets are
at your disposal, it won’t be a prob
: The diplomatic bag is our own personal bags
Lundquist : Right. That’s what I thought. I guess I’ll bring my
handgun then since I have a diplomatic pport.
SGlancy12 : Now, since it’s now 4:15 and there’s no sign of
MCraddixxx, we’ll get started.
Croaker Jr : Hello folks (stopping in for a split-second…) 🙂
SGlancy12 : You three gentlemen are Richard Chaplin, and Phillip
Knight FBI, and Brian Lundquist with
SGlancy12 : the US Attorney’s Office. Chaplin and Knight have
worked together in Behavioral Science
SGlancy12 : before. Lundquist is the new guy, but he’s also
nominally in charge. Assistant US Attorney
SGlancy12 : outrank FBI Special Agents.
SGlancy12 : What arrangements are you making for transport from
Heathrow to the Embassy or Hotels?
Lundquist : Taxicab, I assume… We can rent a car in town if
necessary, or maybe get one from the embassy?
SGlancy12 : Embassy can have a driver meet you. Hertz etc. are
Lundquist : Embassy car then.
Knight : I rent a car from hertz
SGlancy12 : Make up your minds
Knight : embassy cars have special plates
Knight : they will stick out
Lundquist : OK we’ll rent one.
Lundquist : One of you guys want to drive?
Knight : I’ll drive
SGlancy12 : Hertz it is. Driving in England is tricky. Who has
the highest drive auto
Knight : I have a 60
Lundquist : Not me… I’ll ride in back.
Chaplin : Not I
Knight : I guess I am driving
SGlancy12 : Where to first.
Lundquist : Embassy? Can we stay there, or do we need a hotel?
SGlancy12 : There are facilities available at the embassy, but
they are very sparse. Rooms used to
SGlancy12 : debrief defectors and the like, or for late night
operations that run for days.
Knight : We can get rooms at Hilton if there is one
Knight : nothing flashy but nothing cheap
Lundquist : The embassy might be more secure if not as
SGlancy12 : The Embassy then?
Lundquist : Unless you guys object?
Knight : I elect to get a room at the Hilton.
Knight : we are trying to keep a low key
Lundquist : We can get hotel rooms, but have the embassy to fall
back on too if we need to.
Knight : I agree with that
SGlancy12 : The CIA station chief is Stuart Tasker, he’s not DG.
Keep him out of the loop.
SGlancy12 : The FBI liaison Office Chief is Bryan Farris. he has
been told to extend you every courtesy
SGlancy12 : But hasn’t been told why or for what. Don reveal
any aspect of DG’s operation or this op
SGlancy12 : They are available for consultation today. You’ll hit
the Embassy gate at around 10:00 am
SGlancy12 : What next? The direction of this op is up to you.
Knight : ok, everyone the key is to keep a low profile
Lundquist : Right.
Knight : is Dr. Nadia Fulani in town
SGlancy12 : No she is not. But she has access to secure
communications through DG contacts.
SGlancy12 : What questions do you have?
Knight : has she found out any information on the army
Knight : or is the info in the brief hers?
SGlancy12 : She has little to add about the Army? What specific
question do you have?
Lundquist : The briefing mentioned that some of relatives and
friends of Army members were prosecuted for
Lundquist : obstruction. Maybe we could talk to them? PISCES
might not be watching them as closely
Lundquist : as the army itself.
SGlancy12 : yes they were. But all have done their time and are
now released.
Lundquist : Well, do we want to try to track them down?
Knight : does she know where the last hang out was of the
army? Where did the police pick them up at
SGlancy12 : There are also two members of the army who are not
Lundquist : Well, do we know where to find them?
Knight : Are they in the mental hospital
SGlancy12 : Yes, the last “hang out” was a London tenement flat
in Whitechapel. But it was a temporary
SGlancy12 : HQ. They travelled all over England Wales and
Scotland (not Ireland).
Knight : We could check the place out
Lundquist : Yeah, let’s go.
Chaplin : Sounds fine to me.
SGlancy12 : They were apprehended (allegedly) near Brichester in
the area known as the Cotswalds.
SGlancy12 : Its in the Severn river valley near Wales.
SGlancy12 : There are five members in Mental Hospital: The Royal
Bethlehem hospital for the Insane
SGlancy12 : Otherwise known as “Bedlam.”
Knight : we can check them out later
Lundquist : How about that Whitechapel apartment first, then a
visit to Bedlam?
