New Agent Recruitment Materials Contest

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Attention Agents

This is a contest for new agent recruitment materials, which individual agents can print and covertly slip into copies of DG books for sale in local shops or even leave behind in random places to attract new recruits. Something creative, in keeping with the DG universe, and which will pique their interest. If you choose to include a URL in your design, use this one:


Deadline is October 1st. Submit your design as a PDF via e-mail to rachelkivey@gmail.com with <DELTA GREEN CONTEST> in the subject line. Winner will receive their choice of t-shirt (Delta Green or Phenomen-X) -OR- a Delta Green pin (green delta).

Simeon Cogswell is a freelance designer, layout artist, and PR guy in the RPG and board game industry.
  1. Urgewyrm
    Will these Tshirts be available for retail sale for those of us with no design/artistic skill?
    • S_Cogswell
      We usually sell them at conventions. They currently aren't available online at the moment
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