Delta Green: God’s Teeth Actual Play, Episodes 1-5

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The good gamers over at the Role-Playing Public Radio podcast have been giving the world some great actual play content using the new rules from Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game and their latest episode of “God’s Teeth” is available for download.

A synopsis of the campaign:

January 2001: Agent Clove calls Agent Locksley to meet in a shuttered gas station kitchen. As the events chronicled in Through a Glass Darkly ripple through the whole conspiracy, it looks as if Delta Green won’t survive the month. If they do, the group’s priorities are certain to change. But Clove has a mission that can’t be allowed to fall through the cracks. It’s up to Locksley to bring four friendlies into the fold at the last possible minute and get the job done. But what kind of job is too small for DG, yet only fit for a DG agent? Nothing but nightmares and hard choices face the group as they go forth and learn why they’ve really been chosen…and by what.
The latest episode, Episode 5, can be found here.


Previous episodes:

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