SGlancy12 : Two members, the two who suffered brain damage by
being trepanned are neither in hospital or
SGlancy12 : prison. One is taken care of by his mother. The
other left her husband and is missing.
Lundquist : She’s the one we want to talk to.
SGlancy12 : Lets hear a plan. Where to first?
Knight : let’s first go to Whitechapel
Lundquist : Aye, Whitechapel
Knight : we try to find her later
SGlancy12 : Okay. the area is quite nasty, Jack used to ply his
trade there.
Knight : I make sure I am armed
Lundquist : And we go in broad daylight.
XimaQ : Hey there room!
SGlancy12 : Okay. To get from the US Embassy in Kensington to
Whitechapel calls for crossing the Thames
SGlancy12 : Any bridge preference you tourists.
Lundquist : The Tower Bridge, naturally.
Lundquist : I take a snapshot.
SGlancy12 : Agent Knight< You see some odd graffiti on one of
the bridge’s towers.
Knight : make a note
Knight : I can not stare long because I am driving
SGlancy12 : It seems to be written in yellow
Knight : ok
SGlancy12 : Do you proceed to Whitechapel?
Lundquist : Yes.
SGlancy12 : Okay.
Knight : hey Richard are you asleep in the back seat??
Chaplin : “Nope, just taking in the scenery.”
Lundquist : It was a long flight…
Knight : I point out the graffiti
Knight : ok making sure 🙂
SGlancy12 : The Tenement is rather rundown. The area of
Whitechapel is in poor shape. How do you get
SGlancy12 : inside the apartment?
Lundquist : Should we knock on the door guys?
Lundquist : Or seek out the landlord? Or break in quietly?
Knight : we should seek out the landlord asking to see the
place as possible renters?
Lundquist : Good idea. Can anyone fake a Brit accent?
SGlancy12 : Not likely.
Knight : By the way I am scan for tails or anything that is
out of place
Lundquist : “‘ello, mate.”
Lundquist : Maybe not.
Lundquist : OK, I guess I’ll do the talking. I try to find the
SGlancy12 : Okay, Lundquist, you don see anything unusual. How
about you two FBI guys?
SGlancy12 : whoops. I meant Knight, not Lundquist.
Chaplin : Tell him we are Americans here on extended business,
and hotels can compare to the comfort
Chaplin : of home.
Knight : I will go with Lundquist
SGlancy12 : The landlord is Pakistani. He looks aghast at three
well-dressed Americans looking for rooms
SGlancy12 : in his slum.
Lundquist : I explain we don have much money.
Chaplin : I’ll stay here while they talk to the land lord,
SGlancy12 : But he’ll show you around. He wants to know if
you’re really looking for one room or if
SGlancy12 : maybe you yanks are interested in the whole building?
Lundquist : No, just one or two rooms.
Lundquist : And by the way, we’re Canadians, not yanks.
Lundquist : (heh heh)
SGlancy12 : Okay. He shows you the rooms he has available. He
only has two right now since one was
SGlancy12 : sealed by the police after a raid. they won’t let
him rent it but insist on paying the rent
SGlancy12 : and keeping it vacant.
SGlancy12 : That’s okay by your landlord. Less wear and tear and
more cash for him.
Lundquist : Well, I don fancy either of these very much…
Maybe we could see the vacant one, just to see what
Lundquist : it looks like? Fast Talk?
SGlancy12 : Fast talk works. He’ll show it to you. Its door is
covered with police tape.
Knight : I look around the building to see if there is any
graffiti or writing on the walls
Lundquist : What are the chances of squeezing through the tape
without breaking it?
SGlancy12 : Inside (the door opens inward) the place looks
immaculate. Like its been vacuumed 100 times
SGlancy12 : What’s your siz?
Lundquist : More like 1000, probably… My siz is 13.
SGlancy12 : Well, you just might make it. Wanna try?
Lundquist : Heh heh… sure!
Chaplin : Mine’s a 12
Lundquist : Knight, can you fix this tape if I take it down?
Lundquist : You know about this crime scene stuff…
Knight : I don know
SGlancy12 : The tape’s sticky and could be pressed back into
place if pulled down.
Knight : I might be able
Lundquist : OK we’ll do so carefully.
SGlancy12 : Who goes in?
Lundquist : I do. Guys?
Knight : I will stand guard outside
Lundquist : Where’s the landlord, BTW?
