Run DELTA GREEN at Gen Con 2016

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Delta Green needs case officers to run simulations at Gen Con 2016.

Our front company, Arc Dream Publishing, always strives to make a big splash at Gen Con. It has been a Premier Event Group for years. With the new “role-playing game” edition of Delta Green coming out, 2016 is going to be the its Gen Con yet.

Arc Dream has partnered with Envoy to manage events at Gen Con and everywhere. SIGN UP HERE.

What You Get

Volunteers get “store credit” at the Arc Dream booth: $5 worth of “thank you!” gifts for every ticketed player. If you run two games with five players each, that’s $50 worth of thanks. Not to mention the enthusiastic gratitude of the writers and designers. The more games you run, the more free stuff (and gratitude) you get.

If you run enough games, you get a free GM badge from Gen Con. We’ll coordinate with them to make sure you get full credit for games you run with us and games you run on your own.

If you’ve already registered Arc Dream-related events with Gen Con, please sign up anyway. Just let us know so you get credit for the ones you registered.

What to Run

Run Delta Green or any of these games:

Run Any Scenario You Like

You’re welcome to run a published scenario or one of your own design. Even scenarios that have been around for decades sell out at Gen Con.

See You There

Sign up now. We’ll see you at Gen Con.

Shane Ivey runs Arc Dream Publishing and is the lead editor of the newest Delta Green projects.

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