Open Sources and Cover-Ups: News of conspiracy and cosmic terror, 2016-04-08

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Heinrich Himmler’s Stash of Books on Witchcraft is Discovered in Czech Library

Researchers uncover lost Karotechia files.

Himmler (pictured with Hitler at Berchtesgaden)

Sentry Drones Now Equipped with Infrared Eyes

Drone with infrared camera finds lost hikers and…other things.

Project Greenglow and the Battle with Gravity

The EmDrive sounds like fairy dust—but we remember when MAJESTIC-12 techology worked.

Real-time Facial Reenactment of a Monocular Target Video Sequence

Run a face capture and have the witness say he was on drugs. Cover-up done.

Ancient Virus Found Hibernating in the Human Genome—and it Might Wake Up

In DNA dig, scientists unearth more viral code, which makes up >8% of our genomes.

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