SGlancy12 : Standing right next to you.
Lundquist : I look around the room.
Lundquist : Well, looks like we lost Scott… You guys have any
thoughts until he gets back?
Lundquist : I speak too soon…
SGlancy12 : I’m back.
Knight : I talk to the land lord
Knight : “What kind of people rent from you? How’s the
neighborhood? How the utilities? are we allow
Knight : to have pets?
Knight : I am trying to distract him
Knight : the landlord
Lundquist : And I’m checking out the room.
SGlancy12 : Okay, Knight keeps the landlord talking and Lundquist
goes in.
SGlancy12 : The room, as I said is empty. Except for the dust.
The wall paper is gone and the plaster
SGlancy12 : bears signs of multiple drilled holes. All the
outlets are dismantled and the fixtures
SGlancy12 : removed.
Lundquist : I’ll look around _very carefully_.
Chaplin : I walk in shortly afterward
SGlancy12 : There are no scraps of paper on the floor. Nothing
but dust. where do you look?
Knight : I think that we are in trouble. don disturb the
Lundquist : Are there closets or anything?
SGlancy12 : There’s one bath, one living room, a kitchen, two
closets, four bedrooms and an attic space.
SGlancy12 : Each bedroom has a closet.
Knight : are they leaving foot prints in the dust?
SGlancy12 : Yes you are leaving foot prints in the dust.
Knight : I was afraid of that
Chaplin : I walk in his foot prints.
Lundquist : Is there a fire escape?
SGlancy12 : No fire escape, but there are plant pots under each
window sill.
Lundquist : Can we cover up our tracks?
SGlancy12 : Its hard to cover your tracks. Everything disturbs
the dust.
Lundquist : How high up are we?
SGlancy12 : This apartment is on the second floor.
Lundquist : OK we messed this one up… We’ll have to try and
make sure nobody has any reason to suspect we were
Lundquist : here, and to make sure we don leave fingerprints
etc. when we leave.
SGlancy12 : The landlord says “What are you gentlemen looking
for? You’re not really here to rent are u?
Lundquist : I look at him like he’s stupid.
Knight : yes we are
SGlancy12 : “So why is that guy walking in the other fellas
Chaplin : “All they have to do is ask the landlord..”
Knight : I want to know how much are the apartments?
SGlancy12 : The land lord says the apts are 165 pounds a month.
Lundquist : I want to check the attic space.
Chaplin : “I’m measuring the floor space by steps, to see if our
things will fit in here.”
Knight : You said that we are not suppose to be in there and
we do not want to get you in trouble
Knight : with the police
SGlancy12 : Ah! Good answer Knight. He says that he thinks he
should see the rent up front. Now.
Knight : I will agree to rent one of the flats for two months
Knight : I will pay with cash and use the name John Rowell III
Lundquist : Of Winnipeg 😉
SGlancy12 : Are you giving him the money now?
Knight : I would like to discuss this in his office
SGlancy12 : Okay, you two go to his squalid flat/office.
Knight : and ask about the lease and utilities options
SGlancy12 : What are you guys in the flat doing?
Lundquist : I still want to see the attic.
Knight : so, its one sixty-five a month. What’s include with
the rent
SGlancy12 : Knight drones on about the banalities of rental…
SGlancy12 : The attic space has a pull-down ladder.
Chaplin : Attic sounds fine. I’ll stand below and look
around, especially at the drill holes. Any clue
Chaplin : as to what was there?
Lundquist : I go up the ladder.
SGlancy12 : The holes in the walls appear to have been drilled.
Chaplin : Had to be heavy if they didn’t just use nails.
SGlancy12 : The attic space appears empty, but there’s weird
lighting patterns coming from the floor of
SGlancy12 : the attic.
Lundquist : What’s causing them? Holes in the floor?
SGlancy12 : The holes in the wall could be the result of police
probes looking for hidden spaces?
SGlancy12 : Yes holes in the floor.
Lundquist : Does the pattern make any sort of sense?
SGlancy12 : You can seen through them into the apartment below,
SGlancy12 : There seems to be one hole over each room in the
Lundquist : I search the attic thoroughly. Maybe the Brits
missed something up here…
Lundquist : Rick, you wanna give me a hand? I’m not really
trained for this…
Chaplin : I go to the attic.
SGlancy12 : Chaplin, Lundquist points out a radio transmitter
hidden in the insulation of the attic.
Lundquist : “Gee, I think we’re finished here, eh Whatley? Let’s
go back to Winnipeg now. Our flight leaves
Lundquist : in an hour.
Chaplin : “Yeah, Marsh, we wouldn’t want to miss the flight,
SGlancy12 : Yeah, I’m sure that was convincing.
SGlancy12 : Now what?
Lundquist : That’s why we did it! 🙂
Lundquist : I head downstairs.
Chaplin : I go downstairs
SGlancy12 : How quickly are you leaving?
Lundquist : Pretty quickly. Unless Chaplin wants to do anything
Chaplin : nope.
SGlancy12 : Don forget Knight.
Lundquist : Let’s collect John and split.
Chaplin : ok
SGlancy12 : Now where to?
Lundquist : I say we take the car to a public car park and ditch
it. At least until we can check it for bugs.
Knight : well did we agree on renting the place with the
SGlancy12 : How should I know?
Lundquist : I assume so… At least, we wanted to give him some
money to keep quiet (like that’ll work)…
SGlancy12 : How much $ did you give him?
Knight : I rent it out for two months and sign the name John
Rowell III
SGlancy12 : Okay. Now where with the car?
Knight : I go back and close the door of the apartment and
seal the tape with a hanky covering my hands
Knight : and then I walk out to the car
SGlancy12 : Okay Knight. I got that.
Chaplin : “Guys on the way here I spotted some more of that
Lundquist : Where was the graffiti?
Chaplin : on one of the buildings when we walked in
Lundquist : We take off. Head west, towards the center of town.
Knight : look for trails but, make it look like you look at
the scenery
Lundquist : We need to go someplace where we can talk.
Chaplin : Do we know anything else about the woman who left her
husband?(name, address, picture?)
Lundquist : The guy living with his mother might know…
Knight : we can hit a museum or tourist attraction to talk
Knight : to try to blend in
Lundquist : Yeah, there’s lots of open space at the Tower.
SGlancy12 : Knight. You’ve picked up a tail. Two cars One’s a
green Jaguar, the other a big black cab.
Lundquist : Super.
SGlancy12 : They are alternating their tail. First one and then
the other,
Knight : a Lundquist you have a camera
Knight : take a picture of them if you can we can run the
plates later
Lundquist : Number plates? I take their pictures, as stealthily
as possible.
Lundquist : We have to lose these guys. I say we ditch the car
and hit the underground.
SGlancy12 : You can get the address of Walter Charlwood (the one
who’s wife is missing) with check to
SGlancy12 : directory assistance or the Embassy. The same holds
for Wade Cullen and his mother.
Knight : what kind of car are we driving?
Lundquist : Maybe we can catch a train before they can follow us.
Or at least, change trains a couple of times
Knight : I suggest I drop you guys off and meet you at a
museum or attraction
Lundquist : and try to lose them that way
SGlancy12 : As to the make of your car its a British built ford
SGlancy12 : Okay Lundquist snaps some shots like a tourist of your
tails. But its hard to get plates when
SGlancy12 : they are behind you.
Lundquist : No front plates on these cars?
Lundquist : That’s unusual for the UK… especially for a cab!
SGlancy12 : No.
SGlancy12 : No plates.
Lundquist : OK then why don we split up and meet up later? We
can take to the tubes.
Knight : I will drop you two off and we can meet some where
Knight : some where public
Lundquist : There’s a Roman archaeological site near the Tower.
That’s nice and public.
Knight : do not go to the embassy if you are followed
SGlancy12 : So is that the plan?
Chaplin : Sounds fine, Lundquist can get pictures from behind
if they follow
Lundquist : We’ll look for the next tube station.
Knight : well we can drop Ric and Lundquist off. I will meet you
guys at the dig
Knight : try to lose your tails if they follow you
Lundquist : Right.
Knight : do not go to the embassy
Lundquist : Right.
SGlancy12 : Okay, Chamberlin and Lundquist get out. Knight
drives on.
Knight : try to act casual
Lundquist : I stride quickly but casually down to the tube, buy
a ticket, and jump on the first train I can.
SGlancy12 : The Jaguar follows Knight. The cab stops and a nice
young British couple get out and pay
SGlancy12 : the taxi driver. they start towards Chaplin and
Lundquist : I try to lose them while they pay.
Chaplin : I try to lose them
SGlancy12 : How do you do that?
SGlancy12 : Do you split up?
Lundquist : Jump on the first train and hope they don make it
before it leaves.
Lundquist : Don split up yet.
Chaplin : no
SGlancy12 : Okay, how very French Connection of you,
SGlancy12 : Well, the dice are with you weenies tonight. The
subway pulls out before the nice couple
SGlancy12 : can get aboard,
SGlancy12 : Now where to?
Knight : is the cab and the jag still following me?
SGlancy12 : Oh yes. But only the Jag
Lundquist : We’ll make a couple more random changes of trains,
then head for the Tower.
SGlancy12 : Okay, you two head for the tourist trap.
Lundquist : Don say trap!
SGlancy12 : What’s Knight going to do about that Jag?
Knight : how heavy is the traffic
SGlancy12 : Its 1pm on a Wednesday. Lots of traffic.
SGlancy12 : Lunchtime crowds.
Knight : I buckle my seatbelt
Knight : time to get defensive
SGlancy12 : Uh-oh.
Knight : where am I
Knight : in London
SGlancy12 : On Clerkenwell Rd, heading towards New Oxford St,
SGlancy12 : That’s near the British Museum and Library are.
SGlancy12 : I’m waiting for a plan Agent Knight. . .
Knight : hold my friends are looking at the map
Knight : We found new oxford
SGlancy12 : Man. That’s what I call being prepared.
SGlancy12 : New Oxford goes east and becomes Clerkenwell Rd.
Knight : hang a right new oxford, left on heart and right on
barter street
SGlancy12 : Okay. Where to next.
Knight : go across to Broad Street then left Endell Street
SGlancy12 : Looks to me like you’re trying to double back?
Knight : then a right on long arces
Knight : then a left on martins lane
Knight : then right on charing cross road
Knight : hold on plotting course
Knight : left carmbourn then left whitecomb
SGlancy12 : Okay you’re heading towards the National gallery now,
towards the Whitehall area eventually.
Knight : right pallmall east
Knight : then left on cockspur street
Knight : left on strand left aldwych
SGlancy12 : Bad news Knight. This leisurely tour has caused you
to pick up a second tail. A motorcycle
SGlancy12 : has been hanging with you since Crambourn.
Knight : I will try to loose them on the routry
SGlancy12 : On the what? the routry?
Knight : rotary sp
Lundquist : Roundabout?
Knight : I will make a hard right on wellington using drive
Knight : by the way you good
Knight : the skill is 60
SGlancy12 : You make it. But the double decker bus you cut off
screeched to a halt and fishtailed.
SGlancy12 : You just cut off the street behind you.
Knight : cool
SGlancy12 : Now to the tower?
Knight : hold on trying to find then nearest train station
SIRDEW2 : anyone home
Knight : I will park the car and take a train to the tower
Knight : looking for trails
Lundquist : As are we, of course.
SGlancy12 : Okay. No one follows that you can see.
Knight : I think I seen enough sites for today
Knight : That London sourcebook was a great investment
SGlancy12 : So there you three are at the Tower of London,
surrounded by wankers from Utah snapping
SGlancy12 : photos of things they won’t be able to remember in a
Lundquist : I do the same as the wankers.
Knight : guys what should we do next?
Lundquist : We need to go someplace to talk.
SGlancy12 : Some guy in a Beefeater costume is going on about who
got their head chopped off and when,
Knight : well, we can talk here
Lundquist : I don like it. Why don we find a secluded booth
in a quiet pub?
SGlancy12 : There’s the grounds and the Museum inside the White
Tower (the central tower).
Knight : we can hit the tower
SGlancy12 : care to see the crown jewels?
Lundquist : Do we have time for that?
SGlancy12 : So there you are shuffling along with the tourists .
. . what next?
Lundquist : Again, I suggest a pub.
Knight : I suggest going into the tower museum, and go with a
tour group
Lundquist : Too much chance of being overheard. I want to get
out of sight.
Knight : we always can lag behind from the group
Lundquist : What do you think, Chaplin?
Knight : we need to go some where
SGlancy12 : You’re the tie-breaker.
Chaplin : We could be overheard at a pub too. We’re already
Lundquist : OK here it is then.
Knight : Just lag behind from the group
Lundquist : Right.
Knight : that should help from being over heard
Knight : Ric what kind of graffiti did you see anything
Chaplin : “Just he Army is coming’ in yellow spray paint
SGlancy12 : So what’s the plan gentlemen? there’s the family
members, the crippled ex-members, the
SGlancy12 : five in Bedlam and the leader, Coleman in Dartmore
SGlancy12 : Plus there’s the police officers who investigated the
Lundquist : Well, I think the people following us were from
PISCES. Nobody else would be monitoring the flat.
Knight : true, we must be careful.
Lundquist : Yeah. But why would the Police keep a 24hr
surveillance on the flat? Seems extreme for this old
Lundquist : cult.
Alex WWW : hi all
Alex WWW : eeerrr I’m new to this room what do you talk about
SGlancy12 : Hello Alex, hang out we’re in the middle of a game.
Alex WWW : smart
Knight : Well we know there is several graffiti for the army
in yellow
Lundquist : Yeah. Why don we wander down to the bridge and
look at the graffiti? I want to know how
Lundquist : recent it is.
SGlancy12 : Okay. is that the plan?
Lundquist : Objections?
Chaplin : none.
Lundquist : I guess we do it.
SGlancy12 : You’ll be walking, but its not far from the Tower to
tower bridge.
Lundquist : Right.
Knight : Does the Fulani know what the purpose for the army is
Knight : and what type of backgrounds did the people have? And
possible occupations
SGlancy12 : Fulani believed that the army was practicing a kind of
exorcism on its victims.
Knight : exorcism from what
SGlancy12 : They holes drilled in their foreheads were to let
something bad out.
SGlancy12 : No one was specific as to what.
Lundquist : Did the Army seem to have any goals beyond just going
around exorcising people?
SGlancy12 : Apparently no other goals: kidnap people, drill
holes in their heads, recruit them into
SGlancy12 : the Army.
Lundquist : And do more of the same.
SGlancy12 : Yep.
Lundquist : Weird.
Knight : what kind of occupations did the member in the army
Knight : how about the members kidnapped
SGlancy12 : There were eleven members/victims including the
founder: Lee Coleman.
SGlancy12 : Coleman was a student who came to UK to backpack
after graduation, then disappeared for
SGlancy12 : five months. When he reappeared he was in a hospital
He had drilled a hole in his head
SGlancy12 : using a power drill. He then escaped from the
hospital and disappeared until his capture in
SGlancy12 : 1996.
SGlancy12 : He first came to UK in 1989.
Knight : well, its either to the ex-members or the family
SGlancy12 : The other members included a computer science student
at Brichester U named Julia Park
SGlancy12 : Stewart Grayson was a professor of astro-physics and
engineering who worked for ESA.
SGlancy12 : William Dowsing was an aerospace engineer.
SGlancy12 : Thomas Cuthbert was a pilot for the RAF.
SGlancy12 : Richard Roland was a clerk for a Member of the House
of commons, Tory Party.
Knight : were they working together on a project?
SGlancy12 : No they were not working together. None knew each
other until Coleman introduced them.
SGlancy12 : Richard Rowland was an electrical engineer working
for Ministry of Defense.
Knight : well we have two engineers and a computer science and
a pilot
Lundquist : Yeah, a lot of technical people.
SGlancy12 : Those are the one who are in Bedlam.
SGlancy12 : the three dead ones are as follows:
DDSGator : Greetings
SGlancy12 : Penelope Beale, a student of physics at Oxford.
Died during the trepanning. She was the
SGlancy12 : first person Coleman tried this out on besides
SGlancy12 : Sam Arnold died during the operation: he was an
employee of the ESA, he worked in admin.
SGlancy12 : Steven Stowe was a retired Royal navy officer. Who
worked for ESA as an administrator.
SGlancy12 : Julia Charlwood was a housewife. Her husband is a
member of Parliament.
SGlancy12 : Wade Cullen worked for Ministry of Defense as a
electronics engineer.
SGlancy12 : And those last two are still on the street.
SGlancy12 : If there are any other members of the Army, they
haven been identified.
SGlancy12 : So now what?
SGlancy12 : Next question.
Knight : I’m back
Knight : well, lets check out the family member
Knight : or the ex-members Lundquist : Have we reached the bridge yet?
SGlancy12 : Oh yes, there appears to be a work crew blasting the
paint off with a high pressure hose.
Lundquist : That was quick… I think we can assume the paint
wasn there long.
Lundquist : Therefore, the Army is probably still active, and
planning something.
Knight : we can stand around picking our noses
Chaplin : Let’s go to Bedlam. It has the highest concentration
of people we need to talk to.
Knight : You guys found nothing special in the flat?
Lundquist : Oh, yeah we did… The place was bugged. That’s why
we took off out of there so quick. I forgot
Lundquist : we hadn’t told you!
SGlancy12 : The guys in the work crew wear yellow slickers, but
there’s a guy in a raincoat standing
SGlancy12 : back and observing the proceedings.
Lundquist : Want to talk to this guy?
Lundquist : Probably a bad idea…
Knight : take a picture of the man
SGlancy12 : He’s a tall thin man, holding a clip-board. His hair
is thin and nearly white.
Lundquist : Yeah, I take a picture of the whole crew.
Lundquist : Then I take some more touristy shots.
SGlancy12 : He looks you right in the eye through the lens and
seems to turn away as if to avoid you.
SGlancy12 : But you got him.
SGlancy12 : The crew doesn’t seem to notice the photos being
Lundquist : We still need to talk. I think that the Army is up
to something, and PISCES is on to them.
Knight : ok I suggest we let the man finish his job and get a
move on before the man gets suspicious
Lundquist : Right. We leave the bridge.
SGlancy12 : Okay. Where to.
Knight : Let then go to the hospital then
Lundquist : Yeah, Bedlam.
Knight : bedlam
Knight : you agree ric
SGlancy12 : Okay, you’ll need a cab to Croyden.
Chaplin : yup, let’s think of a decent cover story to get us
SGlancy12 : Okay, you’ll need a cab to Croyden.
Lundquist : We’ll hail the cab while we do so.
Knight : How far walking
SGlancy12 : What do you do when the cab arrives at the hospital,
which by the way, is huge.
Lundquist : We need a cover story.
Lundquist : We could say we’re investigating the American,
Coleman, and need to speak to his accomplices.
Lundquist : But that’s not subtle.
Knight : anyone have psychology
SGlancy12 : This hospital is situated on a lot of surrounding
property, with gardens and scenic grounds
SGlancy12 : And several buildings.
Lundquist : I have psychology, but not psychoanalysis.
Chaplin : Yeah, I’m very good at psychology.
Chaplin : No analysis, though.
SGlancy12 : Both Chaplin and Knight worked in FBI Behavior crimes
Knight : we could ask to tour the hospital on the basis that
we want to check a family member in
Knight : and want to check the place out (Ace Venture move)
Lundquist : I don know… That wouldn’t get us access to the
people we need to talk to.
Chaplin : That still wouldn’t get us contact with the people
Knight : One of us could be a patient, a doctor and a family
SGlancy12 : Oh goody. Who gets to be admitted?
Knight : Not I
Lundquist : Let’s just say we’re building a criminal case against
Coleman in the US and need to interview
Lundquist : his friends.
Lundquist : It’s not very subtle, but it ought to get us what we
Chaplin : That sounds better
Knight : But, we can not get access to them
SGlancy12 : One moment, nature calls. You guys get a plan
together I’ll be back in 3 mins.
Lundquist : We flash our credentials to the staff and fast talk
our way through.
Knight : NO
Lundquist : I agree, it’s probably a bad idea.
Lundquist : But we do have more clout than Dr. Fulani…
Knight : we need to be subtle. By flashing our badges they
will contact some one
Lundquist : Yeah, they will.
Knight : Dr. Fulani could not get access to them
Lundquist : But we might. Still, it’s probably too risky.
Lundquist : But I don see how we’re going to get any contact
with the Army members without asking for that.
Knight : I do not think so we have to get permission from
Scotland yard
Knight : that is not going to happen
Lundquist : Well, we could type up a fake letter at the
Chaplin : I know a Chief Inspector in Scotland Yard, maybe she
can facilitate it?
Lundquist : Never mind. Bad idea.
Knight : we have to take a chance and possible admit some one
so they can move around inside
Lundquist : That’ll take time. And the army members are probably
inaccessible anyway.
Lundquist : You know what? Maybe we ought to talk to this guy
who lives with his mother. He’s not hidden inside
Lundquist : of a hospital.
Knight : looking in taint and it has a map of bedlam
Lundquist : Yeah. But what are we going to do, break in?
Lundquist : They are probably in the male criminal ward.
SGlancy12 : There’s one female too. Julia Parch.
Lundquist : Yeah.
Knight : it does not look like there is a isolated rooms there
Lundquist : Well, I still think our chances are better with the
guy who isn in a hospital.
Lundquist : The criminal wards are themselves isolated, and have
the tightest security.


Continued in Part 3

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